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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!
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Hello everybody and welcome to another loot post.

Initially i wanted to split up my loot post in "two months cycles", because i didnt had huge amount of orders in just one month. Turns out i got a new job at the beginning of april, which led to a double pay, so i could spent some more money than i expected. So I ended up with some impulse buys in both months.

Enough with the chit chat, lets cut to the chase
and to my purchases in the last two months.

I actually started this loot post back in late April and I didnt get around to finish it until now >_< (so much work to do these days -.-)

Lets first have a look at all my purchases ;3 call me crazy, but that seems like a lot of plastic on my bed (or at least boxes for plastic)


The first figure i got in march was actually a gift from my best friend (love you :*). The Saber Alter from Alter. I wrote a little review on this one,
if you wanna have a look: BLOG #39555.
I really love this figure so much, shes pretty much perfect.

Next up is another figure i bought off of my best friend: The Red Nendoroid from Good Smile Company. Her taste in figures and prioritys changed a little, so i was able to get him for an awesome price.
I especially love the little pokemon figures. I was (Ok i still am) so in love with this franchise. And i also found some old mini pokemon figures, which i can now display together with Red :3

Here are some extra shots of him with some of my other pokemon figures <3
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/05/10/1977131.jpeg

I have been in love with my next purchase for quiet some time, put her off and on my wishlist for a few months, then i decided to finally buy her: Hatsune Miku - Deep Sea Girl. I got her from a nice mfc user new and sealed for a good price.
Shes such a gorgeous figure. I just love her pose, her face, and her skintone. Shes just perfect. I, of course, was so excited to put her together, that i broke off a strain of her hair and one of the corals, but i could glue them back on nicely.

Last year i bought these mini nendoroids and a mini deep sea girl was also included.
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/05/10/1977110.jpeg

Next is the Kiss Shot figure by Good Smile Company. I recently (ok now it has been some months..) read and watched Kizumonogatari and this women is just so awesome and sad and nice and evil. Well, if you read the novel, you know what i mean, otherwise GO read it, or watch it, the adaption is pretty good.

Moving on, i actually got 3 NSFW ladys in March, which are Chitose from the hentai movie Natsu no Kemono, the Sailor Tiger Girl and Iris Hartley, which are both from the T2 Art Girl Collection. All three of them of them are gorgeous. Chitose is SO big. She is supposed to be a 1/6 scale, but i rather rate her 1/5 scale. All my other 1/6 girls look tiny compared to her.
Pictures of all girls as always under spoiler <3

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/05/01/1972590.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/05/01/1972592.jpeg
Look at her private area. Its SO nice <3 (yeah sometimes im a little pervert)

Sailor Girl:
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/05/01/1972588.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/05/01/1972587.jpeg

Iris Hartley (i actually did a little photoshoot with her including some water drops)
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/04/08/1957892.jpeg

Together with the Sailor Girl, I finally got my first Mami Tomoe scale. I already own the Homura and Madoka from this collection, so i definitly needed to buy Mami since shes my favorite girl <3. she came out pretty perfect, except for the boring metal pole she needs to be attached to.

The next one is another purchase from my best friend. Ryuuko Matoi by
Phat. I like her very much and wanted to get her for some time but didnt because the price seemed to high for the rather mediocre quality of the figure. Turns out my best friend didnt want her because of the quality issues, so she offered me an awesome price <3

Thats it for my March purchases, moving on to April


I actually have some impuls buys for april, which really hurt my wallet, but oh well, new job, more money, more figures, its logic, right? right??...

First one is actually of those impulse buys: The Goro Majima figure from Synapse. Its actually their first EVER scale figure and for that they did a pretty decent job. His skin is a little greyish and some people have really big painting and sculpting error on his face, but mine turned out ok. I might do a review on him, but im still so busy, that it could take some time.
Anyhow, i gave up on him in january, because he was sold out at amiami and he was an exclusive. He got pushed back a couple of months and at the end of march he finally got release. And lucky me, someone on AmiAmi changed his mind and didnt want him, so i immediatly bought him and the order for him was closed after.

