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Non-anime/video game Nendoroids WishNon-anime/video game Nendoroids Wish

floatingcloud1floatingcloud128 päivää sittenAsk MFC
Hello MFC, I mostly collect nendoroids from anime/videogames so as a newer collector I was very happy to find that there are a few nendoroids from some Western franchises such as the Harry Potter characters, Marvel and DC characters, and even Disney Princesses.

So my question is: Are there any non Japanese anime/videogames characters/franchises that any of you wish to become a nendoroid?

Mines would be Frodo,Gandalf and Legolas from Lord of the Rings, characters from the Walking Dead,Game of Thrones and Bob's Burgers just to name a few.
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Oh wow, I don't even know where to start, there are so many of them >_< I know most of these have zero chance to be made into nendos, but one can dream XD

Video Games:

- Revolver Ocelot ( Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain version )
- Prince ( Prince of Persia Sands of Time )
- Dante ( Devil May Cry )
- Kratos ( Classic God of War version )
- Leon S. Kennedy ( Resident Evil 4 )
- William and Nekomata ( NIOH )
- Doomslayer ( DOOM )
- Yasha ( Asura's Wrath )
- Hwoarang and Lars Alexandersson ( Tekken )
- Iori Yagami, Terry Bogard ( King of Fighters )
- Jacob Frye ( Assassin's Creed Syndicate )
- Kazuma Kiryu ( Yakuza )
- Travis Touchdown ( No More Heroes )
- Gabriel Belmont ( Castlevania Lords of Shadow )
- Malzahar, Sylas, Swain, Vel'koz, Yuumi ( League of Legends )


- Rocket Raccoon, Star-Lord, Adam Warlock ( Guardians of the Galaxy )
- Gambit, Quicksilver ( X-Men )
- Lightning Lad ( Legion of Super Heroes )
- Boromir ( Lord of the Rings )
- Ned Stark, Jon Snow, The Hound, Jaime Lannister ( Game of Thrones )
- Mad Sweeney ( American Gods )
- Starscream ( Transformers )
25 päivää sitten
pomfie moeshit
this is REALLY unlikely but some adult swim nendoroids would be cool. i think the athf squad would translate well into nendoroids and since the venture bros is like my favorite show ever of all time i would DIE if that got any nendos. hhhhhh dr girlfriend would be so cute!!!
besides that uuuhhh maybe rick deckard?? theres a suicide squad joker one so the skys the limit
27 päivää sitten
Supernatural, Sam and Dean Winchester. I am okay with getting a Nendoroid of them but would be great if Mafex or someone else do a 6 inch or 1/12 of them.
27 päivää sitten
As said earlier, we clearly lack some Avatar and Legend of Korra nendoroids (and scales). A Korra's nendo rerelease would be great too...
27 päivää sitten
Western animated series:
-Avatar: The Last Airbender (Aang with Momo, Katara, Toph, Sokka, Zuko)
-Avatar: The Legend of Korra (Asami)
-Adventure Time (Finn with BMO, Jake, Marceline, PB)
-Gravity Falls (Mabel with Waddles)
-Steven Universe (Steven, Connie)
-Justice League Unlimited (Hawkgirl, John Stewart)

Video game series:
-Banjo Kazooie (Banjo with Kazooie)
-Metroid (Samus)
-Mario (Peach)
-Mario accessory pack for existing Mario Nendo (Sunshine FLUDD, SMW Cape, SM64 wing cap, SMB3 tail, SMB3 boot, Odyssey cappy wear and throw)
-Mario outfit pack for existing Mario Nendo (Doctor, Fire, Tanooki, Frog)
-Kirby accessory pack for existing Kirby Nendos (too many abilities to list)
-Castlevania (SotN Alucard, AoS/DoS Soma)
-Spinter Cell (Sam Fisher)
27 päivää sitten
Honestly high up on my list would be more Star Wars. As of current we’re missing Chewie, C-3PO, R2-D2 (if they can do BB-8 they can do R2), old man Obi-Wan, Poe and Finn. These are just the main characters we’re missing. After that I would love more minor characters and of course Prequel Nendoroids.
27 päivää sitten
- Pettson & Findus, I'd buy a figure of this specific scene in a heartbeat.
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://images.photowall.com/products/54651/pettson-och-findus-pannkakslunch-i-tradgarden.jpg

- The cover for Hard Candy with Hayley standing in the bear trap
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/5/53/HardCandy_movieposter.jpg/220px-HardCandy_movieposter.jpg

- Just, anything with Audrey II. I know there is a Funko Pop, but imagine a full scale figure of something like this:
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://www.discshop.se/img/front_large/34106/little_shop_of_horrors_1986_import.jpg

Other than that I would love to see stuff from Steven Universe, Over the Garden wall, Avatar, Korra, Adventure Time etc.
28 päivää sitten
With the recent popularity of the Bohemian Rhapsody film, a set of Queen Nendos would be awesome.
28 päivää sitten
I want Xena Warrior Princess and Gabrielle, so much so that I commissioned my friend Emily (TAIIGA) to draw them for me! I dream of the day GSC announce these! lol
28 päivää sitten
I'd like more Avatar figures, not necessarily nendoroids but maybe scales too? I could see Kotobukiya pick it up if they could get the license. One of my favourite characters of all time is Zuko but I barely have any merch of him :(
28 päivää sitten
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