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Hello, here I am again to share the last Secret Santa pictures. Late, as always. ´w` At this point, I'm not sure if it helps to say I'm sorry for the delay, haha.

Anyway, let's talk about what really matters here: the gifts
This year no one end up without gifts, thanks to help of some people and the entry fees. Some gifts were totally lost by the post office, but we could manage that. <_< Damn post offices, why do you always spoil the fun?
As always, I will start with my own gift:

A huuuge "thank you" to COCOSOLE for this incredible gift. I can't transcribe into words how happy you made me. Damn, there's a piece of everything I love here! NieR, husbando, Pusheen, sweets etc! THANK YOU!

G-RAVE I spy a 9S over there! It would be a shame if someone had your address to break up into your house in order to steal it... Jokes aside, this is a pretty gift with lots of stuff!

I see you got a whole collection here, FATESABER Woah! That's so cool!

So... Do you like My Hero Academia? Because I think you might like it, but I'm not really sure. Nice gift, ASHURIIKARESHI

ATARISILVER that's such a cute mug! Also, Vocaloid and Pokemon are the best things ever. Cool!

CARMINA Damn, that's a really badass shirt you got there!

CELTIC7GUARDIAN Woah, nice stuff! That's a goddamn joke. I keep making blogs, but I'll never be able to make better jokes.

COCOSOLE Aww, that's a lovely card! And this plushie is amazing, too!

BROKEN-TOYBOX Homura is the best girl! (shots fired) And this plushie is pretty cute!

CTAN_OVERLORD My day is saved everytime I meet another NieR fan. This OST is sooo god! Nice shirt, too!

LOSSETARI So nice you got two figures to make a pair! The sweets seems delicious, too!

LITTLE_AUTOPSIST I hope you liked your gifts! Everything seems so amazing!

JUSTINESKI Aaah, nice figures from Sailor Moon! And everything else is so cool!

JEN_TSUKASE Aww, that is so cuuuute!

MAAKIE I hope you liked the gift I sent you! Though the figure is missing from this picture ;-; I think I almost attacked the girl from Koto to get this set of cards. lmao

MAHOU_SHOUJO Damn, Madoka gifts are always so lovely! And that Red nendoroid is one of the best nendos ever!

KOTA omg this gengar is so cute, send help. I remember Amazarashi feat. NieR video broke my heart ;-;

LIGHTNINGMAID There is too many things to place a small comment here! So I decided to go with that adorable Pikachu! Daaamn, what a wonderful gift!

SUSANOO14 omg those pusheens are so beautiful!!

PONNIE Would you please tell me where I can PO this lovely cat? That gift is so sweet!

MECATRONICO I'm glad the post office delivered your gift! Wouldn't mind if they misdirected it to me though.

MOONANGELICA Is that Detective Conan artwork? Wooooah, so cool!!

TAPIOCAQUEEN Aaaaa, I loved those cat stickers! And I don't know what that vanilla sweets are, but they seem delicious. ´w`

OOKAMIICHI08 Nice nendo! I'm not a fan of the show, but I sure like the design of the characters! Cool!

RURITTO damn, this figure is amazing, I didn't know this one. Also, that sketch is so lovely >_<

NEMSENGELACESASU I... I... I think I don't know this character, please pretend I posted a really amazing comment ;__; LMAO, JK. (well, I really don't know this character tho) But it is a nice gift anyway!!

MORIBUNDEAD Madoka gifts never cease to amuse me. I see a Cirno there, too?!

MOONLIGHT119 that plushie seems so precious!

XUEREN ... I'm damn curious to see what's inside of this paper. But I really loved this xmas card LMAO this is amazing.

Are those autographed cards? Woah, TARADORABLE

XANXAS Zelda and Metroid in the same package? Hell yeah.

TUGASI Please, share some of these sweets with us!

THEYSAYMOOP I knew it was a gift from ponnie right when I openeded it! This is precious! ^o^

It is never too late, so here is BELLARE gift!

Aaaaaaand that is, folks!

I'm pretty sure there is some picture missing. Because I always screw up T_T Don't be mad with me if you have to send me your picture again, please! ...Well, you are actually allowed to get a little angry, yes. ´w` But, let me know on PMs, so I'll update the blog post. I'm even more lost with this new design......... damn.

Anyway, the SS 2018 is open. I'll make a new blog post for it, but if you participated last year, you may send your entry PM right now. If you are new to our SS, please, wait for the official blog to read the rules and see if you agree with it!

See ya!
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Everyone's gifts look amazing! I had so much fun being a part of this and I can't wait until December this year x3
2 vuotta sitten
Wow! *o*
2 vuotta sitten
The gifts look great! I want to thank my Santa again. I loved my gift and the drawings were such a nice surprise! Awesome job. XD

I look forward to joining again <3
2 vuotta sitten
dollbyn2 vuotta sitten#35100419This is so sweet! All the gifts seemed so generous and considerate, definitely a +1 faith in humanity kind of moment. Hopefully next year is just as successful.
I wish my financial forecast was more secure, this seems like a lot of fun.

Thank you! Maybe you can join us next year, then? x)
Yeah, it's pretty fun to see all those gifts and how much thought people put on them! Some items are rare, some are handmade, some are warmful... etc.
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This is so sweet! All the gifts seemed so generous and considerate, definitely a +1 faith in humanity kind of moment. Hopefully next year is just as successful.

I wish my financial forecast was more secure, this seems like a lot of fun.
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Very nice gifts this year, and better yet, everyone got a gift! I love the Secret Santa and hope everyone had a lot of fun and come back this year.

P.S.: GodYagami, just using the brazilian post system is enough adventure already, no need for you to use your vampire/macumba powers to steal my gifts!
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Awesome gifts were given! :D This makes me happy to read and I really want to take part in it this year! >_<
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solluxcaptor2 vuotta sitten#35083337Everyone got such lovely gifts!! I see that Yugioh art print *__*
I'd actually love to particulate because I love shopping for other people and making gift bundles (just put together an anime swap box for a friend and it was SO fun) but I would be scared incase they hated it or something happened to it ;;;

Oh, no. It's not a blind gift, we have wishlists for that. :)

moonangelica2 vuotta sitten#35082983Thank you so much you for hosting this! That's a lot of work involved and I know we all appreciate it :D
It's a lot of fun and I'll be signing up again this year ^_^
mahou_shoujo2 vuotta sitten#35082283Wow, everyone got nice gifts! I hope everyone enjoyed their gifts and liked participating. I'm looking forward to buying gifts again for my giftee. I always have fun and enjoy looking for gifts that the person I got will like. Thank you again for hosting the exchange this year. You do am amazing job at organizing it all.

Thank you! <3 <3
2 vuotta sitten
Everyone got such lovely gifts!! I see that Yugioh art print *__*

I'd actually love to particulate because I love shopping for other people and making gift bundles (just put together an anime swap box for a friend and it was SO fun) but I would be scared incase they hated it or something happened to it ;;;
2 vuotta sitten
aw that looks so bomb
2 vuotta sitten
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