Review: Yuu - Orchid Seed - 1/6Review: Yuu - Orchid Seed - 1/6Review

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Hello, hello. ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

For this review today we'll be taking a look at a figure that has quickly become a favorite in my humble, yet growing collection. Not long ago, I didn't know anything about the existence of this figure until I casually stumbled upon her while browsing AmiAmi's pre-owned store section.

Initially, I knew she had to be a part of my collection because of her nekomimi features but I wasn't particularly amazed until the moment she arrived home. The quality of her sculpting, attention to detail and the fact that she fulfills most of my moe fetishes to a tee instantly turned her into a centerpiece of my collection.

Researching more about the character I learned that Yuu here is from a hentai manga drawn by an author called Henreader. In an effort to learn more about her, I went and looked at this work online and boy... Was I delighted at what I saw. Of course, the work I'm talking here is for an adult audience and discretion is advised, but what I found there was truly enjoyable. (☆ω☆)

Yuu is one of the two female characters that interact with our main character on a part of the story titled Imouto Control. She is Emi's best friend. Emi, in turn, is the MC's little sister, who happens to have a sexually active relationship with her brother. Things take a turn for the interesting when Yuu decides she wants to date Emi's brother and, well, you can pretty much guess how the story pans out from here. Yuu can be described as a very decided, cute, gratifying young girl. She won't shy away from getting the thing she wants and she is also very caring for her friends. I assume this rendition of her is based on a pervert thought our MC has after seeing her wearing a cat-eared hoodie during the second chapter.

With that small introduction of the way, let's start on checking out our Yuu figure. (⌒‿⌒)






⦿ Packaging ⦿
Now, this is what I call great package design. Vibrant colors all around, elements nicely laid out and a box that's sturdy enough to protect the figure. I really liked the contrast of the colors that are on display here and the fact that the pink wasn't overly used. We get a few face shots at the figure from 3 different angles upon initial inspection. The back of the box features a few more complete shots of the figure. I find it hilarious that they used those paw-prints to censor her nipples.

One thing that immediately caught my attention was Henreader's illustration on one of the sides of the box. I couldn't help but marvel at the quality of it and how it is fully-displayed on this side. It really is an eye-catcher that exhibits Yuu's cute but equally alluring pose. Needless to say that the colors on display here are a joy to look at. Box measurements are compact, given her size, and sit at 160 w x 290 h x 143 d (mm), so she shouldn't be expensive to ship in terms of volume.

One thing worth mentioning with this package that I'm already in love with is the fact that after opening it for the first time, it had accumulated some sort of plastic/resin/glue smell on the inside and man, was that thing intoxicating! But in a good way! No, for real, I loved that smell. It was so intoxicatingly strong that it made me fall in love with the box and the figure even more.

Now, time for the 360° look of this kitten here.









⦿ Sculpting ⦿
One thing that should catch your attention in this figure is how finely and exquisitely she has been sculpted. There are barely any bad details worth mentioning and the attention to detail is high. From the top of her cat ears all the way to the tip of her feet, she looks stunning all around.



Surely there are many points of interest to check here but let's start with her midriff first. Would you look at this cute belly here? :3


Don't tell me this is one belly you wouldn't love to pat or maybe even rest on? There's some very good form of belly-rendering-technique going on here. There's a nice sense of depth and visual squishiness coming from it. ^_^


Speaking of visual squishiness, of course I'm going to talk about her butt. Exaggerated proportions aside, this is one kitty you'd love to pet. Roundy, plump, soft, pudgy are some of the words that come to mind when looking at this. Peaches ain't got nothing against this piece here. (((o(*°▽°*)o)))

As a big stockings fan myself, I highly approve of this design here. Tight enough near the back of her knees and I really like the small detail near her ankles and how her toes are quickly identifiable beneath her stockings.


If you're looking for seam lines, you'll be hard-pressed to find one. Her cat ears seem to do an excellent job at hiding them. Same goes to her backpack and pink sweater hiding any potential lines there. If there's a line that is visible to the eye is one on top of her head, camouflaged between a fleck of hair diagonally. Honestly, you will barely notice it.

