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How to Go About OrganizingHow to Go About Organizing

segasonicsegasonic3 päivää sittenAsk MFC
Ever since we moved into our new home during fall, I've been wanting to be able to present the figures and other goods that I have, especially considering that I now had my own room. I've seen countless setups and displays, all of which have looked amazing and had me wishing that I could be able to display my figures, plushies, and games in a similar fashion.

However, my room is fairly small, and we don't really have [big] bookshelves nor display cases for our rooms, so I had to make do with what was available. Pictured below is how my room looks (I'm putting them under Spoilers for convenience sake; I personally can't stand posts looking cluttered):

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Sorry about the messy bed! I had just gotten home from classes when I had taken these yesterday. Hopefully the quality of the pictures aren't too bad, considering I had to take these with my phone.




As for all the figures and goods, I put most of them into the cubby holes on the shelf that I put my TV and Switch on. The only things I couldn't fit were any big or jumbo-sized plushies I had, as well as a calico plushie and toy robot I had, which is why I put those two on my dresser. If you want a better look:

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://66.media.tumblr.com/fb306a82dca1e0024498d6d0875f39c9/tumblr_pmtnc8CaCX1wrng2e_540.jpg



We do plan (or at least hope) that we're able to get bookshelves, maybe sometime in the spring, though I have no idea how I'd fit it into my room (without at least having to move some furniture around, maybe).

I don't have a lot at the moment, but I hope to be able to collect more over time.

I'm even in the process of trying to get a Sonic diorama from First 4 Figures at the time of me writing this; fingers crossed that it goes well!

With that said, here comes my question: do you guys have any tips/advice about what can be done to make my display(s) look more organized, cooler, etc.? I have no idea how to go about it, especially considering that my room is as small as it is.
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PanchitoMatte (2 päivää sitten) #51324516
This is too sweet! Thank you so much! I’ve definitely been considering doing an update article of sorts once I get the furniture I’d like in and once my figure collection has grown. I’ll probably end up doing that sometime in the future!
2 päivää sitten
Slightly off topic, but... Your room is very pretty — everything from the corner door to the skirt around your bed. I especially like the white dresser (which is the same classic design as mine) and how you have it slightly offset in the corner over there. It's all just very aesthetically pleasing. It would be cool if you would update us with another blog when you've finally organized/decorated it to your liking!
2 päivää sitten
OtoriKohaku (2 päivää sitten) #51243907
I definitely feel like a lot could be added to the walls. Thanks for the advice!
2 päivää sitten
I'd definitely look into getting some floating shelves! While your room seems to lack in square footage, it makes up for with some wall space. I can see fitting three, maybe even 4 floating shelves throughout the room. Good luck with your collection! Looking forward to seeing how it'll grow in the future!
2 päivää sitten
Wario54 (3 päivää sitten) #51242113
Thank you so much! I love collecting plushies and other stuffed animals a whole bunch; I’m hoping I can make my figure collection as big as my plushies one. I think I’m set on getting wall shelves whenever I can, though I’ll just need to figure out where to put them.

It’s always nice to meet other Sonic fans! It’s my first time buying something made by F4F (although I’m not buying directly from them; I’m bidding on the diorama elsewhere), so I’m super excited about it. I hope my Sonic merch collection grows more over time!
3 päivää sitten
Just want to say you have a really cute room, I love all your plushies! You definitely have a lot of wall space to work with if you get some floating shelves. Also nice to see another Sonic fan, cute Sonic display and good luck on the diorama! I've always wanted one myself, they look amazing.
3 päivää sitten
lesser-robot-cat (3 päivää sitten) #51233983
This is cool! I kind of do something like that already; I put a lot of cords and other things I don’t like having out in the drawer that’s on my desk. Since I don’t have the room for it right now, I’ve also put the boxes of some of my figures in my closet.

All of this is really cool! I definitely keep these things in mind as I’m collecting more. Thank you so much!

mintea (3 päivää sitten) #51234056
This would be extremely handy; I’ve collected a lot of plushies over the years (though I’ve had to store them since there’s no room for them at the moment) so I think a toy hammock would be good! Thank you!
3 päivää sitten
Maybe get a toy hammock or something for the dolls. Theyre like 5 USD from a target or similar stores
3 päivää sitten
My favorite organizing/display trick is to hide things!

Stuff boxes full of the ugly stuff - charging cords, camera gear, printer, etc. Put them on the bottom of the bookshelves and drape a curtain (or wallscroll) to hide it. Then use the top shelves to display pretty things.

If the shelves are deep, you can put all your un-pretty things into shoeboxes and shove them to the back of the shelves. Drape a white cloth over them and display your favorite books and figurines in front of them. It will look like a narrow bookshelf built to display figures, but you'll have all that storage space hidden in plain sight!

You can buy risers for your bed - they bump your bed up a few inches, giving you more storage space under there. That's a good spot for shoes, holiday decorations, and in our hobby, empty boxes. ;3 If you've got a single bed, the extra height lets you buy queen-size duvets, so if you ever decide to bump up to a queen size bed, you won't have to change your decor.
3 päivää sitten
Jenthehen (3 päivää sitten) #51225008
I'll keep that in mind! Thank you so much!

ChibiSaturn (3 päivää sitten) #51225695segasonic (3 päivää sitten) #51220858

They should be! And that's great to hear! The sword he holds with the back hand has a hard time fitting in the cubby due to it's height, so hopefully a bookshelf can allow for the figure itself to fit in nice and comfortably.

Regarding the messy cables, for anyone who cares, I think I have good news!

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://66.media.tumblr.com/b8c70a5b85e0c7fb45cf864d5ec3e6ea/tumblr_pmu4a6CbWy1wrng2e_540.jpg

It's not perfect, but at least it's not quite as cluttered as it was originally. I had to shift everything to the right and moved my controller to the first cubby where I put my joycon accessories, games, and Kirby plush at. Hopefully it looks a lot better now!
3 päivää sitten
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