Hatsune Miku - Vocaloid - GOOD SMILE Racing 2014 - REVIEW 04Hatsune Miku - Vocaloid - GOOD SMILE Racing 2014 - REVIEW 04Review

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Good Monday Morning to you all! The weekend was exhausting, but fun, and now it's nice to be back at the desk again doing another review of another great figure!I hope you all have a great day and week!
Back Story
This is the second of two figures that were purchased as a pair from a private seller in July of 2019. To read the full back story of the purchase, go here: BLOG #44006


Max Factory
Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - 1/7 – Good Smile Racing 2014 - ITEM #236204
Sculptor: Koyama Shigeto - ENTRY #32529
Vendor: private MFC seller ($100.00 in July of 2019)

As stated in the previous Miku review …

In all honesty, I know next to nothing about Hatsune Miku. I know that she’s a fictional singer/entertainer who actually has some music available for purchase in the real world. I know that a game or two include her as the primary character. But I’ve never seen an outtake or heard a note of the music around the character. Beyond that ignorance, I seem to see her EVERYWHERE!! – and I like what I see! She’s an adorable character who definitely seems to capture the essence of the teen idol, and the variety of figures that have been created shows just how widely she’s loved by a very large audience.

[Thanks to U-MI for giving me a quick education on Miku -- looks like she's actually a piece of vocal software allowing musicians of all genres to accompany their music with a digital vocalist. Sounds pretty cool -- I'll have to check that out!]

As I don’t know her character, I like to believe that she’s a very sweet-hearted and kind individual, with a leaning toward being perhaps a little on the innocent and naïve side. I think she definitely has a lot of sass, but probably uses it the way a fun-loving early teen would use it. At least this is what I’m led to believe by the figures that have been created.

The Box
The box is quite large and beautifully decorated with both drawings of the Miku figure and photos of the figure itself on the exterior. With a window in the front and back, you have excellent ability to see the figure before she's unboxed, and there is an additional layer of protective cellophane wrapping the entire box to keep her even more safe and secure.

The blister packaging within was excellent, held the figure and parts securely, and fit snugly within the box for contained traveling.

http://www.happyakrz.com/anime/racing_miku_2014/miku_racing_2014_box_1_72.jpg http://www.happyakrz.com/anime/racing_miku_2014/miku_racing_2014_box_2_72.jpg

The Figure
The figure comes in four parts: the base, the body, and Miku's two pigtails. Each are packaged individually in plastic bags or wrappings protect the parts beautifully.

The base is pretty basic, but has been designed to simulate the concrete texture of the racing grid, including a straight line painted along one side for some racing continuity. It's a small touch, but it gives an appropriate footing for racing Miku to "walk" across.


Miku's pigtails have the typical Miku attachment points, although there is an additional metallic "peg/post" in the center of each plastic peg that allows a more "surgical" insertion of the parts into the head. This makes each pigtail very stable once it's been attached to the figure -- very much appreciated on my part!


The rest of the figure is a solid piece. Like the previous review I did of Racing Miku 2011 (BLOG #43973), this figure basically stands on one foot, with her opposite foot barely touching her toe to the surface. This effect makes her look light and in movement, and I appreciate how the sculptor kept her stable on the base with only a single point of stability -- very cool!


Reviewer's Notes
Overall Sculpt
As stated above, Miku stands on the base most of her weight resting on her right foot only, and it's incredible to me that a figure that appears to be leaning so heavily, while at the same time being so top-heavy (with the wild antlers of hair extending out on both sides) can be so stable. Fantastic design!


One of the most powerful design elements in the sculpt of this character is the intricacy of the sculpting going on in the clothing. Every seam, every belt, every clasp, and most of the design elements are sculpted into the figure -- not simply painted or bordered with paint. Even the jacket zipper is detailed and looks accurate -- a detail that easily could have been skipped by the sculptor, but was included because they're just that awesome!


The helmet is a simple addition to this figure that actually adds so much realism, and I really appreciate that they designed it from the bottom as well (showing the foam-padded opening from the underside).


I love her shin-guards/knee-pads, with the clasps flapping out to the side on each side. I can only imagine her looking BAD-ASS on a cycle taking corners nearly horizontal!


I LOVE the detail of her right hand, held up behind her head. Such delicate sculpting, and it really shines as an element that makes the figure look that much more realistic!


