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Wonder Festival Summer 2019: Statue Reveals, Teasers, and Four License Announcements!

On July 28th, Figurama Collectors had the great honor of participating in Wonder Festival as an industry guest. This event, which is the largest of its kind worldwide, set new precedents for Figurama Collectors. We announced four new licenses simultaneously, revealed two new and improved statues, and even included some surprises along the way.

Whether you were one of the thousands who flocked to our booth to see our statues and talk with us in person, followed the exciting live updates through our social media pages, or are just now reading up on all the news, here are a collection of highlights you won’t want to miss:


Note: The support rod for Touka's kagune is for display purposes only and will not be included as part of the final production piece.

As part of our Wonder Festival celebration, we fully unveiled our highly anticipated Touka VS Tsukiyama Elite Fandom Statue in all its ghoulish glory.

This 1/6-scale masterpiece envisions the battle between Touka and Tsukiyama in the sacred solitude of the church. Setting a record as the first Figurama Collectors statue to feature a female character, its effortless aesthetics include a shattered stained-glass window that illuminates the graceful combatants in holy LED lighting.

In their first-impression review, RaddTitan described the intricate engineering and scale of the statue: “The wings on this piece are huge! Absolutely massive. They are actually quite lightweight when I picked them up, so they’ve been engineered very well in that respect. You’re not going to have to worry about sagging or drooping or leaning over time. Loads of detail and Easter Eggs on this piece.”

Collectors can expect information on the upcoming preorder to be released in the near future.



Figurama Collectors is unspeakably thrilled to announce not just one, but FOUR NEW LICENSES! These licenses are special, not just because they represent a wide variety of genres, classics, fan-favorites, and more obscure series, but because they are the next step in Figurama Collectors expanding its style by challenging ourselves with all-new artistic techniques.


Seven Deadly Sins
Made in Abyss
Thank you, Figuramians, for supporting us as we venture into undiscovered territory—new and classic series alike. Many of these licenses were selected because of your inciteful and repetitive feedback, while others were chosen because of their unique approach to artistry and genre. We can’t wait to tell you more in the near future.



The wait is over Figuramians! We are so, so proud to finally unveil the Bird of Hermes himself, Alucard of Hellsing Ultimate Elite Exclusive Statue with his revised face sculpt.

Back in 2018, we had showcased the revised sculpt in greyscale at the Massive Toy Gallery in Bangkok, Thailand, during the Tokyo Ghoul Premiere Event. Now you can enjoy your favorite vampire in all his crimson glory. Check out these shots straight from the showfloor!



As a final THANK YOU to everyone who tuned in with us throughout this fantastic day, we’re dropping the very first teaser for our most highly anticipated Kenshin VS Shishio Statue!

As apparent by this teaser, we’re taking every detail seriously. On Shishio’s face alone, you can see the grisly texture of his charred skin, contrasted with his milky eyes and the tattered bandages that wrap his tortured body. The Figurama Collectors creative team has poured their all into this statue, commemorating one of anime’s greatest masterpieces. We can’t wait to share it with you!



In one of our largest giveaway extravaganzas yet, multiple Figuramians walked home from Wonder Festival (both virtually and in person) with exclusive prizes. Congratulations to all of our incredible winners! We celebrate along with you!

We are so thrilled by the response to our biggest Guess the License contest ever—with 4 new licenses unveiled at once!

GUESS 4 CORRECTLY: Drawing for a Free Statue of Choice from the New Licenses
WINNER:Mmses Mmses

GUESS 3 CORRECTLY: Drawing for $300 credit
WINNER: Alfred Chew

GUESS 2 CORRECTLY: Drawing for $200 credit
WINNER: Mark Pappa

GUESS 1 CORRECTLY: Drawing for $100 credit
WINNER: Bastien Duplaquet

MADE 5 GUESSES: 50% off shipping
WINNER: Zylyftar Mrsni

As a special thank you to all Figuramians who came to see us at Wonder Festival, we held an on-site Touka VS Tsukiyama Elite Fandom Statue giveaway, where the odds of winning were sky-high!

Congratulations to Dave Gibson, our lucky winner!



To say that we are moved by your enthusiastic support, constructive feedback, and creative energy would be an understatement. This weekend, we felt the whole-hearted support of thousands of Figuramians from around the world, whether we interacted with you through social media or met with you in person. The overwhelming positive reception of our new license announcements, Touka VS Tsukiyama Elite Fandom Statue, and revised Alucard of Hellsing Ultimate Elite Exclusive Statue has inspired us to even greater achievements.

Thank you all, Figuramians, from the bottom of our hearts. This success we celebrate today could not have been possible without your incredible positivity and appreciation.

Keep on collecting. WE ARE THE COLLECTORS!
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Seven Deadly Sins'll be dope! Can't wait!
7 kuukautta sitten
SkaylerOtakuCat10 kuukautta sitten#66067786Damn, TOUKA VS TSUKIYAMA statue looks amazing!Thank you for the wonderful comment! It means so much to the team to hear these kinds of comments regarding these pieces, as we truly pour our passion into the design and creation of each of these, so thanks again! :D
10 kuukautta sitten
Damn, TOUKA VS TSUKIYAMA statue looks amazing!
10 kuukautta sitten
LadyLavellan10 kuukautta sitten#66011887I hope to attend a WonFes someday and get to experience all the reveals and raffles in person! The event looks like it was a ton of fun! I'm really looking forward to that Touka vs. Tsukiyama!! Can't wait for official pictures! ^^ The Wonder Festival event is very exciting, so we highly recommend to try to attend if you ever have the chance! We would also be thrilled to see you, so definitely stop by our booth if you do, as we always have something fun planned which you can generally get a little bit of info on in advance if you follow in our Facebook group (www.facebook.co...)!
10 kuukautta sitten
illumi4Love10 kuukautta sitten#65999138Wow I thought Touka VS Tsukiyama had been cancelled for sure, so glad its actually finished and will receive an official release, it's looks so good.
Also super excited about the possibility of grand Dororo figures.
Oh no, no cancellations here! We assure you that we are full speed ahead on Touka and Tsukiyama, but thank you for the kind words! We are very happy to hear you like the reveal and are excited about what we do with the Dororo license, as I can assure you we are excited about it as well!
10 kuukautta sitten
LadyLavellan JennaroniPepperoni
I hope to attend a WonFes someday and get to experience all the reveals and raffles in person! The event looks like it was a ton of fun! I'm really looking forward to that Touka vs. Tsukiyama!! Can't wait for official pictures! ^^
10 kuukautta sitten
Wow I thought Touka VS Tsukiyama had been cancelled for sure, so glad its actually finished and will receive an official release, it's looks so good.

Also super excited about the possibility of grand Dororo figures.
10 kuukautta sitten
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