Bonus: his freaking tatoo turned out PERFECT, holy moly.
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/05/07/1975470.jpeg

(his pants too, ehehehe)

Next on the list is my AmiAmi order from May. I just got three figures:
First one is Sengoku Nadeko from Bakemonogatari. This figure just somehow spoke to me. The base is gorgeous and i like her overall appearance very much

Bonus: There is actually a fish (or something fishlike) in her base and i found it to be a very nice detail, also the tree is very cool
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/05/10/1977116.jpeg

I also got the 2B Bring Arts figure from Square Enix. A lot of people have issues with her, painting and sculpting wise, including me. luckily i got one with a nice face, but the paint on her dress starts to "bleed away" slowly, which is very sad. But its only visible on the back. Still, i hope their Kainé turns out better.

The last figure from AmiAmi was a used Saber from Fate/Grand Order. My best friend got her a few months back and i just adored her. So i eventually had to get her too. I also snatched for a fairly good price (under 20k, yes) and shes every bit of gorgeous and perfect as i remember her <3

Last but not least are my three nendoroid purchases.
Lets start with Umaru-chan. I actually bought a bootleg of her last year on ebay. I was not happy with the quality at all (duh), so i got super excited when GSC announced they will rerelease her. Instant pre order

Next is the Ice Kirby Nendoroid. I already bought the original one, because Kirby is just such a little cute adorable ball of cuteness, that i couldnt pass up on him. He looks very stylish in blue too

Lastly i ordered my little "girl" Tanya from Saga of Tanya the Evil. I acutally didnt finish the Anime yet, but i instantly fell in love with "her". (ok ill stop now with the quote signs, she IS a girl now). I just love crazy people in general, so i had to buy that nendo, with THE BEST crazy face <3

Thats it for my loot post for March and April. Wasnt so much after all.
I hope i didnt include too many pictures this time. I actually got mine photography tent thing in april, so i finally can upload nice(er) pics of my babies <3

HAHAHA as if. Dumb me forgot about, oh well 7 figures i bought, so ill just name this: THE FORGOTTEN ones (im so stupid, sorry)

First are the three other nedoroids i bought in April. Jeanne D'Arc, Sucy Manbavaran and Roy Mustang.

Jeanne is actually one of my favorite Fate Characters and my little waifu, so i of course, had to get her nendo and it turned out perfect

(That blush face, hnnghh <3)

Bonus: Together with Jeanne Alter, the evil queen <3
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/06/24/2006757.jpeg

Sucy is my favorite Little Witch Academia girl. Shes just crazy and god this one episode made me fall in love with her. Oh and she grows mushrooms, which i hate to death, but oh well..

Roy Mustang is easily the coolest FMA character and i already own the scale from Kotobukiya, so i also had to buy his nendo.

Next is Kongiku from Muramasa. Another gorgeous Alter figure. I, at first, didnt like her because of her breasts. But i grew to live with them, yes even like them. So i finally caved when i saw her for a good price and just bought her
(Not so great pic, because i actually just made it with shitty lighting)

I was so thrilled when this figure was announced because Celestia Ludenberg was my favorite girl in Danganronpa. I played the visual novel years ago when it first released and i loved and still love everything about it. The anime on the other hand was kinda sad, but please have a look at the game if you like VN or "detecitve" storys in general
(bad lighting again, but this time because of the black background)

This next one was another impulse buy, because figuya had her on sale and she just spoke to me somehow: (i know why, because its a Tony Taka figure and i love his designs): Iroha- Hime from Kotobukiya. And i was not dissappointed with her. Shes stunning.

Last and again but not least is another figure with a design by Tony Taka. This time one from the T2 Art Girl Collection: Ping-Yi. I initinally didnt want to get such a very lewd figure, but then i caved in and ordered her, because shes just too pretty and gorgeous to pass up. I got her for a good price too, considering that she now goes for around 30k on amiami.

