kommenttia Let's Review: Figma 428 Jeanne d'Arc Shinjuku ver.

  • I wonder what that writing job is that you have. My only complaint with this Jalter is that the accessories. Would've been great if it included more junk food or alternately posed Salter's Dog but I can't complain much since this is exactly what she only had during the Shinjuku story except probably the drink since it probably came from Salter.

    I won't be getting the Berserker Jalter tho. I think two Jalters are enough on the shelf.

    Now if they can just a FIGMA Ishtar, Ereshkigal, or maybe some Fate/Kaleid ones like Miyuverse!Shirou
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    Gotta love your amazingly funny reviews!
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    Fun review! Im curious if your other writing is online.

    I’m definitely in the “buy every fate figma” category so she’s someone I bought too!

    But amazon JP doesn’t seem to split orders anymore so I will be waiting awhile to get her it seems till the rest of my order is released!
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