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Hello! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

The Secret Santa 2018 is finally here!
If you never joined before, but have an interest to know more about our yearly event, please take your time to read the rules. I just posted a blog including the pictures of our last exchange, but here it is in case you missed it somehow.

What is all that stuff about having a Secret Santa?
- The SS is a xmas gift exchange, everyone who joins will get a gift from a "secret friend" and also send one to someone you will randomly pick through drawnames.com tool. More info about drawnames.com here. Please, kindly read carefully to understand how it works, and if you still have any questions after that, send me a PM - I'll try my best to enlighten you.

I may take a few days to reply everyone, as I'm working to death. >_<
But don't worry, I'll take note of your request.

● You may join until next friday, june 8th.
● Exchange (shipping your package): October 1st~10th. Further details will come later, by PM!

Thank you, MFCers, for keeping this event alive and fun!

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GodYagami2 vuotta sitten#35125193I think so. Ponnie, for example, usually mod figures to send along with her gift, and they are pretty awesome. I remember there was someone who made plushies a few years ago too, so I think all that counts. Anyway, we are discussing it on drawnames topic from last year if you want to take part, since you were with us.

Found out I never responded to this and wanted to say thanks! =P
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I'll be happy to join again this year~
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Count me in for another round of this!
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I'd like to join again :) had 2 years of fun!
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I’d love to join again!
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I'd like to join again this year :)
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mintea2 vuotta sitten#35166257Ahh I've kinda always wanted to try this but I've always been afraid of secret santas due to really never getting a gift :')
That's why we have an entry fee. >3

Bellare2 vuotta sitten#35170672Ahhh my picture is missing, I will send it to you again, later today >.<
Oh noes, where is it?! Send meeee

tapiocaqueen2 vuotta sitten#35191391Count me in.
I'm glad to have you with us again :)
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Naelyth2 vuotta sitten#35108220Yes, there are a few sizes to choose from, but they're still not cheap. www.usps.com/in... Here are the prices and dimensions in inches.
The small and medium boxes aren't very big at all--you can fit a Nendoroid and some character goods in the medium top-loading box, and that's $45.35. A small box is $24.65. The large box is $59.25 and a majority of scale figure boxes won't fit in it.
Just for reference! Using your own box is similarly expensive as well. You could do First-Class International for smaller packages, but it doesn't come with tracking for many countries.

A tip about First Class Int'l:
Tracking through the USPS ends after the package exits the country, but if you wait some more time you might find that if you input the tracking number in the destination country's post office website, it has started updating their tracking after USPS has stopped (usually upon arrival to the country). I've only tracked packages sent to Chile and Mexico this way (out of those that don't have "informed delivery" included), so I don't know if eeeevery country has reliable tracking.
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Count me in.
2 vuotta sitten
I would like to join
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Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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