REVIEW: Original Character - Skytube - Ayame (1/6) (Alphamax)REVIEW: Original Character - Skytube - Ayame (1/6) (Alphamax)Review

Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!
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A new year, a new set of lewd statues coming in to ogle and review. Technically this one is a holdover from December, but a 2020 release is a 2020 release, so let's dive into this!

WARNING: This figure is NSFW! Don't stare at plastic tits on the clock!


Once more we have another original character from Ban!, the rising star of lewd anime figures. In contrast to his previous girls, though, Ayame is 100% woman, no parts to make her into a trap or futa. Does that make her any less of a worthy addition to your shelf, though? Absolutely not. This time around he partners with the lovely people at Alphamax to bring us Ayame, and really, gorgeous women half-dressed in sexy clothing is right in their wheelhouse.



Going around the box here we already get a tone set for this figure. Beautiful purple tones, lots of lacy designs, butterflies, and roses, all sorts of imagery related to grace and beauty, while the single insert shot on the back hints to her true, dirtier self. The sides show off Ban's beautiful illustration of Ayame, zoomed in on one side and then a full pose on the other, with some decorative diamond windows peeking in. Up front we get a nice, near full box window showing off Ayame in her blister, along with her bonus parts displayed next to her. As I always say, big display windows that give you display options are always a plus for me (although I don't know if you can display her in-box with her toys attached). About my only complaint here is that I wish the extra parts had been hidden behind an insert of some sort.


Underneath the blister you get two postcards from Skytube displaying Ban's artwork, one with Ayame more presentable, and one with her showing her true colors. They're nice as collectibles, but I'll probably be keeping them in the box.

Ayame Angles


Going for a walk around Ayame, all I can say is: Yeeeesssss... The 'sexy teacher/office worker' look is a huge turn-on for me. The idea of a bombshell woman who presents herself properly in public, just to cut loose and show her real self when she gets home is just... mmmf! Her outfit is very simple, but effective and well-done; Nicely sculpted wrinkles and curves in the fabric, simple details like seams and buttons picked out but aren't splotchy, and just a hint of shading for depth and to break up the otherwise solid colors. The posing is also really nice; Clearly sexualized, but still with an element of grace to it, similar to other Ban! figures.

Detail Work


Dropping down to check out her base first, and I'm already in love. Too many figures overlook their base unless there's some sort of prop the figure interacts with in their pose, but Alphamax went the extra step to give it the wood paneling design. All the detail of the wood is molded in and picked out to really make it pop from a distance. The base is thick & solid, and Ayame and her prop book stack peg in securely on metal posts. Just overall a really solid stand. As for the prop books, they serve as the first hint of Ayame's more perverted side. A passing glance wouldn't necessarily set off alarms, but looking closer reveals the stack to be nothing but hentai doujins that she reads in her spare time.


Starting from the top, Ayame's head and face sculpt are solid. As always, Ban's eye designs just pop, with Ayame's having beautiful violet pupils to match the themes of the figure, as well as sporting his signature sly smile. Ban's recent figures can be a bit same-faceish, and nobody seems to quite be able to pick out the color in their teeth accurately, but it's still a pretty face, and Ayame's extra bits will solve the problem. Her hair is a definite winner for me, though. Long, flowing black hair with some dusty red highlights and blunt bangs that nice frame her face. Her red glasses complement the look nicely and help cotribute to the prim and proper look, though getting them on and keeping them in the right position can be a bit fiddly without a tack to guide them.

Ms. Ayame has some good taste in lingerie. Yum.

Coming down to chest level, we can take a look at her bra design, which is very nicely done. I feel like too many cast-off designs care more bout just ripping off the clothes to get to the tits, ignoring how good-looking undergarments can be just as sexy as a naked body, which Ayame demonstrates here. We get more of those purple tones that have been a running theme with it, as well as a semi-transparent lace trimming with more rose designs in it. Sexy and classy at the same time. Interestingly, the bra is not actually cast-off, despite the appearance and design seeming otherwise. Instead, we get an interchangeable chest that we'll swap out in a bit.


Moving down to the legs now, and once again Ban doesn't disappoint. Long, luscious legs, a nice bit of meat, a taut butt, and high heels to boost everything up; they really delivered here. The stockings keep up the 'simple, but well-done' design philosophy that has been going through this figure. Intricate lace trimming along the edge, just a bit of cutting into the thighs to show off that meat, diamond patterns along the side for style, and shading on the fabric to give it that transparent look. Just about the only point against them was a minor bit of splotching around the diamond patterns, but it's hardly something that stands out.


Just coming around to the back quick, Ayame's skirt riding up shows off that she's currently not wearing panties, but rather the harness for her toys. A little peek at her pussy peeking out and just another little hint that she's not nearly as pure as the rest of her attire would make you think.

Swapping Parts


Ayame comes with a total of four optional parts to swap around: A second face plate, a pair of bare breasts, her red strap-on dildo, and a second right arm with a stroking hand.


Ayame's body separates into multiple pieces in order to facilitate her cast-off changes. From the top down: Her left arm pops out to make room for her head, the head and necktie come off the peg of her chest, the chest mounts to her body with a large peg, her right arm swaps out inside the sleeve, and her torso & lower body separate at the hips to remove the skirt or harness.


