Demonbane - Al Azif - Nendoroid - 029 (Good Smile Company)Demonbane - Al Azif - Nendoroid - 029 (Good Smile Company)Review

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Hi everyone, it’s me Garuda_blade again. Today nendoroid review is Al Azif from game&anime Demonbane. I think many people already know her but I will intro her a bit first for some people who haven’t know her yet.


Today our actress come from game&anime name “Demonbane”. She is original copy of the Necronomicon, and likely the most powerful grimoire in existence, it takes the appearance of a young girl. Al Azif makes a pact with Kurou after being chased by the Black Lodge, allowing him access to her near limitless power. The name "Al Azif" is Arabic in origin meaning "that nocturnal sound (made by insects) supposed to be the howling of demons".(credit : wkipedai.org)

For this nendoroid, she has no. 29 of nendoroid series. I got her 1 month ago from local store. It isn’t new one but it come with near mint condition. That help me save some money. (nearly 10$ Wow >.<)

As usual we will start to look at box first.

From font

From side

From back

She comes with red tone box with horizontal line pattern. I think it quite plane but still can acceptable. After we finish with the box then we will take a look inside.

We can see her applications from this picture. There are 2 spare arms, 2 extra faces, helmet and mono eye slime???.


Open plastic tray for more clearly looks.

Base made by clear plastic as another nendoroid. I already try to use it. It well fit and support with nendoroid’s body.


After examine package. Now let’s take her out from plastic tray and look more close.

Yep, we will start with standard pose.

From font

From side

From back

I think this nendoroid has well sculpting. It has many details on her dress and her face look very cute.

The next thing we will see is her helmet. It sculpt for perfect fit with her head.

It can suppurate into 2 part for easier to put it in of Al Azif’s head. You must remove her ribbon off before put helmet on her head.

From this picture, you can see when I separate all parts of her head.
**Well, you can’t use other nendoroid’s face with her.

Now I will put it on her head. And change her face into smile face. >.< moeeee

Can anyone tell me what this is? Mono eye slime???

She can carry that thing if you change her arms. “Al you should find something to carry instead that thing” >.<

With her angry face she is more and more moe than usual. >.<

Let’s see Miku in Al’s dress. Moeeeee!!!!

For score

Sculpting 9 : Well sculpting very cute, nice detail and look perfect especially her face it very charm.

Painting 9 : Good quality of painting but still have some defect.

Posing 8 : She can do a few pose. Just stand pose and carry pose.

Base 9 : Like another nendoroid’s base. Well fit support with her body.

Packing 8 : Nice as another nendoroid box in series but pattern a bit quite plain.

Enjoyment 8 : Very enjoy when play her but she cant change her face with other nendoroid then I give her only 8 point.


Because she is nendoroid that made in period time of revolution from old generation in to new style nendoroid. Then appearance of her look like new style nendoroid (smaller head, use new joint) but her part still like old generation nendoroid(you can see at her face part and head). That make her hard to change some part with other nendoroild both old and new generation but she still be nice nendoroid you that should get one. That’s all for today review. I hope you enjoy and can find something useful in this review.. See ya again next time.^^
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