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Today, we'll be reviewing one of my more anticipated figures of 2019, Amakuni's Konjiki no Yami. This is not an 18+ figure, but Yami's skimpy harem outfit means that many of the shots in this review could be considered somewhat NSFW.

About the character/figure: Konjiki no Yami (aka Yami, aka Golden Darkness) is a character from the To Love Ru franchise. Yami is an assassin who is sent to earth to kill protagonist Rito after Rito becomes betrothed to female lead Lala Deviluke, as it would seem that one of Lala's many suitors back on planet Deviluke is not at all happy with this development.

However, either because she recognizes that Rito is a good person, or perhaps because she simply enjoys living a peaceful life on earth, Yami never gets around to killing Rito (although she is known to mention the possibility that she might someday decide to do so!) and eventually she becomes good friends with Rito's sister Mikan.

Additionally, this figure attempts to realize Yami as she is depicted on the cover of the Harem Gold ITEM #418449 artbook.


Amakuni goes with a windowless box. The silhouette of Yami and the purple and gold color scheme gives the box a very royal feel!


One side panel features a full-body shot of Yami.


On the other side panel, Amakuni goes for a rather odd shot of Yami in profile. I think it's sort of an odd choice because you can't see her face at all!


The back panel has a number of different shots of Yami.


Yami requires almost no set up. Open up the blister, attach her to the base and she'll be ready to go.


The box is not fantastically large, measuring in at 28 by 20 by 18 centimeters.


Yami's base has some good and bad features. It is a simple but attractive design, and the gold and white design adds to the very elegant feel of the figure.


On the other hand, only one of Yami's feet attaches to the base and as you can see the pegs are very, very short. She seems stable enough when attached to the base, but it always worries me a little bit when so little material keeps a figure properly secured...



As mentioned a minute ago, this figure depicts Yami in the costume she wears on the cover of the To Love Ru Harem Gold artbook PICTURE #1535817. On the cover, Yami is sitting, but seated poses can look awkward in 3D and so IMO Amakuni made a good call to give Yami a more traditional standing pose.

Let's have a look at her.








It's a fine pose, and I like Yami's subtle body language, such as the way she's holding her arms and tilting her head ever so slightly, but it should be noted that she looks a little bit rigid from certain angles. This is particularly evident when she's viewed in profile, as in PICTURE #2287128.


Overall, I'd say that Amakuni did a fine job with Yami's paint and sculpt. There are a few flaws to be found, but they did a nice job capturing the charm of her character and the body sculpt is also very nicely done.

Amakuni did an excellent job sculpting Yami's face. She is one of the best examples of the kuudere archetype, and so I think her subtle blush is very appropriate. Yami is generally cool and dispassionate, and so I can imagine that she might be a little nervous wearing this skimpy harem outfit! During To Love Ru Darkness, she mellows a little bit to the point where she shows hints of affection for protagonist Rito, so you can almost imagine her saying "well, if it's for you, then it's okay..." :).

I also like her slightly pursed lips and the way her bangs hang in her face, but To Love Ru fans might notice a little quirk in the shot below - Yami's eyes are red, but Amakuni makes them a reddish-orange color. I don't have a problem with this, but Yami purists should take note.


Presumably, the gold stars in her hair would be attached to a very light jewelry chain. You can't see the links in the chain, but the source illustration also omits some detail on the chain, so this is not a big deal. Also, Yami's signature "intake" hairdo is a very conspicuous feature!


Blonde hair often looks flat and plain on figures, but there's a little bit of color variation here that keeps that from happening.


I really like the sculpt of her hair! I like how her very long hair is loosely pulled together in a ponytail, and the way her hair wraps around her body looks quite neat.


I never noticed this before seeing this figure in person, but the ends of her hair have pink/purple highlights.


Yami's everyday outfit features this star emblem, so having her wear a necklace with the emblem is a nice subtle feature. It should be noted that for whatever reason, the necklace doesn't quite want seem to want to lay flat against her body. It's possible that YMMV here.


The source illustration features all the show's heroines in some variation of a harem outfit, and series creator Yabuki Kentarou gives each girl's outfit a subtly different design. The very tiny bandeau-style top complements her physique, and as one of the smaller-chested character in the cast, Yami is one of the few characters for whom this design would work. I also like the purple teardrop accents; with Yami's blonde hair and all the gold features of this outfit, the purple provides some much needed color contrast.


The top would have to fight rather tightly to not slip off, and so it makes sense that the top would lift her breasts a little bit. Also note the definition on the small of Yami's back.


Amakuni gives Yami's armband some sort of design. Interestingly in the source illustration PICTURE #1535817, Yami's armband appears to be fairly plain; the sculpting on the band looks a little bit like the designs worn by Momo and Mea.


The "ribs" in the wristband are an interesting feature.


Amakuni gives Yami cute pink fingernails.


Amakuni did a really good job with the sculpt of Yami's trim and svelte physique. I like how you can see just a hint of her ribcage and how you can see her hips/pelvis transition to her stomach. Overall, she looks slim but not malnourished.


Yami's outfit also features a loincloth. The teardrop pendants around the waist complement her top, and the material appears suitably light and airy. Again, if you are being picky, you might note some divergence from the source illustration PICTURE #1535817. In the illustration, the material is either transparent or has a cutout in the front, while in figure form, it is a continuous piece and the material is slightly translucent. Also, in the illustration, Yami's outfit is white while the figure gives her clothes a pink hue. I'm fine with that change since the extra color gives the figure a little extra pop.


There's a couple spots on the waistband of her outfit where you can see mold lines.


Even though Yami is very petite, she has a non-insubstantial butt :). Also, her outfit allows quite a bit of butt-cleavage.


You can see a spot in the photo below where gold paint from her outfit made its way onto Yami's body.