Finally, to not keep going on her sculpting, her backpack. You might be fooled into thinking that you can open it and check its insides but that's not the case here. It totally looks like the classic backpack an elementary school Japanese girl would carry.

⦿ Painting ⦿
Outstanding color application all around with no rough spots whatsoever and very smart use of shading on the areas that matter. Her fair skin tone has been expertly realized and you can't help but feel there is a supple, flexible look to it all. Gradients are adjusted accordingly as you move your eyes across her body.



Her eyes are beautiful to look at, with her open eye sporting a purplish look that sort of moves through orchid up to a light violet tone. It looks great when staring at it and my camera wasn't really able to capture how captivating they are. Even her winking eye has been perfectly drawn with attention to her eyelashes.

Let switch into naughty mode for a moment here. @w@


As you can see, her bra can be changed for a more revealing one, her second tail doubles as an actual butt plug and if you want to feel more risky, you can remove her backpack as well. Check the spoiler below for a 360° look of this naughty mode.

View spoilerHide spoiler










Back to talking about the painting. Another point of interest here is, of course, her stockings. It's kind of difficult to pinpoint their exact color. They're not brown as they may look upon initial impression, but they're actually a very deep shade of purple, maybe? In Spanish I'd say they're kind of like vinotinto oscuro, so perhaps dark wine would be the right color for them. They look delectable in person, and the way they tight onto her legs are... Mmmmm. :9

The rest of the colors that make up the figure are equally great. From the light blue on her backpack to her pink hair, all of them have been intelligently painted and make up for a great display.

⦿ Posing ⦿
It's hard to think of a pose any more sexier than this. Wait! Actually, if you're pervert enough, you can think on a few extra ones. What's on display here is very pleasing to the eyes. It seems Yuu is very proud of flaunting that pudgy butt of her and she wants you to notice. The way her legs fall from the chair and end up hanging above ground level create a perfect point of distraction for you to gawk at. Even while looking from the side you can still marvel at her midriff or at her cute flat chest. ;3



Her expression denotes an air of cuteness and naughtiness at the same time. She appears to be very confident of herself and wants to know what you have in store for her. Love at first sight for me. Her big 1/6 scale also helps in boosting her already notable presence. She is sure to be an eye-catcher on any shelf. ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

⦿ Base ⦿
A raised up, square-shaped, bar/pub-looking chair. A bar stool maybe? Simple design but with great colors. I can see they choose this one in hopes of boosting her already sensual appearance even more and, in some regards, it manages to succeeds in doing so. Her already big scale also manages to raise her total height considerably. She may be a small character but be sure to have enough room in your shelf to put her 25 cm of squishy kitten butt somewhere.

One thing I'd like to mention from her setup is that you could actually display her without her backpack but I would advise against doing so as this setup is really unstable. Her backpack has an attaching point that connects to the chair she sits on and it helps in providing lots of much-needed stability to this figure.

⦿ Personal Enjoyment ⦿
I went from not knowing anything from this figure to being reasonably excited about her, all the way until she arrived home, that's when she became one of my absolute favorites. One of the things that I really like about her is that she really manages to nail most of my fetishes in one big, peachy and wholesome package. There's nothing I don't like about this figure. Be it her nekomimi features, her delicious-looking stockings, her cute loli body characteristics, as well as the fact that she comes already prepared with a butt plug makes me think this figure was made with me in mind. Like, damn Orchid Seed, thanks for covering everything I could've ever wanted on this figure. She literally left me speechless. (❤ω❤)


By far one of my favorite figures out of the ones I have. Nearly perfect in every department. Sexy kitty girl in an alluring pose on top of a really eye-catching pedestal? Hell yeah. Being a 1/6 scale is perfect since it helps to make her stand out even further. She comes with extra accessories in the way of a more revealing bra, in case you want to stare at her cute nipples and an extra tail that doubles as a butt plug. So, yeah, she is awesome. Out of all figures I have, she is one that has been catching my attention the most on a regular basis and most likely will continue to do so for a long time.