And then, there's the hair. Not much to say here but WOW! I referred to them earlier as antlers, and I honestly can't look at her without thinking of some kind of mutant moose adorned with these is some sci-fi anime. ha ha ha

But the hair is glorious in an updraft of wind that obviously took Miku by surprise (by the expression on her face) -- perhaps a gang of bikers just flew by and whipped up a startling breeze, throwing her hair and jacket flaps all over.


I really like the simplicity of the painting on this figure. They chose a slightly off-white color for the uniform which seems to suit her better than a stark, snow-white would have done (though the base of the helmet is a glossy pure white). I also like that all of the uniform is finished in a matte texture -- gives depth and takes shadows well to make the figure really appear lifelike.


The use of the light teal color (matching her hair) throughout the trim of the uniform is really nice and adds continuity to the whole figure.


I even like that there is a little bit of the gritty gray design from her helmet on the back of her shorts -- another cool fine-detail touch that adds to the figure. (Not to mention that she has just about the cutest butt in these shorts!)


There are a huge number of decals all over her body, and I'm still amazed by how seamlessly they have been applied. Their detail is perfect, their application is flawless, and they add so much realism to the figure.


And finally, her eyes. Typically, I'm kind of disappointed when the eyes on a figure look like nothing more than a decal that was added along the assembly line -- after all, the eyes are the doorway to the soul. In this particular case, the eyes of the character have a myriad of multiple colors involved that I wouldn't have noticed if I didn't get right up close to her with my portrait lens. Love the purple, blue, green, and yellow all working together to show her surprise!


Overall Presentation
The finesse with which this figure was created makes her one of my favorites. The detail in the features of wardrobe and protective gear is absolutely beautiful, along with a flawless body beneath that provides a feminine pose and sensibility that can't be mistaken from a distance. And the stylishly rendered trademark hair is a wild crown of anti-gravity achievement. I would highly recommend this figure to any racing fan, any Miku fan ... any figure fan!

The first comparison is teamed up with another Racing Miku figure -- GOOD SMILE Racing - Hatsune Miku - 1/8 - Racing 2010 (Good Smile Company) -- ITEM #42261

Not much to say here other than I wish that all of the girls in pit row looked this happy and excited to be there!


The second comparison is with the same Sonoda Umi figure I used in my first post -- Love Live! School Idol Project - Sonoda Umi - 1/8 - Natsuiro egao de 1 2 Jump! ver., Swimsuit ver. (Kotobukiya) -- ITEM #166885

LOVE the color combination when these two stand next to each other! I'm also surprised again by the difference in head sizes -- different styles of artwork provide such a great variety of perspectives when it comes to scale, shape, and composition!


The third comparison is with one of my favorite all-time characters, Noyamano Ringo -- Air Gear - Noyamano Ringo - Hentai Mask Ver. (Yamato) -- ITEM #493

The first manga I ever read was Air Gear, and Ringo was easily my favorite character (yes, even when she wasn't wearing ridiculous outfits like this!) ha ha ha! I think that I often imagine Miku's personality to be similar to Ringo, and that, along with scale and color, are why I put them side-by-side in this comparison. It also looks like the same breeze that caught Miku's hair is playing with Ringo's pigtails and straps. :)


Lessons Learned
Again, as stated in the previous Miku review …

The biggest (and best) lesson learned from this purchase was the trust I gained in private seller purchases, when paired with solid communication, photos provided, and a little research. As stated above, my collection has continued to grow quickly, and the majority of that has been from private sellers who were looking to downsize. Shy of three figures, every one of the purchases was still factory sealed, and I couldn't be happier with the quality and care that the original owners took in getting them to me.

As always, please feel free to reach out with questions or comments! I love hearing from you all!

