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Hello again! I'm here with my second review of the An Afternoon with Eevee & Friends figure series (ENTRY #192256), doing the first entry of the series since I started with the second one! I didn't initially plan on doing Eevee, but since Sylveon is releasing late this month (Tuesday at 12 PM EST if anyone wants her) I probably won't get my hands on it until next month. I wanted to do at least one every month, and since Sylveon is late, I'll do Eevee (ITEM #947746)!


I tried to take my own picture this time but I kinda suck at backgrounds and taking pics and this that and the other lol

Let's look at the packaging first!


Front of the box, simple, just a little window.


Top, featuring the art of the figure.


Side of the box, with all of the other figures silhouetted out.


Back of the box, advertising the Pokemon Center U.S.

Box is pretty simple overall, just like the Vaporeon one.

Let's take it out of the box!


Inside the blister packaging


The blister packaging by itself

Blister is pretty simple, it matches the shape of the figure itself, nothing more.

Turnaround of the figure!







Overall the figure is pretty cute! It does have one glaring issue, though, I'll get to that at the end. Closeup time!



The base is quite nice, although I think it could use some more flowers. The rocks are a nice touch but they feel a bit out of place in my opinion. Perhaps some tall grass might have fit better, or a picnic basket? I like that they included more than one Eevee due to their small size, since all the other figures will most likely only include one large Eeveelution.

The figure does have some issues, mostly QC issues. I'll point some out:


Here we have some paint missing on the edges of the leaves surrounding the flowers.


Space between the light tip of the tail and the dark part of the tail is pretty obvious, they could have used a little more filler there.

But the biggest issue with this figure is...


What is up with those eyebrows?
I thought this figure was such a cute concept but those eyebrows just kill it for me. It makes Eevee look... Angry? Upset? Determined? It just doesn't match the tone the figure is meant to have. I... Hate it, lol. Even my sister, who collects Eevees, didn't want this figure because of the eyebrows. The figure is cute almost everywhere else except for the faces (ಥ﹏ಥ)

Anyways, let's look at the size of this figure.


Here it is against ITEM #875983, it's a pretty short figure!


Against this Cútie (ITEM #845691)! Get it, cause his name is Cú?

Hmm? What do you mean not everyone collects nothing but trading figures like I do? Oh right, I should use some more common examples -ㅅ-


Here they are compared to ITEM #3318, who is a 1/8 scale.


And finally, here they are compared to my lovely ITEM #739699.
Eventually I'll use Arjuna in one of these, but I just always seem to grab Karna when taking pictures...

Overall, I like this figure, but I don't think it's for me. It's cute for sure, but I can't get past the angry eyebrows. Of course it's a must have for any major Eevee collector (that isn't my sister) but since I'm not, I'll probably let go of it soon enough. This isn't to say that you shouldn't get it if you like it, it's just not for me personally!

Thank you for reading! Please let me know if you have any recommendations for my next review! Next time, I'll be doing ITEM #947750, which I have high hopes for! Sorry this review was kinda short and less detailed than the Vaporeon one, I felt like this item was overall just simpler and had less to talk about comparatively.

I'm also considering doing ITEM #772727, who I purchased recently, but I probably won't get her until next month either due to the shipping delays. I'll think on it once I finally get her!

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Eevee!! It's cute but you're right about how awkward the eyebrows are, they look pretty angry/annoyed.

Still, thanks for the review!
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The eyebrows do look off on the Eevees. If one wanted to, maybe they can be painted over? Overall, nice review!
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Cute eevee, but yea those eyebrows do make the figure a bit awkward. Lovely review as always! Looking forward to the next review (always making me relive my childhood days and making me crave Pokémon merch).
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