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Kino no Tabi - Hermes - Kino - ARTFX J - 1/10 (Kotobukiya)Kino no Tabi - Hermes - Kino - ARTFX J - 1/10 (Kotobukiya)

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Hey, fellow mfc-members and welcome
to another review!

I feel stupid for saying this all the time, but this’ll be picture-heavy nitpicking. ʱªʱªʱª (ᕑᗢूᓫ∗)

For today’s review I plan to take a closer look at ITEM #675822, Kino and Hermes from Kino no Tabi brought to us by Kotobukiya. I was quite excited after watching the remake of the anime and while the graphic update is still a matter of debate between me and a friend I do quite like both versions. This leaves me with barely anything to complain about this figure beforehand. Yes, the scale being 1/10 was something new for me, but hey there’s a first for everything, right? Don't really want to imagine the price-point of this in say 1/8 or 1/7 either.
New graphic or not the anime (ironically even the remake) will always have a sort of nostalgic feel for me (though it can’t have been more than 7 nor 8 years since I watched the first one). I love it for as its rather relaxing while still being thought-provoking in an unassuming manner.

But enough of that, I doubt you’re here to hear my praise of the anime…
As usual we’re starting with the box and wow, Koto really went all out with this one. A beautiful brown suitcase box in a somewhat weathered leather-look adorned with stickers that could tell the story of various travels (if they didn’t contain the information about the figure and the picture instead). The 3D-effect is pretty believable, you almost expect to feel the leather and girths under your fingers if you touch the it, yet the surface is perfectly smooth. If you open the flap at the front, which is fastened by Velcro btw, you’ll find a big framed window showing off the figure (the gets opened at the top though) and more photographs of the figure. Imo the box captures the essence of the series in a very great way and I couldn’t think of a better representation if I tried.

Taking the blister out of the box it gets even better, not because of the blister itself as that one is standard fare, but because of the letter taped on top of it. That one contains the assembly instructions and a thanks for the purchase. This is such a cute and fitting idea that it warms my heart. :3

Well, taking everything out of the box you get 6 parts: base, figure, 1 exchangeable head (since I didn’t go with the version that includes the smiling face), Hermes (the motorbike, for everyone unfamiliar with the source), Kino’s luggage and a flower (if anyone knows which kind they are I’d be grateful if you could enlighten me, the text on the box only said “red flowers”).

The base is piece of a road hemmed by a field of red flowers (those of you familiar with the series will remember this one) and it’s gorgeous. The street is somewhat uneven, creating an earthy impression and the flowers are individually sculpted. They might look at bit too thick to some but remember that this is a 1/10 scale.
Sadly, the only thing supposed to keep Hermes in place are the 2 small dents in the base, no pegs or peg holes and try as I might I never managed to align the kickstand properly. That being said he can stand on his own just fine and as long as you don’t move the figure around too much that should suffice (I guess).

Without going into too much detail about Hermes (I wouldn’t even know where to begin looking up bike parts) let me just say this. As you can see the level of detail is simply great, apart from a few very miniscule paint errors and seams (where I’m not entirely sure if they’re supposed to be there or not), there is absolutely nothing I could complain about. I’m pretty sure the pictures speak for themselves in this regard (at least I hope they do).
Hard to show in the pictures, but as a nice little detail the tires and handlebar can be moved. :3

The luggage gets attached to the carrier via a hole on the bottom and fits quite snuggly.
While they did obviously try their best to sculpt it in as much detail as possible there are some excess bits of plastic on the raincoat and blanket (?) and the weathered-look of the suitcase fits in seamlessly with some unclean parts (especially at the girths). Yet the said weathered look is a nice touch overall, just like the raincoat casually flung on top. Sure, the paint could be a bit cleaner (the buckles) and I’d have preferred the sculpting to be just a bit crisper, but if you view it from a normal distance you won’t notice most of it anyway.

The little individual flower can be placed wherever you want and fits with the rest of the lot.

Before getting to the full overview let me voice my biggest gripe about the figure as a whole, the leg of pegs (or at least magnets). Hermes does stand rather firm (dents or not) and the parts fit perfectly, even Kino just leaning against Hermes (there’s a dent in her behind as you can see), but as soon as you pick the figure up the whole construction will collapse. This is certainly not a figure for shaky grounds or moving around (w/o disassembling the whole thing), so my advice would be to assemble it in your display area only. Pegs might not look pretty, but a little bit of stability is always so reassuring.