Well thats that. Now i included every figure i got in the two months March and April. Sorry again, this post got pretty confusing pretty fast. But oh well, im happy with all the little (and big) cuties i got <3

My next loot post will including May and June (im just waiting for my June AmiAmi order) and then ill do monthly loots, because i have so much stuff pre ordered, that two months are just not nice to look at (at least thats what i think).
So thank you for reading, i hope you have a nice day or evening or night wherever you are <3

See you next Mission (ehehe, Metroid Hype). Bye guys!
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Pinokkio2 vuotta sitten#36428297I think you forgot to review that big chicken plushy on the top right corner for your blog!
You mean the Chocobo? No he just sits on my bed and is older :3
2 vuotta sitten
solluxcaptor2 vuotta sitten#36373989Nice loot, I would love to see the Majima review!
Maybe i will do one this weekend, if I find the time. I need to build my new desk :<

Heavenly_Otaku2 vuotta sitten#36383985That's a big loot, especially those scale beauties. About 150K of PVC gold in opinion.
Yeah, well, as I said, i'm crazy :'D
2 vuotta sitten
Pinokkio Want to be free!
I think you forgot to review that big chicken plushy on the top right corner for your blog!
2 vuotta sitten
That's a big loot, especially those scale beauties. About 150K of PVC gold in opinion.
2 vuotta sitten
Nice loot, I would love to see the Majima review!
2 vuotta sitten
victorviper2 vuotta sitten#36333059I can't believe how expensive the Skytube Ping-Yi has gotten! I hadn't really noticed how intricate the base is on that figure before now.
Nice loot!

Thanks :3 Yep her price is so high now and i dont really know why? Maybe because she was limited or something. Her base is gorgeous, yes, but also freakin' huge.

Stacycmc2 vuotta sitten#36337152LOTS of goodies!! Congrats!!!
Love, love, love your Goro and Kisshot....soooo badass looking!! I've been wanting her figure, but something else I wants always pops up and distracts me from getting her. perhaps one day!!!!

Thank you :) I, too, wanted Kiss Shot for a while, and she really is awesome and not that expensive, so if you ever get a chance to buy her, do it! :)
2 vuotta sitten
KingofClassy2 vuotta sitten#36330796Awesome, glad you got a good/not so bad 2B, I sent mine back (still waiting on a refund, thanks SE EU store!) the Kingdom Hearts Bring Arts are a lot better so if they get to that level I might get it again.
I really like the idea of bring arts (as in they're smaller and have usually better quality than their Play Arts) but they need to step up their game a little bit. The KH ones look really nice though :)

Cantisama2 vuotta sitten#36330878That is some serious loot! I think I have those same Nendos and some of the same scales. GSC Nadeko has been on my wishlist for a while, and your pics remind me why.
I hope you enjoy the rest of Youjo Senki. I loved it all the way through. Supposedly we're getting a movie that continues the story ^^

Hehe, well those nendos and scales are great after all :3 Nadeko really is pretty, i even like the GSC one more than the Alter one and that almost never happens since Alter is so over the top aweseome.
I really have to continue watching Youjo Senki. I love to hear that they plan to release movies to continue the story.
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LOTS of goodies!! Congrats!!!

Love, love, love your Goro and Kisshot....soooo badass looking!! I've been wanting her figure, but something else I wants always pops up and distracts me from getting her. perhaps one day!!!!
2 vuotta sitten
I can't believe how expensive the Skytube Ping-Yi has gotten! I hadn't really noticed how intricate the base is on that figure before now.

Nice loot!
2 vuotta sitten
That is some serious loot! I think I have those same Nendos and some of the same scales. GSC Nadeko has been on my wishlist for a while, and your pics remind me why.

I hope you enjoy the rest of Youjo Senki. I loved it all the way through. Supposedly we're getting a movie that continues the story ^^
2 vuotta sitten
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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