Kasane Teto nendoroid plush review! :3Kasane Teto nendoroid plush review! :3Review

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Hello everyone, let me start off by saying this review is purely just for fun. I'm an ASD person and I really like to share the details I like about things I love. Teto was a plush I looked for for a long time and never thought I'd ever have her, luckily I do have her and I'm very grateful for that!
I'm going to point out some of the details that I notice and love about this plush, maybe some things I would change and an over all summary about how I feel, enjoy! ☺️

The Teto Nendoroid plush is a very nice plush, the material is soft but not too fluffy. Not only does this specific plush have wire in the hair to hold the shape of "drill curls", it also has wire in the limbs to allow articulation/poseability! The clothes are very detailed and intricate and the little buttons are perfectly placed. The sewing on the plush is absolutely exquisite and it looks very high quality. The colours are very vibrant and look stunning when the light hits it. The plush also posseses a high quality weight, it isn't extremely heavy but also isn't light and flimsy. The headphones are lilac and feel a little bit like leather, they have a shiny print on them which I really like because it looks really cool in different lighting. This detail might seem silly to those who don't collect these plushies but the label is also ideally placed. I like to keep the labels on all of my plushies and when sitting them down on the shelf, if the label happens to be on their butt it makes it so awkward to sit them down. The label is also very nice, the design is so cute and the colours look really nice. The labels add something for me!

There is very little I'd change about this plush, maybe I'd make the hair a little bit less flimsy? This isn't much of an issue for any of the rest of my plushies but since Teto's hair is an unusual style it's different from the rest. Sometimes I worry I might smoosh it into a weird shape and then she'll look crazy! I'd also maybe like the eyes to be a little bit more detailed but maybe that's because I'm an artist lol.

Overall I think you can guess that I totally adore this plush. I really wanted to share my love for it on here because these plushies mean so much to me and talking about them makes me very happy. If anyone else has this plush, what do you like about it? I'd love to know.

Thanks for reading :3https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/06/09/2231752.jpeg
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NikhilR2 kuukautta sitten#78690493Oh wow O.O she has really jumped in price!

Haku was £320 T-T
I could have got her for £150 in better condition if I waited! I thought it would be brand new but the label was kinda yellow, bag missing sticker and it was opened. At least the plush itself is in good condition!
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TheMochiMachine2 kuukautta sitten#78678138£180! :3

Oh wow O.O she has really jumped in price!
2 kuukautta sitten
NikhilR2 kuukautta sitten#78677728Thank you for the review!
How much did you get her for in the aftermarket?

£180! :3
2 kuukautta sitten
Thank you for the review!
How much did you get her for in the aftermarket?
2 kuukautta sitten
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