Anyway, here’s the 360° view (might’ve overdone it a bit this time around)…
I think this one looks great from a lot of angles, but there’s one thing that kind of itches me whenever companies go for oval-shaped bases. Might just be a slight OCD~ish thing on my part, but I want the long side of the oval to be parallel to my shelf (even typing this sounds incredibly stupid), but if you want to look into little Kino’s face that’s not an option. X3

Kino is wearing a rather neutral expression with a sidewards glance seemingly staring off into the distance. A rather fitting expression for her imo, though I’d have gotten the smiling expression part if I had liked it. :3 I do wonder if that one comes as another separate head since her bangs can’t be detached.
Anyway, the shading and details on the hair strands look good or at least mostly ok, though sadly she doesn’t come paint blemishes/scratches there. Also, I know it’s repetitive, but I really don’t like those strands that look like they were glued in afterwards. The seam at the top of her head could’ve been a bit crisper and cleaner too, but oh well.

The alternate head features the same expression just with Kino wearing the hat and goggles making her look ready for traveling. I do appreciate the option, honestly, and while the fur flaps for example look good in terms of structure, the paintjob on the goggles is really wonky. The gap between the girth and fur parts isn’t nice to look at either.

Onto her body and clothing (I know Kino doesn’t appreciate it being referred to as a girl or woman, but well… can’t help it)…
Her outfit is a rather simple affair, functional and reminiscent of a (military) uniform of sorts (the color only serves to support that impression imo). Yet it also shows Kino’s petite and androgynous build quite clearly.

I feel the collar of both her shirt and jacket could be a tad more detailed, but they’re still sufficiently accentuated. Otherwise the shading and creases on the clothes look fairly good and life-like. She’s wearing belts at her waist, cuffs and ankles, probably to avoid getting caught on stuff during her travels. Here the paint isn’t perfectly clean, the green bleeds onto the belts in lots of places (same goes for the brown paint at the buckle), but the small size of the figure does a good job “hiding” this.

The hands are nicely sculpted if you consider the small size (I know, I must sound like a broken record by now) and they even attempted to paint her nails with a glossy finish. Well, unfortunately that didn’t work out the way it was intended to be since half of the fingers are covered in the glossy paint.

Kino is wearing 2 guns, 1 at her side in a holster and 1 at her back and while they look good from a normal distance, up close they suffer from similar problems as the belt (“bleeding paint”).

The good and bad mentioned above applies to Kino’s lower half as well. The shading and creases on her pants look good, but there’s also a bit of paint-bleed on the belts and a few excess bits of plastic here and there (no pun intended, although I remember now that the remake’s Opening theme is titled “here and there” too (♥ω♥ ) ~♪).

Her shoes look rather simplistic, sturdy and fitting for travelling. I do like details like the soles, but I also think they look a bit "flat" in the sculpting-department.

Last but not least some size comparisons, this figure is a 1/10 scale supposed to come up to 17cm. This seems fairly likely, although I only measured Kino herself. Speaking of which, Kino reaches about 15-15,5cm depending on which head you use and given her small stature that seems quite accurate (she’d gain a few more millimeters if she was standing straight though).
Well, staring off with a 1/8 scale, we have little Shigure and it’s obvious that Kino is way smaller (though the smaller the scale the less noticeable the differences become).

Natsume and Nyanko-sensei are supposed to be a 1/8 scale as well, but they’re arguably smaller than that. Still a bit bigger than Kino, yet we are getting there.

Nanachi comes really close in terms of height (if you factor in the base). Tbh however, it’s a bit creepy how massive her body seems next to the petite Kino. X3

Since I don’t have any other 1/10 scales, let’s compare her to the “average” figma. Kino is just a bit bigger than Pixie as you can see.

And here she is next to her Nendo, not much of a comparison, but it’s kinda cute imo. :3

I’ll be honest with you, I was (and still am) biased after seeing and opening the box. Way to make a great first impression, Koto, and for the most part the figure turned out juast as fantastic imo. Unfortunately, Kino herself has a fair share of errors on her, which bothers me ofc and makes her seem a bit neglected (compared to Hermes in particular). Yet as I said time and time again, 1/10 is really, really small (I mean you saw the comparisons), most of these (if not all) flaws won’t be visible unless you scrutinize her. I’m more than willing to overlook them, as I never expected a figure of that size to be perfect (or any really). Besides I managed to hold onto the warm and fuzzy feeling from the beginning (meaning I’m almost completely sold on this one regardless of the criticism). :3

That's it for this review! Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it! ^^
Well, I can't help it if you didn't after all unless you give constructive criticism.
Speaking of criticism, I'd be really happy about that. :3
Ofc, as usual, any thoughts on the figures are very welcome too! ^^
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broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Maakie (1 kuukautta sitten) #47075268The box is adorable! :O But the figure has a lot more defects than I expected. Maybe Koto overestimated themselves with the scale, as they mostly don't seem to go for such small sizes.
Anyway, thanks for the review! :)
I love it as well and once I know where to store the blister I'll probably display Kino in it (makes dedusting way easier too). x3
Well, it's certainly not great, but then again Koto is not a top-tier manufacturer most of the time either and this was still within my expectations (I was actually surprised that Hermes is basically flawless). ^^"
1 kuukautta sitten
The box is adorable! :O But the figure has a lot more defects than I expected. Maybe Koto overestimated themselves with the scale, as they mostly don't seem to go for such small sizes.

