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  • I actually don’t think that anime has deteriorated in quality at all as a whole. I mean, sure, CGI anime doesn’t look great but overall, I don’t think it has changed too much. To me, the issue lies in the fact that most interesting topics have most likely been used up already and nothing feels new. However, that doesn’t mean that something new can’t make something that has been done better.

    I also think people tend to remember psychological and dark series of the past more than lighthearted anime because they contain deeper plots. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that these aren’t made anymore. I think what has changed is that there is more anime to choose from and more of what is made is focusing on market value in Japan.

    If you find a cash cow, you milk it until the market gets tired of it. And I think this is why we drown in so much Isekai and harems, etc. But the deeper ones are still being made and are perhaps covered by the rest because there is such a large amount of anime accessible to us now.

    I love old anime equally as much as I love new series. My personal opinion is that everyone should ignore trends and just read a synopsis to find something interesting. Anime is still enjoyable to me because I watch what I think may be good instead of looking at opinions of others. A lot of good anime will vanish otherwise.

    That being said, I also want to make a point of the fact that the Hunter x Hunter, Dororo, and Fruits Basket remakes have outdone their older versions. So in the end, perhaps it’s not that new anime is different but that we lack originality in source materials because everything has been done already?
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    WhoBeDaPlaya1 kuukautta sitten#80067459ufotable pretty much has a reputation for Godlike visuals (see, well, pretty much everything they've made - Kara no Kyoukai, F/SN UBW, F/SN Heaven's Feel, Zestiria, Kimetsu no Yaiba, God Eater, etc.)

    I see. This additional info is very interesting. Thanks.
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    dtindcarea1 kuukautta sitten#80031603Sorry, but I don't know if you understood my point based on your response. I'm just saying that the original Fate/SN wasn't the best in production quality but I still like it. That's my main point. They stepped up the production quality of other Fate series like Fate/Zero. I'm just using the various Fate series as an example and not saying they are terrible or the best in production quality.
    No worries, understood your point, and I like the original F/SN a lot as well! :)
    (Tainaka Saichi's Disillusion is one of my favorite Fate OP/EDs, LiSA's cover in F/SN UBW didn't hit the same spot)

    Was just pointing out in general that is it sometimes not necessarily just the age of a title, but also the studio that produced it.
    - F/SN (2006) - Studio Deen
    - F/Z (2011) - ufotable
    - Kara no Kyoukai (2007) - ufotable

    ufotable pretty much has a reputation for Godlike visuals (see, well, pretty much everything they've made - Kara no Kyoukai, F/SN UBW, F/SN Heaven's Feel, Zestiria, Kimetsu no Yaiba, God Eater, etc.)
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    They aren’t bad BUT what really ticks me off is NO TRADITIONAL ANIMATION it’s mainly all digital now except for things that are produced by ufotable that use both digital and traditional but I hate it when they do digital now it looks so soulless and The reason I began to watch anime was because Disney and other companies stopped doing traditional animation I loved the princess and the frog cause it was amazingly directed and animated
    But now they use flash, toon boom etc
    It’s sad That Japan is late to the party and finally caught up....
    I wish they never discovered how to animate digitally cause it’s terrible I watched the new fire force op though and fell in love with it it’s mainly traditional and that sword part is my favourite oh man that’s so good
    I wish companies any company Japanese or western would go back to traditional animation cause it sure got me into making traditional animation of my own I tried digital but you can not replicate traditional animation on a digital canvas so as I want my animation to be smooth traditional will have to do and personally the only thing I can see that’s expensive is the paper...it takes me the same amount of time on both paper as on a digital canvas...so time is not a negative there
    I think they are just making excuses
    And not only is it soulless it’s not as smooth and realistic as traditional animation
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    I mostly dismiss my lack of watching new anime to the fact I'm getting older. The last thing I watched and enjoyed was Madoka Magica (if you don't count the recent Digimon additions). I liked when shows experimented. Evangelion and Lain were my introduction to anime. Other favorites include Haibane Renmei, Death Note, Ghost Hound, Boogiepop Phantom, the original Fullmetal Alchemist, and other monster-raising shows like Pokemon, Monster Rancher, and Digimon (I guess YuGiOh fits this as well). I didn't get Sailor Moon as a kid, but I did go back and rewatch most of it as well. I did dabble in Oreimo and some other similar shows, but honestly I think I've watched more hentai than normal anime.

    I just find that because anime companies have to play it safe and sell lots of merchandise, they don't do much "new". There's always underlying moe involved. There's always a reboot. (I find this kind of tricky. I disliked Evangelion Rebuild and Digimon Tri, but I'm enjoying Digimon Adventure: (reboot) for now.)

    The good news even comes with a double edged sword for me. We get so much more cool merch to collect, but half the time it's premium bandai, proplicas, or some other exclusive or the cost is hundreds of dollars. They definetly don't seem to be targeting the child demographic, which is somewhat understandable for reboots, but I've experienced this in child focused fandoms like Pokemon too.

    I'm not 100% sure where I was going with this at... 2 AM, but I definetly have my hang ups with new anime. I hope someday capitalism stops going on it's downward spiral and we can give creators more freedom again.

