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Hi there! It's been a while since I last updated here.

New year means new stuff coming in!

Also, loads of (blurry) pictures incoming!! You have been warned!


First up, Shirou nitotan strap (ITEM #690537) came home!! I bought him from yuu12riku's group order last year! Thanks for hosting!


Next up is my usual trip to the local otaku store just to roll the 3rd part of Fate HF kuji!!

I got Rin (ITEM #780687) and Archer (ITEM #780682) rubber straps and Sakura cloth poster! Not bad tho, but I didn't need Archer and Sakura (ITEM #750303) in my collection so now it's still unopened and waiting to be sold to local Fate fans. I just need Shirou left huhu.


Also bought a ShiRin visual postcard from the otaku shop's seller bcos she was selling some leftovers since she bought a box and only collect Rin or Lancer stuff.


Sorry for the bad lighting btw! My phone camera is so crappy but the postcard is right in the middle of the otp shrine uwu


Treat yourself time!! I bought some P3D/P5D blind pack badges and luckily I got Yusuke (ITEM #705752) and Fuuka (ITEM #705766)! Now if I can get P3MC and Futaba, then I got both of my P3/P5 otp!!


sorry for the blurry pic orz

Next one's a big haul bcos this is my first time spending $100+ on weeb merch and I don't think I wanna do this again lmao.

Futaba nendo (ITEM #675865) came home!! And also, Fate HF es series straps (ENTRY #160960)!!


I noticed that the newer nendo's boxes are smaller.


She's now standing next to my Rin!!


Meanwhile, I bought the straps just so I can get Shirou (ITEM #748882) and Rin (ITEM #748878). Sakura was for a friend of mine, while the rest will be sold to local fate fans (not sure if there's anyone who's into Kirei here bcos most people here are usually into FGO TwT).


Next was this Shirou pitanui plushie (ITEM #729687), which just arrived this Tuesday. HE'S SO CUTE I LOVE HIM AAAAAAAAAA


Here's some pics with the Rin nendo, under the cut.

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/02/15/2153904.jpeg
"Y-you moron, why do you have to be so big?"


She ended up loving it. Just imagine that I have a Shirou nendo and he's giving this huge-ass plushie to her.

Shirou with Makoto!!

Lastly was these sets of Rin/Ishtar rubber straps from monkry. They arrived last week alongside with Shirou plushie but I was only able to get them on Wednesday bcos the Shirou plushie was sent to EMS. Also, bless the local EMS for delivering the goods quickly uwu

Rin kuji strap (ITEM #681315)
Rin nitotan strap (ITEM #690535)
Ishtar kuji strap (ITEM #755295)

Since I don't keep doubles, I'm planning to give the Rin kuji strap to a friend of mine.


And since yesterday was Valentine's (tho I don't celebrate it), I took my time to go out and buy chocolates (well, white chocolates tbe) for my boys.


Oh, I made Futaba sit down on top of my Pokemon manga collection so now she's acting as the resident hacker now.


And I managed to snag some more Fate HF visual postcards from the local otaku shop's seller bcos she knows I love Shirou and since she gave me a discount, I decided to snag both of them.

And now my ShiRin shrine is almost full lol.


I was gonna pay for my Rin apron this month but then I'm flat broke atm so I had to postpone my payment till my next allowance was paid by the end of the month. Also, I'm planning to take a short break on buying weeb merch online next month, so that I can focus on buying more important stuff like a shelf or repairing my laptop battery bcos I'm in my final semester right now so yeah.

Anyway, thanks for reading!! I hope you enjoy my article!!
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