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April loot---It's over 500!April loot---It's over 500!

victorvipervictorviper10 päivää sittenLoot
April's loot is a very diverse one. We've got some figures, a couple of artbooks, some rare apparel items, and even an old game for one of my favorite classic game systems.

This loot also contains a milestone item - figure #500 in my collection. As it happens, that particular figure has some NSFW features, so be advised of that...

This month's loot arrived in three waves.

Wave 1: (Assorted items from various sellers)

First up is an artbook that had been on my wishlist, ITEM #99195. I've been on a little bit of an iDOLM@STER kick lately, and so when I found this book compiling some illustrations from Megami magazine, I decided to grab it.


The book is only 48 pages, and so I was surprised to see a spine about an inch thick! The reason is that the book is bundled with a box containing...something.


The something is a gigantic B1 size (70.7 x 100 cm/27.8 x 39.4 in) poster with the cover illustration. I'm debating whether to leave it in the box or if I'll try to display it. Since the poster comes folded, displaying it would probably necessitate somehow trying to remove all the creases (could it be ironed I wonder?).

The book was a good purchase, as it has a number of really cute artworks.

Cheerleaders :). This is my new desktop wallpaper!


If they made a set of figures with Yayoi, Haruka, Miki, and Makoto in the cheerleader outfits, I'd so buy them!

These two are always cute together :).


You often see Yayoi and Iori shipped together, but you don't often see a Miki/Iori pairing, so this is kind of an interesting illustration.


I was motivated to track down this artbook after I started working on a review BLOG #42677 of this ITEM #98895 Miki figure . It made me realize how much I liked that figure as well as the source illustration, and I knew this book contained the original illustration.


The PSP has always been one of my favorite game systems, and so I'm always on the lookout for games to add to my PSP collection, thereby keeping the system alive (at least for me). Since I've been on an iDOLM@STER kick, I decided to pick up Shiny Festa-Groovy Tune ITEM #121904 for the PSP.


Shiny Festa is a rhythm game, and three different versions of this game were released for the PSP - this one (Groovy Tune) along with Honey Sound and Funky Note. Each game features songs from a subset of the original iDOLs (this one features Miki, Takane, Makoto, and Yukiho) as well as a handful of group numbers with the entire cast including Ready!! and Change!!!!, two of the opening songs from the iDOLM@STER anime.


It's definitely a fun game, and so I might have to track down its two sister games as well. There's a little more text in the game than I expected (and no English options of any kind), so I always have my phone with Google Translate nearby when playing!

Next up is a CD ITEM #825840 from one of my favorite fluffy anime series, Nurse Witch Komugi ENTRY #136.


The cover art is so cute!

This CD set has two discs containing most of the music from the first set of Komugi OVA's, including the opening and closing themes, and most of the character songs from episode 2.5, the series' "music video" episode (Reverse, I Hate You So Much). The second disc also contains a number of spoken monologues of Komugi being Komugi (talking about her idol career, professing her love for Kyousuke Date, etc.).

One thing I miss about CDs is the insert booklets. The insert booklets have quite a bit of character art and even Komugi's resume!


About a month ago, MFC friend Maakie and I were talking about the possibility of doing a "two-player" figure review, but surprisingly our collections didn't have that many common figures. I just happened to be making the rounds of Amazon and some US shops, and I found Kotobukiya's Mai Tokiha ITEM #1237 new at a very good price (less than $30). Back in the day, I liked Mai-Hime/Otome and my collection was lacking any scaled figures from those franchises and when I found that Maakie also owned this figure, it became the perfect choice for that two-player review.


I won't talk about Mai too much here, but please check out that two-player review BLOG #42448 if you'd like to see more about her.


Wave 2: (Native's online shop)

I mentioned that this loot contains a milestone figure for my collection - figure number 500. As it happened, #500 ended up being a fairly epic figure, Rocket Boy's "Sun Kissed" variant ITEM #740315 of their very popular Dva figure.


I really like the simple gloss black packaging!

I was on the fence about ordering the original Dva ITEM #549551 and I waffled about, eventually letting the preorder deadline come and go. I eventually regretted that decision, as that figure proved to be enormously popular and she soon started fetching prices of two or three times original retail through the secondhand channels. Thus, when the recolor was announced, I wasted no time in preordering her!


Dva turned out to be quite a great figure, and if you want to read more please check out my (18+) review of her BLOG #42462.

Wave 3: (AmiAmi)

Next, we've got the monthly AmiAmi box. You can see we've got some figures and a couple of folded-up items. There was also a book in there I forgot to include when I was assembling that loot pile.


AmiAmi's April postcard features Amico enjoying the spring cherry blossoms.


One day, I was scanning through AmiAmi's vast preowned section, and it was apparent that someone must have sold off their entire collection of Yotsuba&! ENTRY #125 items, as there were several big blocks of old goods from that series. The first item that caught my eye was this "Find Yostuba" artbook ITEM #171178.


This book compiles a number of artworks that were used in Yotsuba calendars between 2006 and 2012; the common theme is a drawing of Yotsuba integrated into a still photograph.