    EDIT: I guess I should say what I like about modern anime? I do like that most of the time the animation quality is good, there's more simulcasts than ever, and more variety of merch.
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    WhoBeDaPlaya1 kuukautta sitten#79995753Well, you are pitting Studio Deen against ufotable in that comparison :)
    Okay, arguably F/SN was 2006 and F/Z was 2011, but Kara no Kyoukai (2007) also blows it away visually.
    That said, nothing wrong with Studio Deen - they've made lots of my favorites (Sankarea, Log Horizon, KonoSuba, Sakura Trick, Nurarihyon no Mago, etc.)

    Sorry, but I don't know if you understood my point based on your response. I'm just saying that the original Fate/SN wasn't the best in production quality but I still like it. That's my main point. They stepped up the production quality of other Fate series like Fate/Zero. I'm just using the various Fate series as an example and not saying they are terrible or the best in production quality.
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    I do not like the newer anime at all. It's my opinion that anime gives you the opportunity to build a world that lets you tell a story with real substance and express that in ways which would not be possible to do in real life. It must also have a high psychological value and no sugarcoating at all. In a way, you could say that I get positive vibes from facing the issues of humanity head-on, even if there is no solution.

    I feel like recent anime is going in the polar opposite direction instead. Its potential being used for further escapism; where the viewers can wane themselves in a world so far away from reality which lets them forget about all it !while watching that anime!. What the viewer who likes such anime doesn't realize is the true intention behind this particular direction. It's finite, and once it stops you're back in reality. You want more though. This is how they turn you into a consumer slave of their !product!. Hook you in, cliffhanger each season, release merch of it in between. When even the most potential means to express ourselves beyond the limited possibilities of real life ends up being used with the true goal of just making $$$ off it then I simply lose interest.

    The naivety of many people regarding the somewhat recent corporate takeover of the entire entertainment spectrum just ends up being yet another annoyance to me. Oh how I long for a new anime by a creator who's not creating it with the survival of themselves as the #1 drive behind it (aka catering towards the biggest group of consumers), but rather to express a message of which you can say "You know what, I can agree with this" even if that message is ugly / negative, or at least makes the viewer think. Alas, long gone are the days of Death Note / Kiseijuu. It is what it is.

    P.S. www.youtube.com... is a recent example which does a pretty good job of explaining the above & the future we're headed towards if it keeps up (subject is a game, but this can be applied on entire modern entertainment spectrum). Starting from 3:55 = a hilariously accurate description of said mentioned naivety xD
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    i just can’t jive with a lot of newer anime for some reason, but that doesn’t mean i hate it all.
    this isn’t an anime technically but 2018’s mo dao zu shi is just a masterpiece, and i’m not someone who usually likes BL. the worldbuilding and sheer amount of interesting characters makes me love it.

    there’s just a vibe with newer anime that can’t match older for me though. a lot of that is the music. take the music of onegai teacher/twins and clannad. lots of synthesizers and soft, ambient pads. these days you don’t really hear soundtracks with a sound like that.

    also, i’m just currently not really enjoying the art style trends of the 2010s (since we quite honestly haven’t seen much of the 2020s yet, that’s what i’m sticking with.)

    that being said, i really enjoyed shows like monster musume and dragon maid. new game! was one of my favorites as well.

    it’s just that nothing has been able to match that “vibe” for me. some of my favorite anime, serial experiments lain, haibane renmei... have a certain something to them. considering those two shows heavily involve the same creator... maybe i just need yoshitoshi abe to make something new LMAO
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    I definitely prefer older anime, but still enjoy newer stuff too! My favorite era will be the early 2000s and nothing can top that for me, but there's still modern stuff I really enjoy like Made in Abyss ans Girls Last Tour!
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    I like all anime really. I enjoy the heartful yet cheesy 80s anime, the diverse 90s anime, the well-written 2000s anime aka the golden age, and the trope-flipping of the modern post 2010s anime. I think people are too quick to label all new anime as bad. People forget that all generations of anime had duds. It's just that so much anime is produced naturally more duds are produced, but is it really a larger percentage of crap than previous generations? Personally I think 90s anime was at least 50% crap. For every One Piece, Eva, Rurouni Kenshin, and Yu Yu Hakusho you got a stupid cute girl piloting mecha/cute girl is an alien predictable anime. And the 80s had a lot of boring formulaic shows too while the 2000s started the boring as hell harem trend. Crap is not unique to the 2010s. It's just that with a higher volume of anime, we get a higher volume of crap.

    What I like about modern anime is the tendency to defy tropes. Madoka (not a deconstruction btw), Overlord, Re:Zero, Tanya, and Konosuba each defy their respective genre in an interesting way. You still get your formulaic crap, but you still get your gems.

    I think most people crap on new anime because:

    a.) They are enamored with a bygone era. Anime is no longer kid-centric. The young adults have the money to throw at anime dvds and merch, so they aim for this market vs the shounen and magical girl of yesteryear. Magical girl and shounen aren't 100% dead though. Tbh, I think the focus on seinen makes the writers forced to come up with original ideas rather than rely on tropes.

    b.) A lot of anime can feel like it's all the same. Modern anime does have the tendency to milk trends for all their worth. It's not always a bad thing to hop on the bandwagon, but when every anime is the same genre, it's easy to get bored no matter how well-written it is
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