To swap out her face plate, her bangs and the front locks of hair hanging over her chest separate from the rest of her head along the top of her head while her neck and the back of her head are glued to the rest of her hair, sort of like a really lewd Nendoroid. Just pop in the face of your choice, put the hair back in, and fit the glasses back on.


Freed from the confines of her clothing, Ayame's true nature begins to spill through and damn if it isn't doing it for me. There's an appeal to a girl being partially clothed yet still baring everything, the clashing contrast between civility carnal desire, that just speaks to my soul (and other parts). It's like her pent-up lust from the day has boiled over and she couldn't be bothered to completely undress before taking you. And yes, she'd definitely be the one in the driver's seat in bed.

"Mmmmm. I'm sorry sweetie, but I can't hold it in anymore..."

As I mentioned before, this alternate face really sets Ayame part from her sisters. Eyes half-lidded, tongue hanging out, panting with desire, she has left behind the sensuality of Ban's other girls and embraced her burning need. Just about the only point against it is that I wish they had used a slightly brighter shade of pink to help the tongue stand out more.


Ayame's now bare breasts are quite the treat to take in. She may not have the same sheer mass of Erika's titanic tits, but they're full, round, and perky, making them seem even bigger than they already are. Add on those rock-hard, vibrantly pink nipples, and you have a 10/10 pair of tits here.


Swinging down for the up-skirt shot (is that the right term even without a skirt on?), we get a peek at her intimate regions. It's good enough, with some well-sculpted lips, though it's not really anything to write home about. What really sells it is the bright pink over the whole area showing how aroused she has become. I'm honestly surprised at this point that they didn't add some clear gloss to her down there!

Strap-on Strapped On

"Come on now, sweetie. Time to bend over for me.~"

And now we arrive at the finale for this figure, and our beautiful rose has finally shown us her thorns, or rather, thorn. While Ban's other girls play into the futa fantasy, Ayame instead has a BDSM streak in her that she's ready to unleash on her partner. She may not have a real dick like her sisters, but she's got the means and spirit to level the field.

Side note: The handcuffs I have on her in this picture are not part of the set, but rather from an accessory kit I had laying around. Figured it would be obvious from the different color it has from everything, but just to make it clear.


Coming around for a side view, we see Ayame has spared no expense on her toys for her playtoy. The straps are molded with a lot of fine details (rivets, buckles, a heart-shaped face plate), and the dildo had been immaculately sculpted to be as realistic as possible, fire engine red notwithstanding. Compared to her contemporaries, she's not packing the same punch as Dva's colossal cock, but she is comparable in length & girth to Erika, which is still saying something. The only downside that I've had with this set-up, really my only real issue with the figure period, is that some of these parts are a bit loose. Her stroking arm's peg isn't the tightest fit, the dildo can be knocked out of the harness easily due to a shallow peg, and the peg for the harness itself pops out easily. The least one isn't too much of a concern, though, since it actually sits over her ample hips and the tab is more just to hold it in place. On a personal note, I also feel the dildo could have been done either in a different color like purple to match everything else, or possibly have a gloss top coat or even be done with translucent plastic.


Bringing all three girls together is quite the sight to behold. Ayame stands just south of 10 1/2" compared to the near foot tall amazons Dva and Erika. Being nearly a foot shorter and the only regular woman, I could definitely see these two tanned beauties turning her into the cream-filled filling of a very lewd Oreo, though not without her getting to have some fun in exchange.


I feel like it doesn't even need to be said at this point, but absolutely! Ayame is an absolute knockout of a figure. Whether you want to display her gracefully or with her perversions on full display, lone or with her cock-wielding companions, you really can't go wrong. She is nothing short of amazing, and I would confidently say she's the second-best figure from Ban! just behind Dva. If you wanted her, get her as soon as you can, because I can guarantee her prices are going to skyrocket.

Final Score: 9.5/10
-Simple design packed with detail
-Variety of display options
-Elegence or lustful depending on your preferences
-Strap-on parts a bit loose
-Not a futa
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-Not a futa

That´s more like a pro to me...
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I actually have this beauty on the way to me and after reading your very extensive and informative review I'm looking forward to seeing her in person! I will say that a lot of people have kind of given her their own version of what her persona might be like, to me I saw her and immediately thought of a sexy teacher who is seducing her student after confiscating their magazines, she has that vibe about her, the pose is enticing and yet has a dominate feel too, there's a look of playfulness in her eyes as if she knows you're putty in her hands! Then there's that unnerving feel to them, like she has something planned for you and it won't be detention! XD lol Anyway I really enjoyed reading this great job! :D
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After seeing all these reviews, I really need to unpack mine, as she's still sitting on a bench by my kitchen table, patiently waiting to be unboxed.

I agree that a different color (maybe purple or even jet black) for the strap-on might have been a better choice, but the bold color does makes it clear that that she is not meant to be a futanari.

The stack of naughty books/magazines is a very interesting feature, although the way she's stepping on them makes me wonder if the books actually belong to her or not...
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Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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