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I know it's kinda meaningless to ask about that, but I noticed that many Peeps on here are onwing like 300+ figures (mostly 1/7) and sometimes even figures, which are still not released etc. (ofc it doesn't mean they are pretending etc :D )

Here's my question now:

What would be the point of "faking" to own figures?

(I'd be happy if I only had like 10% of that amount x) )

Thanks in advance for answering :3
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I used this for my figures management and only change it to owned when it reaches my hand.

But can understand why others might reclassify each category for their own use. (Eg I use favourite as figures that I would have wanted to buy but not as strong as “wish” that I use for active tracking)
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I'm pretty sure a ton of people who use MFC browse figures. The people who put the unreleased/draft figure as owned normally wants to buy it in the future or some of them just lists the figures they wish to have instead of using the wished section. It's my first time thinking of pretend collecting as a possibility, but I deffo won't trust somebody who does that with any kind of transaction.
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I suppose I'm technically in the 300+ club, I really do have possession of everything marked as owned, plus some things like blind boxes where I haven't gone through and added each individual item. I don't have a lot of scales though so it's not that impressive.

Criscokid1 vuotta sitten#40309789For me, I do not mark it as owned until it reaches my hands.
Same here. The main reason I'm on MFC at all is to keep track of dates and when things ship, so I'm pretty meticulous about keeping the status and paid/shipped/owned as well as purchase price and such correct.
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I'm close to 6000 items in my collection, and that doesn't include the items which are not listed yet on MFC. It might seem odd. I run a small online shop, so some of those numbers are actually already not with me, and already sold. That should be close to 2000 items out of my 6000. Still, I prefer to keep it in the count as it also reminds me of which items I've already bought.
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Today I received ITEM #628396 , so I changed it from ordered to owned. At least thats how it works for me. I use MFC for managing my preorders, just to see what did I order already.

I think some people take it more precise/exactly, others don't.
But still, marking unreleased figures as owned makes absolutely no sense though.
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Criscokid1 vuotta sitten#40309789For me, I do not mark it as owned until it reaches my hands.
same, when I don't forget it haha
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I only marked the ones i have in my possession as owned. Preorders i leave them unmarked until they arrive or mark as ordered
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As people have said its mainly to do with if they have payed for or not. My question is why mark it as own when preorders haven't even opened yet? was going through some of my wish list and going through some of the figures that haven't been updated in years some of them like for 5+ years so its kinda safe to assume they are probably canceled but as I was doing so I noticed that a handful of people have marked it as owned even though that's clearly impossible.
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Like another comment here had said, this is the internet and theres plenty of bogus reasons why people do the things that they do on the internet.

I like to think most of us collectors here have integrity and are using the site the way it's intended to be used.

However Its not farfetched that we could have some strange users among us. Not to mention it's pretty common now for underage kids to be trolling on the internet for whatever reasons.

I wouldn't worry much about it.
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Personally, don't really care about the collection DB of others. I think the main purpose of the collection DB is for individuals to easily keep track of their own collection. Regarding accurate status of owned figures, personally I try to update mine with correct status, however, I also tend to forgot to update when I receive the item. So I'll give others benefit of the doubt if they tagged yet to be released items as 'Owned' as people tend to just forget updating or maybe just lazy. Won't really waste time to check other's collection, unless I'm directly dealing with that person (just to have some idea regarding the person).
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