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Welp, Goodsmile Company, you can't leave me alone can you? I was having a wonderful retirement, enjoying my isolation on Fiji. But you fuckers just had to bring me back, didn't you? I turn my back on you for one second and now we have tons of Star Wars Nendoroids. I hope you're happy about this! By the way here's my credit card, I'll be buying them all. Please do Rebel Troopers. Jerks.

So, Star Wars Nendoroids. Wow it took off, didn't it. Funny enough I did mention this in this one articl... Oh. That's right, I burned my old account down in a fit of paranoia. Oh well, who cares? Not me! Anyhow here's a meme I made that summed up my feelings about how Star Wars Nendoroids were back in 2016,

Ironically the only one that isn't accurate is the Phasma!

So Star Wars Nendoroids have come a long way since last I checked. And believe me, it's been awhile. Rather then just the Stormtrooper and Darth Vader we have Leia, Luke, Han, Rey, and fuckin' hell even BB-8! And anyone who knows their Star Wars or have a friend who watched at least one of them you know there are many, many, many more characters. Just from episode 4, which is the first movie because thanks Lucas, we're missing from the main cast Chewbaaca, C-3P0, R2-D2, Obi-Wan, and Moff Tarkin. Hey if you're up to it you can even make all those memorable characters like Biggs Darklight, that one guy that was chocked by Vader, the other guy that was chocked by Vader, the "hey, we don't serve your kind here" guy, the guy who got his arm chopped off, Jabba, and of course Literal Satan. Seriously re-watch the first movie, you'll see him in the Cantina. So, yeah, tons of characters to pick from. Not to mention we're not counting Lando, or Poe and Fynn from the sequels... and let's not even go into the prequels. Except Maul... and young Obi-Wan... and the Battle Droids... OK, fuck it, I'll buy the prequel Nendoroids. Slap a Star Wars sticker on it and I'm sold!

But at the same time, such a large cast of characters does drive one issue which is, when do you stop? I mean, let's just say we do get Chewbacca, R2-D2, C-3P0, Lando, Poe, and Fynn. We rounded out the main cast in Nendoroid form, we're not touching the prequels, we even have bad guys! So, could we make more? Well, yes assuming GSC can get that character's licensing from Disney of course. But I suppose the question is at which point do we go from filling out the ranks to basically making the line bloated?

I'd say when we're making Hoth Troopers but fuckin' hell, I'd buy them!

I mean, of course it would also depend on taste. People that don't like Star Wars Nendoroids are likely going to wish GSC never touched them and used those free slots to make... I dunno, more Kemono Friends Nendoroids. On the flip side, most toy collectors on the other side of the Pacific don't seem to really notice the Star Wars Nendoroids. But, you know, we have Han and Luke. Clearly they're selling or GSC has lost its mind. Again. But I digress, if they weren't selling they wouldn't be making them... or Disney is holding them hostage. One of the two.

Of course I'm getting off track. When does the Star Wars Nendoroid line begin to feel bloated? Well, I can't answer that. I'm a fanboy. I grew up with the Power of the Force line, which had tons of characters both iconic and generic and like several dozen Lukes. But those were just cheap toys, about five bucks a pop. Nendoroids are more expensive, have more accessories, and also don't look like ripped body builders. Seriously, have you seen the Power of the Force line? Christ, some of those guys could give He-Man a run for his money. Well, Nendoroids are chibis, so I guess that rounds it out? But the point still stands, comparing Western and Eastern Star Wars toys there is a very clear difference of Star Wars Figuarts and Nendoroids being more expensive and coming with more stuff.

So, in that sense, I guess this could be the answer to the bloated question. Since Nendoroids are likely more expensive to make then a Hasbro action figure, shelf-warming and lack of pre-orders would quickly make GSC reconsider putting out so many Star Wars Nendoroids. Yet, I still have to wonder what more GSC has in store for the Star Wars Nendoroid line? Do they plan on just making the major characters like said then just stopping the line to focus on something else? Or will they make all the major characters, see that they still can make more and go "yeah, what's the worst that can happen"? I can't say, I truthfully want much more Star Wars cause, you know, fanboy. Hooray for fanboying.

As for now, I'm very pleased with the Star Wars Nendoroids we have gotten and are getting. Do I want to see more? Yes. But do I want to see the line getting to the point they're scrapping the bottom of the barrel? Hell no. Yet, I guess it depends on what the "bottom of the barrel" means to each person. Cause for me that be the Ugnaught and for someone else it be those Hoth Troopers I showed above.

Or, again, the Ugnaught.

Well, that's it for today. Tune in next time when I start screaming about Kemono Friends while on a unicycle juggling cherry bombs! Well, OK, not that but I'll be screaming about Kemono Friends. This is ZF2, signing off. Here's a crab.

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Well here's someone who can't wait to get their Star Wars Nendo debut! ;)
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love your post. lol. simply hilarious. And I wanna be a Hoth Trooper! ;-)
Btw. I think in a way disney holds all of us hostage...
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ST: There's no such thing as a "Sequel Trilogy".

I second that!

Or should I say, dunno what you're talking about... what is that sequel you mentioned..
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Star wars nendoroids are those things that constantly tempt me with the idea "will my brother want this" so far I've kept myself from getting some, but if they ever make clone troopers like Cody and stuff, I just might go on a present rage and Chuck none stop collectable plastic at him until he screams at me to stop to bad I'm to empty in the wallet for that.
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Omg thank you for the article! I had no idea that there is a Han Solo nendo. Pre-ordered right away <3
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Star Wars Nendos are getting to be like Fate Nendos I think. Expansive and expensive if your a collector that needs to be complete.
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I ordered Luke and Han for my brother as Christmas presents. He's always bitching I never get him anything and these will make him shut up. And if he doesn't want 'em they'll be mine!
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SW Nendoroids that'd be cool:

OT: Old Obi-Wan, Yoda, Lando, the Emperor and Luke in both his pilot suit and RotJ attire
PT: Padme, Qui-Gon, youg Obi-Wan, Dooku, Maul, Windu
ST: There's no such thing as a "Sequel Trilogy".
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Kaneel on Ice
three words


This added to pretty much every other main character you mentioned.
Chewie, C3-P0 and R2-D2 just have to be next.
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I need a Darth Maul desperately. He would look SO ADORABLE as a nendo. <3333
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