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WARNING: This article will contain discussion based on the leaked info of the three starters! Back out now if you're wanting to wait and discover this info while playing!

So... I've had my heart set on Scorbunny from the start. Anything with a rabbit instantly has my attention and I'm so relieved it isn't Fire/Fighting; it's final evolution design made it look like it could be. Been a long time since we've had pure single type starters!

I really didn't care about Grookey or Sobble from the start. Zero interest in monkeys and Sobble's final evolution creeps me out because it's so human looking.

Honestly... I'm not overly impressed by Sword and Shield's starter Pokemon designs. I thought they did pretty well with Sun and Moon although I was pretty surprised to see cute little Litten evolve into bara cat. My hope with Scorbunny was that it might evolve into something that looked more whimsical but I supposed I should have expected it to have an athletic build.

What are you folks going with?
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Which Sword/Shield Starter are you Picking?

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Personally go for Scorbunny as my starter always a Fire type!
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tbh I actually really hate all of the evolutions. A lot. More than I've ever hated any starter evolutions. Ever.

That being said, I'll probably end up picking Sobble. I was drawn to Scorbunny at first since I usually end up picking the fire starter, but Sobble's final evolution is the most bearable to me.
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Honestly I'm very disappointed in all of the startets, however I love almost every other design that got leaked so this may be the first game I don't keep my starter in lol. Sobble's evo is kinda growing on me but the other 2?? Ehhhh it'll depend on what their shiny forms look like if I decide to use a starter or not...
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aaaaah!! i haven't seen the final evolutions or any of the spoilers. i wanna see i should prob look it up. if i get the game (i was kinda meh on it from the gameplay i saw), i will go for grookey. i've never really gone with grass starter before, but scorbunny reminds me of tracer from overwatch too much and sobble is just a sobby mess haha.

also i like the uglier the better.
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Elise_Grimwald Genius Puppeteer
I am *really* hoping the leaks are fake. This is going to be an EXTREMELY unpopular opinion, but I do not like any of the leaked designs, if the leaks are true. If they are, I'll probably actually sell my game back when I get it. They're all so bad. :/. And if I wanted to use old Pokemon, I'd play an old game.

IF the leaks are lies, then I'm likely choosing Scorbunny. I haven't used a fire starter since gen 5, and I'm not big on Sobble or Grookey.
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The bunny!
8 kuukautta sitten
I was on the fence between getting sobble or scorbunny then I saw the leaks! Definitely going for scorbunny. Its about going for the least ugly Pokemon. I wish I could start off with Galarian Ponyta tbh
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I loved all of the three starters since the start, especially Scorbunny. But now that I've seen their evolutions, I'm not sure which one is the less ugly. I'm strongly disappointed with all the three of them, but if I had to choose one of them, it would still be Scorbunny.
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To be honest, not sure if I'm going to get the game at launch, because it feels kinda meh rn? Will probably wait for reviews and get it for my birthday. ><
But I love Sobble. At first I wanted the leak to be fake but then I slowly fell in love with the design. :D I didn't really play any Pokemon games except for Let's go (switch is my first nintendo system ;;), but I have a weakness for water starters!
Though, I agree with other people. The starters' evolutions don't look that good compared to previous generations... However, imo the rest of the new pokemon look great! If I decide to get the game I will probably buy Shield, because I love Galarian Ponyta so much. <3
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Tosty bun is best bun. Change my mind.

8 kuukautta sitten
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