Nendoroid Arthur Pendragon - White Rose ver!Nendoroid Arthur Pendragon - White Rose ver!Review

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Hello again, MFC! Continuing on with the weekend's reviews, today we're taking a look at yet another nendoroid!

Today we'll be looking at
Nendoroid Arthur Pendragon (Prototype) - Costume Dress: White Rose Ver.
by Orange Rouge!

ITEM #795778


What a little gentleman!!!

It's a bit of a mouthful of a name, too! This special version of Arthur was an exclusive item from Winter Wonfes this year, and is based on his White Day outfit from the game. Normally I don't bother with Wonfes exclusives, much less buy two nendoroids of the same character--but for reasons I'll be detailing below, this one was so cute it ended up forcing my hand, haha!

However... getting White Rose Arthur in the mail was a bit bittersweet at first. The preorders opened up just before the servant himself was added to North American FGO, and I had saved up around 600 quartz in the hopes of rolling him. Unlike with Merlin, this time I wasn't so lucky...... I spent all 600 of those quartz and rolled one single 5* servant, who was not Arthur (it was Karna). I just about quit fate after that haha.... every gacha game needs to implement granblue's spark system asap. Luckily, most of that was free quartz, I didn't pay for any rolls or anything, but still.

So, after getting burned pretty hard by the game itself, I almost regretted preordering not one, but two arthur figures coming out this year... (the other is ITEM #604483, who is gorgeous, but who will also probably make me feel pretty bittersweet when he arrives haha...) However, I ended up being glad that I got this nendoroid: through reviewing him, I was able to feel a little better about the whole thing, haha!

Anyway, let's set the gacha salt aside and get to what you're all here for, which is a review!

Here's how he looks from the side! The pearl paint on his coat is just fantastic.


A few pics from behind! The sculpt of his hair is about identical to the regular version (ITEM #603991), but the colors are actually a little bit warmer!

(The sort of green shade on his hair is a quirk from my camera; I had to color-correct a bunch of these shots to reduce the green from the walls)

From the other side! Mine had a few extra plastic imperfections on the hair, but I don't think they showed up on camera at all.

Closeup on the details of his suit!! As usual, Orange Rouge went the extra mile to reproduce the design faithfully. The painted buttons and gold accents all look great, and if you look closely you can even tell that his shirt has stripes!

Another closeup on his outfit! (his pants are actually the same pearl white as the coat, but the shadow makes them look darker, rip). I'd never noticed the blue buttons on his pockets before.

Even his little dress shoes have been sculpted in detail!! Toe to tip, this Arthur is ready for a formal night out!

He even has little blue cufflinks!!

Here's everything he came with! (Including a cameo from my cat, who insisted on supervising the review and would not budge)

For a Wonfes exclusive, he came with a pretty robust set of parts: two extra faceplates, a number of arms, a bent leg, flowers, a summon ticket, and his very own Excalibur.

Let's try out some of these parts!!

First up, recreating the standard pose using one of the bent arms and Exaclibur! I actually like this pose a lot; it's so elegant!

I also really like how delicate his fingers look.... Nendo hands are so small, but they can convey quite a bit!

Next up, a battle pose using the bent leg! While I found myself wanting a left bent arm as well, I was able to create a pretty good pose with just the included parts. He looks like he's ready for action! I also like that he includes parts for holding Excalibur in either hand.

Borrowing the battle face from ITEM #603991, we can create an even more intense scene!

Next, trying out the winking face and the bouquet of roses! The parts fit together pretty well, but you do have to be careful not to scrape his face with the roses.

That winking face is just too cute!!

Combining the winking face with the right bent arm to get a coy, cheeky expression!! I was suprised how versatile he could be with each option part, but the extra point of articulation in his arm definitely helps!

"Oh, Master! Good work out there today! Here, take this!"

Combining the winking face with the final bent arm and summon ticket parts to create this kind of pose! This bent arm is attached to the joint of other bent right arm, hence the extra articulation.

The summon ticket fits snugly in his hand, and it's only detailed on one side. I'm impressed they were able to recreate such a tiny design in relief.

"Is this rose for me? It's lovely... thank you."

Trying out the surprised blushing face and the white rose parts! I can just hear Sakurai's awestruck voice now...!!

To be perfectly honest... This expression alone sold me the nendoroid, haha! Again, I'm not usually the kind of person who goes for Wonfes exclusives, and neither am I someone who buys more than one nendo of the same character. But.... I absolutely needed that blushing face!!!!! I have a HUGE weakness for blushing boys, and this expression was just too cute to pass up. The way you can just barely see his teeth...!!! The cuteness is off the charts!!

Couldn't pass up the opportunity to put the two versions side by side, haha! With the two of them together you can see that the colors on the White Rose version's hair are a little bit lighter and warmer. His eyes are also a little brighter, giving him a slightly younger appearance.

Face swapping has never been easier!! I'm looking forward to using all 6 expressions between them as needed. (Though I did have a tougher time getting the new expressions to fit on the older nendoroid).


Trying out the other new expressions on the older nendoroid! I really am glad I have both of them now, haha... the possibilities are practically endless!

That blushy face.... it's just too good.... For some reason it looks even better with the armor!

"Master, please stand back. I won't allow anyone to interrupt our date!"

Trying out ITEM #166487's ChanxCo face, which gets perennial use in this house! I almost want to display him with this face, but Nero's using it right now, haha...

Trying out another item from Nero: the red rose! Unfortunately her hand peg was so small it fell out easily, but I was at least able to balance it for this shot.

