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☺ Hello! ☺
Welcome to my May/June 2020 loot haul!
Once again I underestimated just how much stuff would be arriving at my house these last two months.. so much that I didn't have enough time to fit all of it into this haul! I'll have an important poll question at the end of this haul regarding that and will explain near the very end what it's about!

I've also have something else really cool to show off at the end if you stick around!

I don't want to dilly-dally, but I'd like to quickly address one thing. I apologize for the lighting in most photos, I had major difficulties once again trying to work with natural sunlight. Hopefully this will not be a problem for me going forward since I just purchased a set of softbox lights that actually arrived just the day before I'm currently typing this!

Everything in this haul was either purchased from Otamart or Yahoo! Auctions Japan through a proxy, aside from a select few items which were purchased from Aitai☆Kuji and some Blu-rays I purchased from Sentaifilmworks.

If you end up enjoying this, I've made many more! You can click "Previous Loot" just a few lines down (or at the end of the haul) to check them out! If you're reading this sometime in the future, you can also check out some newer hauls by clicking "Next Loot" instead!

Text & Photo Heavy!
My hauls tend to be quite a long read since I usually have a bunch to show off. I've tried to condense many items into as little photos as possible, but I do like to showcase certain things I have an interesting story/background information for or just individual items I like that I think deserve the spotlight! Keep in mind that the captions are just for flavor, feel free to simply scroll through the images if you like!

With all of that aside, we have some loot to inspect!

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Nendoroid - Ann Takamaki | Phantom Thief ver.

Ever since I got this Nendoroid I've been suuuper excited to talk about her! Undeniably my favorite Nendoroid so far to pose and take pictures of and one of my favorites overall just due to how charming of a figure she is!

I didn't actually ever plan to purchase Ann. I've never played Persona 5 simply because I don't own a PS3/PS4 to do so. While I know a fair bit about the characters and story of Persona 5, my only experience with the Persona series is Persona 4 Golden which I loved. I exclusively bought a PSVITA just to play that game, roughly a year back? Now that the PC release just happened (Yay!) it feels like sort of a stupid decision, but I don't regret it in the slightest given how enjoyable that game was and how loveable the cast is. I've had my eyes on Yukiko's Nendoroid for a while now..

I found Ann for about half her standard price (¥4,909) on Yahoo! Auctions, nobody else bid on her so I got the girl for ¥2,800, sealed & brand-new! This was pretty exciting since I knew she was a somewhat newly released Nendoroid. If I had to guess why the seller sold her, I'd assume it was because of a few very small marks across the front of the box. They're almost completely unnoticeable to me and the box is in amazing condition otherwise, so for half the price, I managed an amazing deal!


Onto the figure itself. I'm not sure where exactly to start because there is honestly so much I adore overall. Her likeness is captured perfectly, the resemblance almost exactly matches how her chibi-fied look is in the Persona Q2 game but obviously with much more fine detailing.

I'll start with her hair simply because I'm in love with how it's sculpted. Much like in the games or anime it's a very prominent, standout feature of her design. Two beautiful poofy twintails on either side which have a really nice wavy, flowing form to them. Because of that and the fact that they both have ball joints, you're able to convey a lot of subtle movement with them which looks amazing and can add a lot of interest when posing her for photos of just displaying her on your shelf!

Despite being outfitted in a cherry red, leather catsuit, my eyes are constantly drawn to her head. I have to think the reasoning behind this, coupled with her hair, is the outstanding job they did with each of her three faceplates! She has very defined cool blue eyes, each expression is sharp and does a great job showcasing different aspects of her personality. There's certain fairness to each of the faceplates however that manages to make each of the expressions not feel too forced or exaggerated. It absolutely hones in on the characters implied effortless, natural beauty and her modeling career background.


Along with just how great this figure looks in some simpler poses, she comes with a very impressive selection of alternate pieces and accessories to spice things up! An alternate front hairpiece to display her with a mask, two bent leg pieces, two bent arms with twistable joints in the center, a submachine gun, two entirely bendable whips (long & short), and a whole slew of different hand pieces including one with a miniature version of her mask in hand! Along with all of that she even comes with a thin plastic standee which you can display in front of her to recreate her persona attack from the game!

There is such a crazy amount of different things included with her that you can get really creative and come up with plenty of different unique poses! I think the whip particularly is an extremely unique accessory that I really haven't seen any equivalent to with any other Nendoroid. Even small things like how you can twist her tail around add a lot of interest overall and make posing her that much more entertaining!

My only major gripe with the figure is that almost all of the extra hand pieces are exclusively for her right hand. You might be able to get away with a few of them on her left, for example I used both the peace-sign and gun-holding hands on her left arm in the photos I took, but it's impossible not to spot that it's the wrong hand if you actually have her hold the gun up. The same can be said with the peace-sign hand if you pay enough attention but at least it's a bit harder to tell with that one.

While I understand they chose these hand pieces to be on her right side to mirror her poses and such from the game, I still think it would have been nice if they included at least one or two more options for the other hand, even with all the accessories already included. I just think it's unfortunate that you're given so many different accessories and parts, but are limited to using one at a time because of they're all designated to one hand. Other than that, I think the plastic standee is a lame addition that's awkward to pose her with. If you've seen me review basically any My Hero Academia Nendoroid, it's like the equivalent of those action-bubble words included with each of those figures, but to a worse degree.