Low-angle shot.


Amakuni did a good job sculpting Yami's feet and toes, but what I was trying to show in the shot below is the rather large gap in her anklet. In fairness, you can rotate the anklet so that is not so visible, but in this age of runaway figure prices, IMO it's not unreasonable to ask for slightly tighter "tolerances" in this sort of thing...


Scale Comparison

Yami is established to be 153 cm/5'2" in height, and this figure stands about 21.5 cm/8.5 inches tall. So, the listed 1/7 scale is accurate enough, but she is slightly at the small end of 1/7.

Yami and Mikan Yuuki are best friends, and they are also my two favorite To Love Ru girls. Max Factory's Mikan ITEM #464638 is 1/6 scale for comparison. Interestingly, both of these figures are based on the cover art of To Love Ru artbooks (Mikan appears on the back cover of ITEM #120387); additionally, Max Factory is taking their sweet time getting the Yami in that figure line released and Amakuni seems to be in no hurry to get a Harem Gold Mikan in the works...


Yami and Yami :). Alphamax's ITEM #137123 is also listed at 1/7 scale, and you see can see that the Alphamax Yami is marginally larger; I'd say that figure is more like a true 1/7 scale.


The harem costume agrees with both Yami and Rise Kujikawa. Aquamarine's Rise ITEM #396941 is 1/8 scale.


I like how these two look side by side. Alter's Chachamaru Ashikaga ITEM #603641 is 1/7 scale.


These two complement each other since they have some similar physical features, but radically different personalities. Hikari Takanashi is very hyper and boisterous while Yami is quiet and reserved. Kotobukiya's Hikari ITEM #534378 is 1/7 scale.


Overall verdict and enjoyment----------9/10

Arguments for: The harem outfit definitely agrees with Yami, the figure does a good job channeling her personality, good body sculpt, overall good quality.

Arguments against: The very short pegs on the base worry me a little bit, and the figure differs from the source illustration in a number of ways (the exact color of her outfit, her eye color, etc.).

Despite a few quirks, I like this figure a lot, since I like Yami and the harem costume is very well executed. The Mikan in this line will be an insta-order whenever it gets released, and Yami turned out nice enough that I'd consider eventually picking up both Yui ITEM #713456 and Nemesis ITEM #670901 from this line (although Nemesis' pose strikes me as being a little weird).

Availability (as of this writing)

Reasonably easy to find preowned.

As with most Amakuni figures, Yami was an exclusive, so you either preordered her from somewhere, else you'll be hunting her preowned or looking for a reseller. Yami was 12000 yen new, and I've seen her selling secondhand at various shops in the 12000-14000 yen range.


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victorviper10 kuukautta sitten#67518161It's never been totally clear to me if the Tearju from Black Cat and the Tearju from To Love Ru are actually the same person, or if the two series are supposed to take place in totally separate universes.
Parallel universe IINM. Both manga have the same author.
10 kuukautta sitten
Rokiki10 kuukautta sitten#67503045I do wish this figure kept the cutout on the skirt!

I'm with you, particularly since they kept that feature on the corresponding Yui figure ITEM #713456 from this line.
10 kuukautta sitten
LadyLavellan10 kuukautta sitten#67503036I find myself really enjoying the slight pink shading leading to her fingers and toes. I also really love the depth in her hair they achieved with the slight oranges!
She's very pretty. The set is going to look amazing! The review was very informative. Really nice background choice! I love the overall gold theme in this review. Great job! Thanks for the review. :)

I went with the gold since the source illustration has a very warm feel to it, and I wanted to maintain that.

Personally, I'm looking forward to the Mikan and the Haruna in this line, but the promo shots of Momo ITEM #676018 are also looking very nice.
10 kuukautta sitten
whobdaplaya10 kuukautta sitten#67503012Technically, she (along with Tearju Lunatique, and Magical Kyouko) first appeared in Black Cat
Black Cat Yami : ITEM #1083 (looks great, but is a known leaner)
Black Cat Kyouko : ITEM #4573

It's never been totally clear to me if the Tearju from Black Cat and the Tearju from To Love Ru are actually the same person, or if the two series are supposed to take place in totally separate universes.
10 kuukautta sitten
galablue10 kuukautta sitten#67503002great review, really comprehensive. i love how you point out the small paint flaws and sculpt flaws.

Thanks for the comment! I think it's important to point out stuff like that, particularly when you find issues that may not be just one-off things that are unlikely to be peculiar to just an individual item (like in this case, the overpainting of the gold paint from the bottoms of Yami's outfit).
10 kuukautta sitten
I do wish this figure kept the cutout on the skirt!
10 kuukautta sitten
LadyLavellan JennaroniPepperoni
I find myself really enjoying the slight pink shading leading to her fingers and toes. I also really love the depth in her hair they achieved with the slight oranges!

She's very pretty. The set is going to look amazing! The review was very informative. Really nice background choice! I love the overall gold theme in this review. Great job! Thanks for the review. :)
10 kuukautta sitten
Technically, she (along with Tearju Lunatique, and Magical Kyouko) first appeared in Black Cat

Black Cat Yami : ITEM #1083 (looks great, but is a known leaner)
Black Cat Kyouko : ITEM #4573
10 kuukautta sitten
great review, really comprehensive. i love how you point out the small paint flaws and sculpt flaws.
10 kuukautta sitten
CaptainZ10 kuukautta sitten#67502996She's not bad but for the price, I think the Alphamax one was better.

I quite like the Alphamax Yami (her expression and the little book she's holding are so Yami-like!), but unfortunately that figure is a notorious leaner. I reinforced mine by wedging some rigid plastic under one of her feet, and so she's been okay, but a lot of people who got her new now have a lean-y Yami.
10 kuukautta sitten
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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