One of the other benefits of this suit is... it can easily be used with other nendoroids!! Merlin looks really good in it too...

Usually this is the part where I have some skits to introduce the new nendo to some of my old ones, but since all of them have now met Arthur already, that wouldn't make sense... so, I decided to do something a little different this time!!

Merlin: Ah, my liege, is that a new suit?
Arthur, bashfully: You've a good eye, Merlin. How do I look?
Merlin: As lovely as a rose in bloom. What's the special occasion, pray tell?
Arthur: Oh, nothing in particular--but it's always in a king's best interest to be prepared for anything.
Merlin: Fufu, wise words indeed.

Romani: Ah, excellent, looks like that suit you wanted me to order fits perfectly. I was so worried it'd get here and be the wrong size...
Arthur: Mm, there weren't any problems. I appreciate your help, Dr. Roman.
Merlin: Oh? Oh? What's this? Romani Archaman, ordering formalwear for the Servants? Don't tell me you do have a special occasion in mind?
Romani: No, I'm just better acquainted with the internet--
Merlin: I wouldn't mind seeing YOU in a nice suit like that, Roman-kun. Ah, but I suppose it would look even nicer on your bedroom fl--
Romani: And you're done!!! You're done. Scram.
Arthur: Oh, um, perhaps I should go too--!

Nitocris: Oh my! King Pendragon, that suit--is that new?
Arthur: It is indeed.
Nitocris: Ooh, it shines like mother of pearl! A luxurious fabric befitting a king! It looks tough to move around in, though...
Arthur: It is, a little, but it's not so bad. Actually--would you like to try it on?
Nitocris: Me?? I don't want to tear it...
Arthur: Don't worry, it looks like it might fit you. Here--let me go get changed.

Nitocris: Um... did I put it on correctly? I needed Medjed to help me figure it out...
Arthur: You look stunning, pharaoh. That pearly white is a very flattering color on you.
Nitocris: Wow, really?? Thank you!! Ahem, I mean: I much appreciate your kind words, King Pendragon. This attire is very warm though. I'm going to give it back to you now.
Arthur: Alright then. Perhaps you should have Dr. Roman order some formalwear for you as well. It never hurts to be prepared, after all.
Nitocris: You know what? I shall! Thank you for the suggestion!

In another part of Chaldea, one Romani Archaman emits a sneeze, dropping his wallet on the floor.

I was surprised that Nito looked so good in the suit (Nitocris: White Rabbit ver???). I almost want to get a Nendoroid More wedding suit for her to wear, haha!

That just about does it for skits!! I have more fate figures I could have played with, but I've already gone on long enough as it is, haha

Here's where I'll be displaying him! Right on my Fate shelf, which doesn't quite have all the figures I want to display on it yet (but because my cat's been using my desk as a shortcut to the high window, I'm wary of displaying too many figures on it, haha!). It's a little weird to have two of the same nendo together, but it definitely makes for a cute shelf!

And now, on to the number scores!

Sculpting: Sculpting gets a 10! The head sculpt was pretty much identical to the previous version, and the outfit and accessories are all sculpted well. Small details such as buttons and seams are reproduced faithfully.
Painting: Painting gets a 10 as well! The pearl paint looks absolutely fantastic, and I'm impressed as always with the detail work. I also like the subtle differences in color for the hair and eyes that set this version apart from the standard version.
Posing: Posing gets a 10 also; for the most part I had no problems posing him. He comes with I would say a pretty standard assortment of parts, but it was easy to come up with creative poses and have a little fun, too.
Accessories: Accessories gets an 8; Apart from the arm and leg parts, I found that the other accessories aren't much to write home about. I probably won't be using the items like the flowers or summon ticket very often, cute as they are. This figure's strength instead lies in his expression parts and the versatility of his extra limbs, not to mention the potential for face swapping with the original version.
Enjoyment: 10! tl;dr, I love him. He's adorable, he's versatile, and he's as much fun to pose as he is to look at. Bitter as I was about Arthur standing me up on White Day in the game, in reviewing and playing with this nendoroid I felt my broken heart begin to heal. Not having him in the game stings, but--am I really still playing FGO, anyway? (I've kinda stopped playing seriously after getting Merlin to max ascension, lmao....) White Rose Arthur helped me remember that the Fate franchise can be enjoyed any number of ways, of which the game is just one. It turns out, my favorite way to enjoy Fate is to buy and play with the figures. For now, I think that'll be enough--until next White Day, anyway. (I've already got 100 quartz in my renewed Arthur fund...)

Coming up in the world of Fate figures, provided there aren't any delays, I'm looking forward to reviewing ITEM #604483 in the fall, and ITEM #604482 in the spring... Those will both be pretty pricey figures (each will be the most expensive figure I've bought once they arrive). However, Altair is a brand I trust in terms of quality, so I'm excited to see how the finished products come out. I'm also interested in seeing how ITEM #739705 and ITEM #739690 come out, though I probably won't be buying them.

Anyway, I think that just about does it for this review! If you made it this far, thanks for reading! And I'm curious to know: How many of you have bought multiple nendos of the same character? (Whether it's two different versions, or multiples of the same one). It's something I'd never considered until now, but I'm starting to see the appeal!

My next review will hopefully be soon, as ITEM #740107 arrived Friday and is waiting to be unboxed! If you're interested, I hope you'll look forward to it!!

One Last Bonus: see the spoiler tag below for an assortment of photobombs, courtesy of my cat!
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Ughhh Arthur is so precious. I also used up everything to get him in game :') The gacha world is cruel.
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