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GSC’s Yukino (Kimono Ver)GSC’s Yukino (Kimono Ver)

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So this is only my second review and I’ll admit already it’s not much of one. I just am so excited about Yukinon that I can’t just ignore her~

I wanted this figure when she was on preorder but I didn’t have $200 CAD after shipping and Canadian customs, so I planned to try and get in the country after her release. Yeah, well, okay. Catch that $300 CAD before shipping/customs aftermarket price.

Well, on Thursday I found her on Amazon.ca. I was expecting a bootleg.

Came about six hours before posting, authentic and including shipping+tax: $45 CAD total.


She is missing her base. I sent an email to GSC, but honestly I don’t care much. Some box damage as well, but this babe was out of that cardboard jail as soon as I checked the authenticity.


She’s so damn stunning.




Anyway, base or no base Yukino is absolutely perfect. I’m in love with the size, the umbrella, the detailed painting, her face... She has immediately taken the best space in my display, sorry Zero (ITEM #451590).

The only change I would make is I kind of wish she was facing forward. I’d like to see more of her kimono without neglecting her gorgeous face~

(As for the scores, ignore my rating of the base, I just kind of like her not having one tbh.)

But nonetheless, definitely my new favorite figure.
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I love the kimono umbrella look!! :D it's so pretty!!!! I've seen several figures like this, and they are all very catching!
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I have this figure as well and she is very beautiful! She is my favorite girl from SNAFU
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