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Nodocchi is the online avatar of Haramura Nodoka from the hit mahjong manga/anime Saki. Of course you know this. Like her non-online self, Nodocchi is known for her large breasts and ruthless, computer-like precision at getting those Rons and Tsumos. But that's besides the point.

Wave took its sweet time releasing this figure, delaying the release date at least once. Maybe twice. I didn't really keep an close eye on it. But it's out now. Like its anime form, Nodocchi sports two humongous wings. Don't let the 1/10 moniker hold you back; the large wingspan aside, the spear Nodocchi is holding also adds to the overall girth of this figure. I would say it's actually closer to 1/8 after all said and done, and you might want to give it extra girth.

The base, at least the one I got, is an octagon similar to the Wave Beach Queen line. Differences being not just the number of sides, but that it's clear plastic instead of that yellow...sand-thing. Not much to write home about.

What impressed me the most was the packaging. It comes in a box where you can see her with those huge wings extended (at a different angle than the actual assembled figure) behind the figure. The contents are stored in those 3-layer plastic molds, and the wings are neatly cross-folded behind the figure's layer to give the illusion that she has wings attached. It seriously looked real good right inside the box, if you just get a spotlight on her face.

The sculpting is good, although being a 1/10 some of the details are minute and hard to see. I think Wave did a good job trying to capture as much of it as they could, but most of it came of as just prints on the uni-color dress body.

The weakest point to Nodocchi is her paint job. The whole thing looks too subdued; in Saki she's this bright goddess of mahjong destruction, complete with her light-pink dress and golden wings. The PVC kit felt a lot more, to put it nicely, down to earth. The paint job gave it a good sense of depth but overall it felt a bit cheap.

Despite that, the figure has good expression and generally good pose. Hard to go wrong with the pose, really. It's the sort of pose only a few characters can strike, and those who do will almost always look good like that. Most of the frills of Nodocchi's gothloli outfit are captured, and besides some flaws in the manufactured end result, I'm fairly happy how it came out. The ribbon on the back of her dress likes to fall off, but it's not a big deal even if it may be a pain to put it back on. This kit might be even a good model if you look to build a costume of Nodocchi, since you can actually tell what it looks like behind her. The unrealistic bust section aside (her shoulder pieces are not exactly connected with the rest of the outfit?) it's pretty true-to-anime/manga.

If I really had to nitpick, it's that this figure kind of "looks down." If you plan to put her in shelving, she'll look much gorgeous if you slot her near the top of the shelves than near the bottom. Just like how it is in the anime...
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