⦿ Closing Thoughts ⦿
I think I wouldn't be exaggerating if at this point I said that I really love this figure, right? I mean, think I made it clear over the last few paragraphs. I knew nothing about the character or the figure and left with a massive satisfaction from obtaining this one. And again, I just came across this one while casually browsing around. Makes me think that the best kind of findings sort of happen this way, when you least expect them.

She's a fairly recent figure as of this writing. This figure was purchased in B/B condition from AmiAmi. The figure itself was around $100. She was shipped to the US by RSAL for $15, and then shipped to Venezuela for an extra $70. Shipping was on the high side locally by the time I got her. I originally wasn't expecting much from this figure but ended up being absolutely floored by it when I unboxed her out. The box she came in received a hard blow during transport and her left arm had dislodged from place before I opened it. Thankfully, nothing bad really happened to her and her arm was easy enough to get back into place.

Do you like butts, nekomimi and lewd lolis? Well, then look no further, this figure is for you. I'm frankly impressed with this one and I'm sure many others that are into the themes featured here will find something to love on Yuu as well. =D

That concludes our review for this weekend. Not sure on which figure I'll be tackling on my next review. I finally got ITEM #78685 and ITEM #98882 to join my collection before the end of the month, yay! I'm deeply grateful and super happy for those. Perhaps I will be reviewing one of those two, or maybe another figure in my collection, who knows. See you in my next article! \^_^/
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Chloe-tsundere10 kuukautta sitten#67859072Oh i thought i still saw a bead there but if thats the case.. maybe i will hunt her down then :D
Well, to be fair, the second regular tail, the one that attaches to the back of her bikini, also has a second attaching point that goes on her butt. It's not an anal bead exactly, but it goes more or less in the same place. ^_^"

Whatever your decision may be, best of luck in your hunt. :D
10 kuukautta sitten
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Honor_Hand10 kuukautta sitten#67843662Thank you. ^_^
Yeah, I can understand the anal beads being a turn off point for a number of people. She does come with 2 types of tails, though. The anal beads one and one that attaches to the back of her bikini as a regular tail.
Agree on her face being super cute and the way her eyes add to her whole cute charm is unbelievable. ;3

Oh i thought i still saw a bead there but if thats the case.. maybe i will hunt her down then :D
10 kuukautta sitten
Chloe-tsundere10 kuukautta sitten#67823478I love this figure so much, the only thing that hold me back is the anal beads tail...
I just feel super uncomfy personally (i got nothing against ppl who like it) so i never got myself to buy her..
but that face is sooo cute and i love henreader art :D
Love the review btw very detailed

Thank you. ^_^

Yeah, I can understand the anal beads being a turn off point for a number of people. She does come with 2 types of tails, though. The anal beads one and one that attaches to the back of her bikini as a regular tail.

Agree on her face being super cute and the way her eyes add to her whole cute charm is unbelievable. ;3
10 kuukautta sitten
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
I love this figure so much, the only thing that hold me back is the anal beads tail...
I just feel super uncomfy personally (i got nothing against ppl who like it) so i never got myself to buy her..
but that face is sooo cute and i love henreader art :D

Love the review btw very detailed
10 kuukautta sitten
solluxcaptor10 kuukautta sitten#67822872Wonderful review and very cute figure. I loved the pictures. I wanted to buy this one on preorder but I kind of got scared out of it due to the dubious legality in the UK... Henreader's art is just gorgeous though, and in figure form simply adorable.
Many thanks! ^_^

Yeah, I can imagine this figure being kind of a hot topic as far as legality goes depending on the country. Agreed, checked some of his materials and they were truly outstanding. Here's hoping we can get more figure adaptations on his work.
10 kuukautta sitten
Wonderful review and very cute figure. I loved the pictures. I wanted to buy this one on preorder but I kind of got scared out of it due to the dubious legality in the UK... Henreader's art is just gorgeous though, and in figure form simply adorable.
10 kuukautta sitten
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