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Greetings MFC and oh here we are again with another sexy figure review! ;P This time round we're taking a look at the daring Sari Utsugi who is being quite cheeky in her school uniform!

Original Character ITEM #740460
Made By Alphamax ENTRY #7707
Classification SkyTube ENTRY #23752
Illustrated By Misaki Kurehito ENTRY #22849
Sculpted by Hiro ENTRY #40167
Made of ABS/PVC
Scale 1/6
Release Date 12/09/2019
Bought from AmiAmi

Based on an illustration by the very talented Misaki Kurehito I could not wait to add Sari to my collection, I'm quite fond of Misaki's work as he has this way of drawing really beautiful characters, I already own ITEM #454730 ITEM #209601 ITEM #457123 ITEM #287585 so I know that figures based on his artwork usually turn out to be stunning, does Sari fall into that category? Well that's what we're here for to find out!

Original IllustrationOriginal Illustration


The box design is actually quite simplistic I mean for an original character it's hard to come up with ideas that will suit them but I think Alphamax did a really good job with this one, it's adorned with flowers, hearts and cute patterns with a color scheme of pink white and purple, different shaped windows to make it stand out and of course a giant window in the front so you can see Sari right away to tempt you into a purchase! The sides have a picture of the illustration which is a nice touch and a full look at the figure herself. The back features more pics of her including a cheeky look at her alternative display option! Note the Alphamax holographic sticker at the bottom, look out for this to avoid buying any bootlegs should they pop up. The box inlay isn't all that exciting just a similar design to the outer box, here I would have loved to have seen a classroom backdrop for photography but sadly it's just very plain.
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Sari doesn't have much in the way of accessories on opening the box you will find:
two extra arms, folded down bra, instructions, school bag and illustration card. There is also included something other SkyTube figures haven't had and that is a sheet of water transfers of pubic hair which can be used on four figures! You'll see that I've used two already, one for Sari and another for another figure you'll see soon.... ;)
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School Bag


I've mentioned time and time again about how I hate boring bases and er yeah this isn't exactly a winner in ingenuity, yep you guessed it's a round plastic disc that's fluffy! We haven't seen this one before! lol Seriously though it does the job and at least she isn't on the floor but honestly it would have been nice if it was a classroom floor or even if she sat on top of a desk, just something with a bit more imagination to it. I actually would have preferred one of the fluffy rug like bases that other SkyTube figures have such as Yuri Akasaka as this base is pretty big, it's over 7 inches in diameter which means it's a space taker.
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So it turns out Sari is sculpted by one of my fav sculptors Hiro! As I mentioned I love the works of Misaki but I love Hiro more as they bring his works to life and they pour in 100% of attention to detail to each figure, Sari is no exception, the delicate look of her lips, the lines and curves of her body, the tangle of her hair, the wrinkles in her clothing, the arch of her shoulders, the lace design of her bra are just some of the focal points of her figure, I think Hiro has done a superb job of recreating the illustration, she definitely has that laid back risque feel about her! The school bag is sculpted well too with creases and indents and loose looking hanging straps to make it look like a real bag.
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The attention to detail in the paintwork is exactly what I'd expect from Alphamax. The face is just perfect, her eyes have a steely stare as she's fixed them on you and is willing you to look at what she's doing! The added blush gives her a shy feel as if she knows she's teasing you but also quite embarrassed at the same time which gives of an added charm. The pin striping on her bow is well done with tiny stars that are faultless. Her tights have some nice shading to make it look like her skin is showing through, her finger nails are painted to look like nail varnish, the shirt has buttons holes which have nice faded effect and the skin tone shading helps accentuate her body, especially around her belly button and the curvature of her back. I can't find many faults here apart from a slight run off on the pin striping on her skirt and even that you have to go very close to see!
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Well just like other SkyTube figures Sari can be cast off for alternative display options! Now it is quite tricky so follow the instructions before you attempt this as you could cause paint transfer between her shirt and skirt. Casting off is easy to do but can be annoying and I did have a very hard time with her alternate right arm which would not fit in no matter how much effort I used to get it to fit. Eventually I won, but it was a struggle and it came loose after a while, I'm unsure whether this is a factory fault but bear this in mind should you decide to get her. Another really tough task is putting her skirt holding arm through her bra strap on the folded down bra for the top cast off, this again is tricky and you do have to be forceful with it which might worry you about breakages. So be careful! As you can see she has numerous amount of display options and you can decide whether to use the decal as well which is a bonus. I used the decal as it stays true to the original illustration and it also adds a degree of eroticism to her as you can just see the hair over the top of her panties making her feel more raunchy!
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One thing I will say is that on fully cast off I feel like they should have done something with her skirt holding hand as it just doesn't look right the way her hand is, obviously she's pulling her skirt but without it, it just looks weird, they could have done an extra hand for her to cover her breast that would added to her shyness. Also that seam line where her extra arm goes on is a bit ugly, thankfully you can only see it from the back.


