WonFes Loot and Anime Shopping in Kyoto and NagoyaWonFes Loot and Anime Shopping in Kyoto and NagoyaLoot

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WonFes Loot

I did not end up buying many items at WonFes, so even though I budgeted a fair amount of money I ended up spending only a fraction of it.

I was pretty much able to get all of the 1/72 scale models I wanted, outside of the Daihatsu landing craft made by Seventh Moon - and that was only because he didn't bring any to the show.

1/72 and 1/76 models

Pictures of some of these models from the show:
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Petit figures and a small scale tombstone (commemorating your lost college credits)
Pictures of some of these models from the show:
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I missed out on several petit-style GKs that I wanted because they sold out by the time I got to the tables.

I spent too much time taking photos, and fell into the trap of thinking that what interested me was actually popular with others. I ended up prioritizing 1/72 scale models (not actually popular at all) over petit figures (very popular).

Some of the sold out figures that I wanted
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☆☆☆ For more about my trip to Wonfes you can take a look at my blog ☆☆☆

Shopping in Kyoto and Nagoya

The last time I visited Nagoya and Kyoto I had a more limited schedule, so I was unable to really look into the anime merchandise shopping scene in these cities.

This time I was able to spend a little more time and post about what I found there:

Kyoto Anime Shopping
Nagoya Anime Shopping
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