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Hi, guys! It's been ages since I wrote a loot post. Haven't gotten the chance to buy some nerdy stuff bcos of prioritizing needs.

That aside, time to bring in the goods.


July 1st


I was tabling for a mini con on this day; this is my third time tabling for this con (the con name is Hobby Street and it's organized by our local anime shop).

I usually sell mini-prints for the con, last year I made lots of Persona merch but this year, I made lots of Fate merch (stay night centric bcos I wasn't that big into FGO even tho I played the game)

Unfortunately the con was cancelled 3 hours earlier than intended; some jerk just reported the mall authorities about the con stating that there were a bunch of 'indecently-dressed' cosplayers who attend the con. Seriously, the only cosplayers I that I find mildly-indecent was a KH2 Kairi cosplayer and a P5 Takemi cosplayer. Most of us were so frustrated, especially that the con was cancelled during the peak hour of the con where there's lots of peeps coming. One of my mutuals even had to cancel two of his commissions.

I didn't really make a lot during the con as well but thank goodness commissions saved my butt (also I had to rush my last commission the moment they announced the cancellation).

Rants aside, I managed to snag in some rubber straps that I've been longing for years


Items on the loot:
- ITEM #633625
- ITEM #247961
- ITEM #247962

the rest are doujin merch, including the heroaca puchibitto stickers (since there's no official puchibitto line for heroaca).

I just need Fushimi to begin building my Scepter 4 trio shrine/itabag!! Also need the Rin one to complete my otp pair.

speaking of which I'm building my makeshift ShiRin shrine on my workstation at home.



meanwhile, I'm waiting for my sister to come home from the UK after her graduation bcos I asked her to buy me a Rin nendo (ITEM #198350).




Happy (late) Independence day to those from the States!! Meanwhile, I received my long-awaited


Items on the loot:
- ITEM #320453
- ITEM #320468

I haven't kagepro for ages but I finally got these kids.

now my pencil case can't hold on to these straps lmao.


Welp, I guess you can say that I really love rubber straps XD.

Next on my to-buy list:

- ITEM #331531 (this was meant to compensate his loss last year, frick unregistered SAL -_-)
- ITEM #59190 (I kinda forgot hee-ho has a nendo)
- ITEM #675865

Uhhh I think that's all for now. Maybe I should write a Rin nendo review once she arrives XD. Meanwhile, I just started my third year in college with internship for 6 months!! I applied at a local publishing department and assigned to the illustration division; really excited for this job as I get to draw for a local children's books and magazines.

Thanks for reading!!
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Ay good to see that the Kagepro fans are still here.
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Ruritto2 vuotta sitten#36882845Scepter 4 trio <3 <3 I'm glad to find more people who love them. Nice loot. Can I ask what that Rin is? A CD?

it's a mini-shikishi/illustration board from the first HF kuji: ITEM #643361

also, yay for more S4 trio fans!!
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Scepter 4 trio <3 <3 I'm glad to find more people who love them. Nice loot. Can I ask what that Rin is? A CD?
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2 vuotta sitten
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