Sari will fit in with any other 1/6 figure nicely but might look out of place with 1/7's. Here she is with SkyTube's Kotone Kamishiro who is a 1/7 and you can see that she's just that bit bigger making it look a bit strange next to her. She also doesn't fit well with 1/8's either as you can see by the pic of her with the Portrait Of Pirates SA Nami.
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The Sexy Figure collection again! lol


Sari is a tantalizingly beautiful figure with an alluring gaze and a spicy pose that would fit nicely into anyone's sexy figure collection, the sculpting is just perfect and the paint attention to detail is what you'd expect from Alphamax! The only flaws with her are the cast off as mentioned it can be tricky, the big base and lack of accessories but overall she is a stunning figure to add to the collection! The extra display options make her great value for money and the added decal which can be used on other figures does give her another reason to buy!

Just a quick side note about one thing that irked me when I got her, as yes I do love her she's a lovely figure but I really do wish that her panties had the see through effect that shows on the original illustration, I was annoyed to see that she doesn't have this, as one of the more alluring factors of her was the see through effect it made her that more naughty! lol So it's a shame Alphamax didn't replicate this.

As usual here's some extra pics!
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After school photo shoot
Box inlay pic
Erotic B&W pic
Illustration pic
Alone time...
Another reason why I bought Sari was I knew she'd look great with Sakura Hina!
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Well that's it for another sexy SkyTube figure review! I'll be back soon with a look at the new Kano Ebisugawa who I'm really excited to share with you! Until then thanks for reading! Stay safe and TTFN!


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sailormatlac2 kuukautta sitten#78136201Neat review. I concur the teaming of Misaki + Hiro delivers nice figures that are sexy yet full of innocent charm. It's only recently I started to pay attention to a few figures in my wishlist and found out they were all designed by Misaki and often sculpted by Hiro.
Thanks... Now my worries are gone, time to order!

Thanks! :D Agreed! Misaki's art is so beautiful and Hiro is so great at bringing it to life with his sculpting, same! I was actually surprised to realize that I had other figures based on Misaki's illustrations with Hiro's sculpt! That's good to hear, she's a great addition to a collection! ;)
2 kuukautta sitten
Neat review. I concur the teaming of Misaki + Hiro delivers nice figures that are sexy yet full of innocent charm. It's only recently I started to pay attention to a few figures in my wishlist and found out they were all designed by Misaki and often sculpted by Hiro.

Thanks... Now my worries are gone, time to order!
2 kuukautta sitten
Skinny_Neko3 kuukautta sitten#77669331Great review :)
I too don’t like boring bases! I suppose sometimes they don’t do fancy bases so that they don’t detract from the actual figure, but I like it when some thought goes into a base.
She goes really well with Sakura Hina doesn’t she :)

Thanks for reading! ^^ They just suck and ruin the aesthetic of the figure, I mean yes the main point is the figure but honestly a giant disc base is just boring it lacks imagination, it's like they couldn't be bothered to even make something more better, yes this one is fluffy but that's all it has going for it. Some figures I have the bases are amazing, take Ayame and the Monogatari GSC figures, they really do make the figure that more interesting. She does, better than I thought, love them both!

vgadict3 kuukautta sitten#77668664Thanks for the review and all the great pics! I really like this figure, and she looks great displayed nopan style.

Thank you for reading! :D Glad you liked it and the pics. :) She is great, the nopan style makes her more exciting, yes she looks good with her pants on but like I said she would have been way better if they were see through like in the OG illustration, nopan with the skirt makes her much more sexy and erotic which suits the pose of her and her expression really well, so I couldn't resist getting some shots to show that! lol
3 kuukautta sitten
Great review :)

I too don’t like boring bases! I suppose sometimes they don’t do fancy bases so that they don’t detract from the actual figure, but I like it when some thought goes into a base.

She goes really well with Sakura Hina doesn’t she :)
3 kuukautta sitten
Thanks for the review and all the great pics! I really like this figure, and she looks great displayed nopan style.
3 kuukautta sitten
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