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Hi there y'all!! Long time no posting here!!

I've been doing well this past year so far, but I'm stuck with job hunting and I'm saving up for an upcoming trip to Kuala Lumpur this end of month and some merch preorders for this month.

On another note, I'd like to ramble about one thing:


He's this guy jic you dunno: ITEM #792401

I missed his preorders back when he was announced earlier this year, and knowing that he was animate japan exclusive as well, I was frickin upset bcos I'm in no financial condition to preorder him.

I've been trying to look for him everywhere on the internet to no avail. Not even JP sites like mandarake, suruga-ya, otamart, yahoo japan helped TwT.

I saw one on amazon jp today but he was ridiculously overpriced.

US$400+ for a bean plushie? GET LOST.

My birthday is coming next month and I really, really wanted him so badly. I almost wanted to give up looking for him but I frickin love this boy so much to let this bean plushie go.

Either hopefully he shows up for a reasonably decent price or I have to ask someone to get it for me in exchange of a fullbody commission TwT.

I'd be forever grateful if you'd help this fella find it for me *CRIES AN OCEAN*.
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Are you still searching for this?

I found this listing when searching for Gil's merch in mercari JP
and remember this article... hope it's the correct one

nvm immediately sold out, not even a day since the listing is up
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Best I can suggest is check Otamart regularly.

otamart.com/sea... Here's a link directly to search Mochi Mochi MS
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xMera11 kuukautta sitten#65603479buyee.jp/item/y...
Heres one for 2,300¥

I don't think that's the one, since Surugaya says it's 110 x 205mm. Suru also says it's by SK Japan, which matches up with the MFC link. I think the one on auction is ITEM #303929 because it's based on Unlimited Blade Works (UBW).

@OP: I've only found it sold out on Mercari. Honestly, your best bet is to keep consistently stalking secondhand sites. I don't see the going rate dropping any time soon, so you'll likely have to pay a rather steep price. Sorry if I got your hopes down. Good luck with the search!
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Heres one for 2,300¥
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Edit: Oops, wrong shiro, just realized mouth is different. But there is this one on Mandarake! order.mandarake....

Edit: you can also try goods republic restocking. It is more expensive overall pricing. But I have had them successfully find stock of an item.
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