Until next time!
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Great review once again but I’d rather have her with a full leather suit for a more realistic touch. She has a nice Arai rx7 by the way ;)
It would be awesome to have the equivalent of GSR for MotoGP with a Miku itabike... come on Mr. Takanori.
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I love the enthusiasm that comes through in your reviews - it's clear how much you love figure collecting, and how excited you are to talk about your favourites. Loved every review so far, and looking forward to seeing more I future!
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Rajke Ca Fanatic
Good review :) Your photo's bring out the details of this figure very well. The amount of detailing is amazing. This figure brings up the sci fi feeling very easily. When you compared this figure and the figma version to other racing Miku's you notice that her hair is shaped differently from the other versions. I always thought that her hair is designed with static electricity in mind. Her helmet is also a really nice detail. And of course her boots. I love those boots. The protective knee pads gives a nice finishing touch to that.
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Like usual, great review and awesome photography. I really enjoy how you descriptive you are and as well as your vivid writing (describing Miku's hair as wild antlers was pretty great way to describe it that made me chuckle and agree with the wildness of it).

I always enjoy all the racing Miku because they always look great and this one is no exception; from the "sponsor" logos on her outfit (even putting it on the belt gave it a nice touch) to the zipper for her jacket, and even lining the inside of her helmet with foam is brilliant.

I'm very happy that you're happy with this figure ^^
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Happyakrz9 kuukautta sitten#69149059Thanks for your very kind words and continued support, galablue!

Wow!! What a wonderful story of how you first got into collecting, and I'm so glad that your investment has allowed you to move forward into a new hobby! I can't wait to see all of the figures you get and I hope you keep writing reviews! x)
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galablue9 kuukautta sitten#69137674Christmas must have come early because you are doing your reviews back to back, I find myself looking forward to them >:)
I love this figure! I'm so glad you reviewed it because it's a Miku I have been looking at. You point out so many excellent details that I wouldn't have noticed unless I bought -- like her helmet and the details of her sculpt. And some I would have: I think her butt is pretty difficult to ignore x)
Only thing I notice is that it looks like in the source picture she has more blush on, but I kind of like it without.
This figure makes me think that a car just zoomed by so fast and Miku was lost in thought and didn't hear/see it coming, and so she got spooked. If she had a skirt, it would definitely be a Monroe moment. Great review and pics as usual, you've succeeded in me wanting this figure even more now!

Thanks for your very kind words and continued support, galablue!

I'm actually in a very strange, but fortunate, situation. Seventeen years ago, my wife and I were pregnant with our first child (a girl), and I wanted to invest in something that she might grow into, might appreciate, and might want to pass on to her children someday. So, I researched fashion dolls of all kinds, and ended up purchasing about 80 Gene Marshall dolls and another 80 additional outfits -- a couple thousand dollars worth of dolls that have ended up sitting in the basement for seventeen years. We've moved our home, I've down-sized other collections, and I finally decided that since my daughter wasn't really into the Gene dolls, I'd sell them and put them into a new collection. It didn't take long for me to determine what that new collection would be! :)

Fortunately, I quadrupled my money in the sale of the Gene dolls, so three quarters went into the house and bills, etc., and the final quarter went into my first 18 purchases in the anime/manga figure arena. So, for the past three months, every week I have several Christmas's .. and it's been a blast. From those purchases, I hope to do reviews on each figure, and then as I move forward with the collection, I hope to keep up with more reviews. It's a very fun process for me.

I'm learning with every figure. Eventually, I'd like to try my hand developing a full manga myself, and perhaps producing a sculpt of my own someday.

Who knows!?!

I'm glad that what I have to offer these days is at least offering up some entertainment (and perhaps a little educational incentive for purchases) to the figure public. :)
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GerardHaZ9 kuukautta sitten#69141410I've never wanted the Racing Miku figures, but this one seems very cool!
Btw, I really recommend you to listen to some of her songs (I'll be honest, there are some that are shit, but other ones like From Y to Y, Alice in NY (this one includes a lot of other vocaloids) or Two Breaths Walking are very cool!

Thanks for the song recommendations! I'll definitely check them out! :)
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This is absolutely my favorite Miku figure. So pleasant to see this review ^-^
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I've never wanted the Racing Miku figures, but this one seems very cool!
Btw, I really recommend you to listen to some of her songs (I'll be honest, there are some that are shit, but other ones like From Y to Y, Alice in NY (this one includes a lot of other vocaloids) or Two Breaths Walking are very cool!
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This exact Miku figure was one of my first scale figures I bought - despite not being a fan of Miku and never listening to her music - and I still love it. The sexy yet badass outfit totally does it for me. I love her jacket, her boots and asymetrical leg guard and her belt pockets. The elegant walking pose really enhances the figure. Great review!
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