Anyway, thanks for the review! :)
1 kuukautta sitten
CaptainZ (2 kuukautta sitten) #43905348broken-Toybox (2 kuukautta sitten) #43898547
I don't think 6 years is enough to justify the downright insane prices Koto has been asking for their products lately
Plus we have got a ton of figures that have 1/8 vehicles lately, that offer a better bang for buck than this Kino
ITEM #15689 ITEM #445542 ITEM #520674 ITEM #675890
Koto is just being koto once again and being too cash grabby which is sad since Kino IMO deserves better

There's no way Makoto will cost under 30K after shipping. Same for Saber. Kino cost me 15K including shipping, which is pretty reasonable given the presentation/accessories. The only real downside with this figure for me is the spotty QC. It's really only an issue when you look at it up close, but when it's displayed it's hardly an issue.

As for Koto's prices, I think they're normally below the average for standard figures. They might be pretty simple figures, but their Yukari and Ougi figures are excellent and modestly priced. GSC and Alter are the ones who've really increased their pricing these days.
2 kuukautta sitten
broken-Toybox (2 kuukautta sitten) #43898547
I don't think 6 years is enough to justify the downright insane prices Koto has been asking for their products lately
Plus we have got a ton of figures that have 1/8 vehicles lately, that offer a better bang for buck than this Kino
ITEM #15689 ITEM #445542 ITEM #520674 ITEM #675890
Koto is just being koto once again and being too cash grabby which is sad since Kino IMO deserves better
2 kuukautta sitten
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Cantisama (2 kuukautta sitten) #43902570snipAwww, thank you, this looks really cute, maybe slightly on the grumpy side of neutral, but that has it's own charm as well. :3
2 kuukautta sitten
I modified one of your pics to show the kind of mouth I would have preferred:

The little o-shaped they went with is ok though.
2 kuukautta sitten
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
Cantisama (2 kuukautta sitten) #43899241snipI think so too.:3
The one from the picture sure looks better, yet I always had a thing for those little o-shaped mouths as well. I'm also not sure how that example would've turned out as I personally think the smiling face looks somewhat weird and I wouldn't want to have that on a standard face.^^"
I loved that reference too and it shows some real dedication to the figure. :3
2 kuukautta sitten
Hermes turned out great! The box is impressive too. I'm not much of a fan of how they did Kino's mouth though. I'm fine with an expressionless face since it suits her, but I wish her mouth looked more like:

I had to go back and check where the red flowers were from. That was a good reference to include in the base ^^
2 kuukautta sitten
broken-Toybox lump of laziness
victorviper (2 kuukautta sitten) #43892574Thanks for this review.
This appears to be a really well made figure, and the detail on Hermes is great. I passed on it, however, because of the 1/10 scale. Maybe a larger scale would have put the figure at too high of a price point and, but it would have been cool to see this one in a slightly larger scale!
A larger scale would've been nice as well and would've probably served well to avoid some of the errors. I would've shelled out more money then as well. Yet I don't mind it being 1/10 all that much either (Alter's Shimarin will be too and I plan to display them together).

CaptainZ (2 kuukautta sitten) #43897835I want to like this but how the actual fuck that this figure be more expensive than ITEM #78585 ?Maybe because it was developed recently instead of just being a recycled sculpt and concept from 6 years ago? :O
Don't get me wrong, I own that Saber and love it, but prices have been climbing in recent years, that's just how it is. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

FlyingToNowhere (2 kuukautta sitten) #43898085I had to pass on this Kino because I didn't really end up liking the remake, but if I had, I'd definitely pick this up. Shame about all the paint errors, but it's lovely overall, and that box is A+.Maybe I'm getting soft nowadays since I don't watch too many anime anymore, but I quite liked the remake (I still prefer the old version though). I get passing on her if that's how you feel about it, I myself have no regrets though. :3
2 kuukautta sitten
I had to pass on this Kino because I didn't really end up liking the remake, but if I had, I'd definitely pick this up. Shame about all the paint errors, but it's lovely overall, and that box is A+.
2 kuukautta sitten
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