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EverlastEverlast11 kuukautta sitten
Does anyone ever wonder how long your figures/statues are going to last for. How long before they start disintegrating into the ashes of no return and then at that moment all money is wasted
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You know how we still have statues and stuff from ancient rome/greece etc.? Well that's basically what our figures are 2000 years from now. The color would have long faded away and some may be broken but they will remain. When humanity is long extinct our fossils left behind will be the plastic.
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I think I am going to break it into pieces and then use it with foundation of my future house or something .
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they'll last forever in my heart

which is great because i'm broke and lack shelf space so it saves me from buying them in the first place
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If you keep them inside, in normal enviroment and with proper care, I can garantiue 5th generation, after you, will still have them in amazing condition. U know, there has been a long time since plastic was invented, but the first objects from it still exist stored in good condition. Figures will last so long as someone is taking proper care of them. The same thing goes for all objects made from unnatural stuff

Well, if you want to get rid of them, bury them in your garden and they will be gone for few hundreds of years XD
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It'll take a long long time IMHO, since it's (most of it) are made from Plastic. And, ofcourse, your care to your collections also play its parts.
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CaptainZ11 kuukautta sitten#68554186I actually wonder that myself since I'm kinda afraid of some of my figures leaning (ITEM #394655) and the colors fading over time.

Keep figures that lean in the box and only display them briefly. Problem solved.
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I actually wonder that myself since I'm kinda afraid of some of my figures leaning (ITEM #394655) and the colors fading over time.
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PVC kept in a controlled environment (out of sunlight, at normal room temperature and humidity), should last at least 100 years. All of us will probably be dead long before our figures begin to degrade.
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Elise_Grimwald Genius Puppeteer
Toys from the 50s/60s are still around (provided they were stored or not abused), and can be in great shape, so I assume we'll be dead by the time our figures are gone, or we'll be like REALLY old.
Take the first Barbie, for example. There are still quite a few of them around that still look pretty much the same, and they're like 40/50 years old. Granted, they are in a case usually, but a lot of us do have Detolfs and other cases, and our figures *should* be preserved if they are in there. Hypothetically, anyway.
I also have Pokemon toys from like 20/21 years ago (from 1998-1999), and they look perfect, so they should be safe for at least that amount of time. Probably much longer.
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accidias11 kuukautta sitten#68542091Before they start disintegrating? Long after any of our lifetimes. Plastic can take up to 1000 years to decompose.

Plastic bags don't take that long I can guarantee that. They'll break apart and disintegrate after only a few years. Depends on the kind of plastic. Keep PVC away from sunlight, heat, drafts, smoke and...it should preserve well.
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