Yotsuba's tagline is "enjoy everything", and the main appeal of the manga is that it reminds the reader what it was like to see the world with the wonder of a young child, finding joy and adventure in the mundane. The artworks in this book do a great job with that theme, as the photos are quite beautiful on their own and Yotsuba is cleverly inserted into each of them! For instance, in the photo below, you could almost believe that Yotsuba was actually standing there when that photo was taken!


This particular photo immediately brings to mind the cover illustration of the very first volume of the Yotsuba manga ITEM #69622. The manga began in 2003 (has it really been 16 years? I remember buying that just the other day!) and this photo was made in 2011, so you can see how the character designs had evolved during that time.


I can't quite decide what is going on here. Is Yotsuba tired or did someone make her cry? Poor Yotsuba!


For 900 yen, this book was a great find! If you're a Yotsuba fan or even just a photography hobbyist, it might be well worth tracking down a copy.

I mentioned that it looked like someone had dumped their entire Yotsuba collection, and so AmiAmi also had a number of t-shirts and other character goods from the series. I'm always looking to build my t-shirt collection, so the next item to catch my eye was this shirt ITEM #831315 dating back to 2013.


I was a little wary of buying a preowned apparel item, but the shirt was brand new in its original packaging. The cat text is also funny and cute!


It's fun to wear anime shirts out and about just to see that occasional kindred spirit who knows the source material, and so the next time I have to go to the store on a rainy day, I'll probably wear this shirt!

Like I said, apparently someone dumped their entire Yotsuba&! collection, and a second shirt ITEM #841099 also caught my eye. Anime shirts can skew a little tacky and gaudy, so the simplicity of this one was appealing to me!


I like how Danboard ENTRY #2704 is peeking out of the pocket.


Now, to the figure portion of the AmiAmi loot. First up is the newest figure in a line which I'm really starting to like, Union Creative's "Darkness" Tearju Lunatique ITEM #781911.


I like the Darkness outfit, and Tearju hits a lot of my moe points with her blonde hair, glasses, and green eyes.


Union Creative's Darkness Mikan ITEM #676193 got me into this figure line, and I hope they keep it going; signs point that way since they've teased a Darkness Lala ITEM #806302 as well as Ryouko-sensei ITEM #806304. It's kind of interesting that UC is releasing some of the secondary characters from the show (Tearju, Ryouko) before (inevitably?...I hope) doing figures of some of the more popular characters like Momo and Haruna.

Next up is a couple of figures from one of my favorite anime comedies, ITEM #1720 and ITEM #3228 from Ichigo Mashimaro ENTRY #430.


These figures depict Matsuri and Ana in potential jobs. Matsuri ENTRY #3496 is a very kind and gentle girl, and so presumably she would make a good veterinarian. The dog is Satake, the pet of Chika and Nobue Ito.


I like Ichigo Mashimaro because of its dry character-centered humor, and if you know the show, you recognize the humor in Ana ENTRY #3495 being an English teacher. Ana was born in England, so her classmates assume that she's very fluent in English but that her Japanese skills are limited, when in fact just the opposite is true!


Miu ENTRY #3498 making an appearance in the textbook is also pretty funny.


There weren't a lot of Ichigo Mashimaro figures made, presumably because the very round character designs don't lend themselves to 3D. However, these figures are cute and subtly funny, so I'll have to keep an eye out for Miu ITEM #6959 to complete the set.

Next up is a figure of my favorite Vocaloid in IMO her best module, FREEing's Future Style Rin Kagamine ITEM #604575. These two factors made this figure an instant pre-order!

The box is very shiny, much like Rin herself.


This is not a perfect figure, but I do like Rin best when she's given a more mature look. I'll start working on a review of this figure soon, so please check it out when it gets written :).


The final item in this loot is a Hatsune Miku prize figure which has garnered quite a bit of attention, Taito's ITEM #756832.


All the pastel colors and the bunny theme make for an outrageously cute figure! This one is also in the review queue, so I guess I'd better get busy...


So, that's it for April's loot, and as always...

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Allysa_3462 (8 päivää sitten) #59372176Great loot post, I'm so jealous! Also! Great to see Rin's figure, she's also my favorite vocaloid and I've been wanting to preorder it but unfortunately it sold out before I could :(

I'll be interested to see what happens to the price of the FREEing Rin, as it looks like overall opinions are kind of mixed about that figure.

I would have liked that figure to be 1/7 scale to match up with Max Factory's Tony Taka Rin ITEM #149559. She also has some quirks in finish (her hair might be a little bit too orange and something about her face is not quite right). She's still a very good figure, and I love the Future Style module, but my gut feeling is that she might see a price drop. However, I've been wrong before...
8 päivää sitten
Heavenly_Otaku (8 päivää sitten) #59362863Thanks for the read about your loot. Tearju, I like to an extent.

Tearju really came out nice. Union Creative can of course be very inconsistent but they did a good job with Darkness Mikan, and based on my first look at Tearju, she might be a little bit better.

I think that Tearju will be next in my review queue, simply because she hits so many of my moe points :).
8 päivää sitten
Great loot post, I'm so jealous! Also! Great to see Rin's figure, she's also my favorite vocaloid and I've been wanting to preorder it but unfortunately it sold out before I could :(
8 päivää sitten
Thanks for the read about your loot. Tearju, I like to an extent.
8 päivää sitten
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