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hey y'all. long time no journal.

i haven't been writing stuff lately bcos nothing's loot worthy atm; at least, for now.
as usual, watch out for pic heavy content.



(sis gave me the KNY clearfile as a graduation gift)

TL;DR, i finally graduated from college and got my diploma last october. neat. but i also spent the rest of the year after my final semester in april until now, unemployed :)))))

more like i applied to lots of places but with no success. 70% of those i applied to never contacted me back :)))))

i did do a freelance work and tabled at local art events but that's it. that's where i can only make money :(

to make matters worse we have this NCOV pandemic which pretty much means all events and artists alleys got cancelled o|-<

so i can only rely on online commission works both local and abroad.

thankfully (and hopefully) i have saved enough cash for march preorders. no figures for the next three months until august since i'm getting gudao and gudako nendos so that my shirin+guda family shrine is complete.

mostly imma currently preordering FGO babylonia merch bcos i was planning to do a small guda+rinfaces shrine (ERESH IS PRECIOUS ILY BBY) but once HF3 is out i will be back with my shirin bs.



I MADE A SHIRIN ITABAG!! i had to use a totebag that i had atm bcos tight on budget for an actual itabag; might gonna invest in a transparent vinyl bag meanwhile until this pandemic is over and i've got some extra cash for one.

i'm also waiting for a few shirin merch to be delivered by a japanese mutual on twitter as a thank you gift for participating a JP shirin anthology.

i also got this big boy last month; tho i didn't start working on him until last weekend.



can't wait to finish him.

i've also finally got myself time to watch kara no kyoukai earlier last month, right after the event ended on FGONA. boy i ended up loving this series too. i frickin love shiki; she's hella cool, but i love fujino even more.


ok i drew a lot of her; she's really an interesting character.


here's a shiki to make up for that lol. best assassin in my team.

i don't think i would be financially invested in KNK that much since the series is pretty much done (save for ufotable cafe occasionally giving shiki some bday merch)

in any case, i'm more active on twitter. i'm also opening art commissions and fate merch box splits if you guys are interested.

otherwise... that's all. stay safe and don't forget to wash your hands.
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Congratulations on your graduation!! :D And stay safe on your side too.
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