What did Santa get you this year?What did Santa get you this year?Loot

TenmaTenma9 kuukautta sitten
Hello MFC
I hope you had a nice Christmas with lots of chocolate and goodies

Here is an overall picture with some of my presents


Also i got some clothes mainly Snoopy lounge and sleep wear and sneaker slippers for hopefully more colder days.

Im extremely happy with the Scorbunny plush since i totally missed the pre-order and it was sold out everywhere but mom really came through and got it for me and like almost everyone i got a few pair of socks.

And it was my 1st year that i got my mom a figure for Christmas namely this one:ITEM #842654
its not anime related but she loved it so it all worked out, and she has a bunch of Funko Pops herself so i was worried for nothing,

So what did Santa bring you this Christmas or what did you present yourself with this year?

And i want to wish you an early Happy New Year with lots of health and lots of figures too and please always be nice to each other and respect one and other for who they are
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Tenma The Idolm@ster
Sorry for the late reply, but thank you so much for the comments & gift sharing i really appreciate it!

Once again im wishing you a good 2020!
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Nothing figure or anime related, but my brother got me a copy of Super Mario Maker 2 for my Switch and I bought a copy of Fate/Apocrypha Part 2 on DVD, pre-ordered TRIGGER and ZOOL's new singles with some of the money I got c:

My Semiramis figure ITEM #549107 dropped on Christmas Eve however, so she's on her way, I see that as a present to myself as well >3>
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My phone broke and I don't have a camera that works so I'll list what I got here!
ITEM #310405 ITEM #906 ITEM #41459
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I got these things, WCT Gyarados, a 1:!2 quad for my figures, new zelda manga, detective pikachu movie and uhm not part of my gifts but randomly happened during secret santa i got someones pokeball plus for free?

overall great christmas!
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I didn't get anything for Christmas. Then again, the holiday for me is just to enjoy the good food and family. Also, I spend all year gifting myself stuff, so it's more than fine.
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Got Nintendo Switch + Pokémon Shield.

GSC gave me the preorder of Shiro from the Pop Up Parade tho View spoilerHide spoilernot like free figure, but putting her on preorder
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I'm grateful I was gifted cash, I pooled all of it together and bought myself manga online for the first time. Very excited to start collecting, but wow manga is expensive.
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i didn't get anything figure wise, but my dad got me hue lighting for my birthday and said he was gifting more for the holidays but it was all sold out. so he'll be helping me make my collection look even better. real life wise, i got 2 bonsai trees (that my dad thinks i should incorporate into my collection lol), a necklace, some t-shirts, and some workout clothes. my best friend got me some hair clips and a sweater.

oh but i did gift myself ITEM #361549 as a joint bday/holiday gift!
9 kuukautta sitten
got myself this Levi figure(s) ITEM #230646
was kind of impulse buy bc I saw him preowned on amiami A/B for a good price and couldn't say no to that. very happy with him <3

my parents gifted me this Levi wallscroll :) ITEM #597818 and a necklace with the wings of freedom.
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Im an adult now and not big in the hobby anymore so i dont get figure gifts. Plus i was at work, but i did get some awesome gifts:
Bath towel, wash rags, shampoo, and a shirt. Its the little things that go a long way
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