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Hello all! Decided to share my loot again this month since the opening of my package was kinda ruined and I still wanted to be able to enjoy it (long story lmao) Like my June loot I'm going to include front and back shots as well as my thoughts on each figure. Let's get into it!

First we'll start with part of my July loot from Mandarake that took forever to arrive, they shipped out 7/22 and didn't arrive until 9/10. Guess that's what I get for cheaping out on shipping. Three trading figures from Kemono friends.


ITEM #637196 ITEM #637197 ITEM #637198

They're super adorable and the paint is really well done for tiny trading figures. I mostly just ordered for Shoebill but now I might try to get a whole set of the season one girls since these ones turned out to be super cute.

Now onto my August loot! It arrived in the mail yesterday 9/15, taking exactly two weeks to get here. Much better than the wait time for the Kemono Friends package. Everything is from a single Amiami order.


I think my favorite thing out of this entire loot is the box for ITEM #549375 It's so colorful and fun to look at! I love the galaxy theme it has.



Kirby is adorable (as always) and the Robobo armor looks great. Again like last loot I didn't really take anything out of the package since I don't want to lose any tiny Nendoroid parts cause I don't have a display space for them currently.

And similarly I didn't take Sousuke ITEM #512119 out of his box, but I'm really looking forward to it, just look how handsome he is! Can't wait to see him in his fully glory


Sousuke is my favorite of the Free! boys in terms of looks. Love that "tall dark and handsome" vibe. And now I'm convinced to get ITEM #331597 as well.

Next we have Kiss Shot ITEM #484359 and Hitagi ITEM #440557 from the Madogatari series.



The Devil Homura dress really suits Kiss Shot amazingly well. My only complaint is the small stain on her thigh but it looks like it'll clean up easily. I was originally planning to make a decorative base for her but I think she looks good as-is.



Hitagi also looks adorable in the Madoka dress, though I don't think it suits her as well as the Devil Homura dress suits Kiss Shot. I love the detail on her and her pouty expression is cute. My only complaint about this one is her stupidly huge base and the way it's designed. I would have preferred a small, circular one, rather than this huge one intended to fit together with Madoka's ITEM #440565 but at any rate I do intend to collect the full set of girls (minus the alternate color versions)

Next up is ITEM #292247 saw her pre-owned for only 580 JPY so I put her in my order since she's incredibly cute, and she has quickly become a favorite.



I really love her energetic pose and bright color scheme. She looks great, pretty much exactly spot on with her promo shots.

I can't find it now, but a user article convinced me to buy ITEM #342767



I had already been considering purchasing her but the lovely review I saw prompted me to grab her when she popped up in pre-owned. She looks super cute and summery! Once again my only complaint is her base, trying to get all three of the support poles into the base and into the tube was a huge pain in the butt and took me a good 10 minutes to figure out.

Last but not least we have Yoshiko ITEM #619103 my favorite of the LL! Sunshine girls



As part of Banpresto's EXQ line her quality is great, her coat has some nice detailing. She has her hand in the signature pose but it just looks like a cute shot for the camera since she's not being Yohane Extra as usual, which is a nice change since so many of her figures are in super wide and energetic poses and take up a lot of space.

And then update shots of my (mostly) prize figure shelves.



They're pretty much entirely full now so I'm not sure what I'll do with the prizes in my September order RIP

Thanks for reading~
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Sousuke the husbando looking like a meal lol

out of all the free figures, this is one is my favorite!
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Otacon2 vuotta sitten#40319458Posting here to say I love your Ogata icon :p (also I think we're mutuals on tumblr?)

ohhh yeah we are lmao hello!! you're the second mutual I've run into on here

(ogata is best boy)
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Posting here to say I love your Ogata icon :p (also I think we're mutuals on tumblr?)
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