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For the first time in what feels like a long time there are a lot of items in my ordered section and I was wondering how many things other collectors on MFC have on Order at any given time.

This month was a busier month than usual after getting sucked back into collecting the Shining series figures and there may be more added to the collection next month since I'd love to try to expand outward again [without going crazy again for more stuff] so just was thinking about those collectors who have a DOZEN plus figures on order in one month.

How many figures/Items do you have on order this month?

Currently I've got 9 items on order for September after adding ITEM #676203 after finding it at a decent price since I love the way the Takara Version looks and it's more appealing than Hasbro's Power of the Primes Optimal Optimus.

Current list of items:
ITEM #81 -Coming from Japan so it won't get here till late this month or early next month

ITEM #831
ITEM #128854 -Getting this one in on Monday so looking forward to this figure!
ITEM #27703 -This one will be displayed on the desk since I love the base for this one and she takes up a little bit of space in a display case.
ITEM #153426 -Still waiting for this to be shipped
ITEM #153427
ITEM #153429 -Looking forward to getting this one to display with Lorna!

ITEM #331577 -Decided on getting Kirika's Regular Version and the Swimsuit Version will be picked up next month.

ITEM #676203

I'm not finished with getting figures yet for this month so that 9 total may end up going to 11 or 12 before the month is over with, at least this time these figures aren't costing me a lot and that's why there are a lot on order since many were picked up at great prices so it feels good to be hunting for figures again and feels great to get figures at good deals so it works well for the budget.

Update- Just picked up Lorna ITEM #78669 Cheap so happy to have another Lorna coming in!

Finding these Shining Series figures so cheap it's crazy so now there are 10 Items on order for September.

Update 2- Added another Neris ITEM #61403 to the ordered list picked it up cheap about the same price as Lorna was so now up to 11 figures coming in for September.


And ITEM #128854 Came in today so now down to 10 figures on order for this month.

How many figures/items do you have on order for September?

Did you find some great deals this month?
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Mainly merch instead of figures tho po'd 3 figures too! (I only buy when selling)

ITEM #29305
ITEM #525327
And ofc louise wedding dress ver:
ITEM #604425

Merch i ordered with proxy and paid for shipping/charge 2:

Haruhi trading figs:
ITEM #10017
ITEM #9804
ITEM #28799


ITEM #399201
ITEM #703671


ITEM #282090
ITEM #586282
ITEM #714690
ITEM #756196
ITEM #756187
ITEM #51602
ITEM #480022

Also ordered a switch which releases in november
ITEM #758294
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Currently waiting to arrive: (I cannot wait for this wedding Rem since I am a huge fan of her + this figure design *0*)
ITEM #672626

Currently pending to get locally:
ITEM #252297 (I love kirito!)
ITEM #252297 (Haven't watched Super Sonico yet but I really love some Sonico figure designs!)

@@ even though I do not have any additional space to display any more figures I guess there will be a way (soon)!
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Without paying:
3 Nendoroids, 2 figmas.

1 figuart zero, 2 Oniri Creations Statues.

8 in total.
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Well... https://i.gifer.com/N6E7.gif
I merely spent it on a bunch of figures and Nendoroids..... XD

Yeah too much! This hobby is way too addictive and money consuming! Lol
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Currently I'm waiting ITEM #604470 to get delivered this week, while ITEM #593301 should be shipping out this week.
After that I'm waiting for ITEM #675854 in October and ITEM #639053 from a "re-preorder" from AmiAmi in early October. After that just ITEM #740274 to be released and find a good seller to buy it from and the rest is mostly announced figures with no preorder date nor release date
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I've only got two things pre-ordered for this month, ITEM #732438 and ITEM #732456.

I have 3 things in the mail right now as well. ITEM #753489, ITEM #755237, and ITEM #254874. I really can't wait for the game, as I've been wanting it for a few years now. :-)

As for figures, I currently have 3 on PO: ITEM #675861, ITEM #675840, and ITEM #675925.
I also ordered ITEM #749760 with the Goro scale, as they both come out in December.

(I can't wait for the day when I can finally add the Yusuke nendo to my ordered list...)
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I just have one figure on order for september - the much-anticipated ITEM #464625, after 2 delays - but I have 7 items ordered overall. I think this is the most I've had on order at once lmao...

Nothing's coming into my collection in October, but I have 2 figures in November, and then 1 each in December, January, February, and March... typically I like to space things out a little more, but they're making so many figures I want these days...!!!
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IHayden1 vuotta sitten#40376022Just one item preordered right now; my first ever preorder too :)
ITEM #738651 The Sora Nendoroid coming before KH3 :)

Cool I ordered that one too!
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43 items on order. 39 Scale figures(all pre-order) and 4 packs of card sleeves. 4 Senran Kagura figures should arrive tomorrow. Been waiting 2 months for my 4 packs of card sleeves to show up. 1 figure ships in 2 days and maybe 14 other pre-orders will release this month.
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Just one item preordered right now; my first ever preorder too :)
ITEM #738651 The Sora Nendoroid coming before KH3 :)
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