Any japanese artbooks larger than A4 size (40cm x 30cm prefered)Any japanese artbooks larger than A4 size (40cm x 30cm prefered)Ask MFC

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Fellow dear MFC'ers,
I have a somewhat strange question to ask.... I was wondering if anyone knows of any artbooks purchasable from Japan that is noticeably larger than A4 size? Preferably around 40cm x 30cm (thickness doesn't matter). Can be hardcover or softcover, but must be cheap in price and obtainable from Japanese store that offers free shipping such as Amazon Japan or Surugaya.

The reason I ask is that my main proxy service (FromJapan) have an automated service for consolidating parcels and every time I have valuable artbooks (A4 size) consolidated, their system always assign boxes that are only slightly bigger than my artbooks which may lead to denting damage during shipping to me. I've asked them before and they said their system can not attend to requests to change shipping box size. So what I am going to do is consolidate my smaller valuable artbooks (mostly A4 size) with 1x large cheap artbook so it forces their system to use a larger box which will minimize chances of denting damage to my smaller valuable artbooks.

Many thanks in advance :)
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Thanks heaps for the suggestions guys :)

I decided to go with the Carmine artbook, I actually always wanted it and totally forgot about buying it, so 2 birds with 1 stone hehe! Haven't thought of calendars before but it definitely could be worth looking into as most of them are light.

I will start looking at using other proxies as well. In the past I've used ShoppingmallJapan, GoodyJapan and Sendico. I found FromJapan is significantly cheaper because they don't charge any packaging or consolidation fees, don't charge any extra 3-5% for paying using paypal like most proxies do, and I get 10% off EMS shipping fees due to my current membership status. Eventually might be able to find one out there with good packaging service and competitive fees.
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You could always buy a large calendar. I remember seeing a D Grayman calendar at Animate in the box and it was flat, not rolled. That could work, it's relatively cheap (I believe no more than 2500 yen) and light (only 12 pages + cover and back).

The calendar in question: ITEM #475283
It's A2 size, but I'm sure you can find something that works for you :)
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Act1 vuotta sitten#41242222Have you considered just using another proxy? That seems like a much less intensive process that doesn't involve buying something you don't want.
Like many seem to agree (based on the upvotes), even if you manage to find a "cheap" artbook, the additional proxy costs are quite a waste.

Also some proxy's offer additional protective packing for extra cost, maybe you could ask again if FromJapan could do this as well?

Sorry that I can’t help more, but hopefully you’ll get the artbooks undamaged!
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ITEM #46454 is A3 and for what you're getting is generally quite affordable but you're really going to struggle to find anything larger than A4 for below 2k yen.
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Have you considered just using another proxy? That seems like a much less intensive process that doesn't involve buying something you don't want.
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I'm not sure about cheap but these arbooks are pretty large but heavy: ITEM #43788 & ITEM #46394

Alternatively I had this artbook that should be light and cheap to find and it's A3 sized ITEM #87971

Good luck
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Anything below 2,000 yen would be good :)
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Define what you consider is cheap in price.
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