Overall I think Ann is one of the best Nendoroid's I own in so many different aspects. She's an attractive figure, has an incredible likeness to the character aesthetically and personality-wise (from what I know!), she comes with dozens of accessories & alternate parts, has a near limitless amount of poses and looks fantastic no matter how you decide to display her.. she's just a tremendous bundle all around, even at her standard price I would have been a fool to miss out on her. Aside from all of that, even the somewhat marked up box that I mentioned looks wonderful as well! This is an outstanding Nendoroid. If you're looking for a new Nendoroid or have contemplated purchasing her before, I hope that I've done a good enough job praising this figure and have convinced you to go purchase this girl!
Nendoroid - Gumako | Cheerful ver.

Gumako is yet another Nendoroid I didn't plan to purchase but found for a good deal on Yahoo! Auctions and decided to scoop up! She's pretty dirt cheap anyways and I see her quite often for like ¥2000 brand-new.. but I got this one for ¥1000 and the box still had the thin white packing paper taped around the outside. I knew it was pretty much impossible to find a better deal on her than that so I jumped on it and won the auction at the starting price.

So, here are a few details about Gumako if you don't know who she is. Gumako is essentially Good Smiles sort of defunct mascot? She was apparently created as an April Fool's joke in 2008 which I couldn't find the origins of when I tried to search for. This figure however was created in 2011, marking Good Smiles 200th Nendoroid. She's also special in that she was sold to raise funds for the Japan Red Cross Society after a 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit Japan which then triggered a Tsunami and severely devastated the country. Gumako was only ¥3000 brand-new when she released, with ¥1000 of each purchase going directly to the Red Cross to help Japan heal from such a terrible natural disaster!

Gumako really wasn't used for much merchandise beyond that, she did apparently get a Figma at one point which was an extremely rare contest prize? Along with a proper scale figure in 2012 to continue supporting the Red Cross' efforts to help Japan. Other than that she was relegated to advertising different promotions and "running" their official Twitter page, but literally a few weeks ago was moved to her own Twitter page (@GSC_GUMA) where she's only since made a single tweet.

It's hard to say if they have further plans for the character or not, more than a decade after her creation.. but it's hard not to feel bad for her given how neglected she's been all these years, being a character born from such good intentions.


I think that I had more to say about Gumako as a character than I do about this figure, unfortunately. In contrast to Ann, Gumako only comes with three extra arms, one extra leg, one extra faceplate, a bowl of udon, and a cute little GSC-Seijin mascot.

Obviously they didn't want to go all out on a figure they weren't certain would sell or not, especially when they were trying to get people to purchase her so proceeds could be sent to the Red Cross. If you consider the year she was made, along with what they did include for a cheaper price, she is kind of impressive. No details specifically stand out to me but overall she's pretty cute!

I do like the contrasting orange and white, she matches well with Hoppo (ITEM #287707) I should have got a picture of the two together! Her arms are very stiff, along with the ball joints connecting to the tentacle-like arms on her hat. I do think those parts on her hat are a cool addition to the design overall though! The way her hat attaches to her head is a little awkward with a peg that plugs into the back piece of her hair and a big block that rests inside an indent at the front. It feels rather loose and because of the awkward design only really works for her.. but I feel like a lot of early Nendoroids had strange design elements to them that aren't compatible with other Nendoroids.

Other than that, I like both faceplates she comes with, her bowl of udon is a nice little accessory and the GSC-Seijin mascot paired up with her does a lot to not make her feel so empty when displayed. Something sort of funny I noticed when unboxing her that shows just how old of a figure she is, the screws on her stand arm actually had a little rust on each of them.


One last addition that I almost completely forgot about was these two stickers that came inside the box as well. Not much to note about them, but the "I LOVE UDON" one is very cute.

While Gumako might not be the most exciting Nendoroid and when compared to Ann, extremely lackluster.. I still enjoy what she is and for the price I got her at, any major complaint would just feel ridiculous. I'm happy to have Gumako on the shelf along with all the other Nendoroid's I now own. She's a fun little addition. I do like the character and wish she wasn't so ignored by Good Smile for as many years as she has been. While researching stuff about her, I did come across this View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://stat.ameba.jp/user_images/20111110/15/gsc-mikatan-e/4f/e1/j/o0515042911602459023.jpg on a very old Good Smile blog post showcasing her scale figure (here).
I think they're referred to as the GumaGuma V(five) and I'd really enjoy it if they made the rest of these designs into Nendoroids as well? It's unfortunate they've been pretty much entirely forgotten. Maybe in the future we'll see them again?

I hope Gumako's future is bright!

Eijiro Kirishima - Age of Heroes

It's been quite some time since I purchased a prize figure! This figure of Kirishima has been on my list for a long while though. Even when I first saw him, I was completely won over, I thought it was incredible just how detailed his sculpt seemed, that there was no way the final product would end up looking like that.

I was entirely wrong!


There isn't a single detail I can even complain about with this thing! What I think most people can agree on with prize figures is how often the face looks a bit janky or off-model. The entire "Age of Heroes" line has been pretty consistent with their faces but I personally think Kirishima got the best one out of them all! My big problem with Banpresto's Kirishima prize figure was both the face and his hair.

But this figure also did a fantastic job with the hair, something that even official artwork of him doesn't always get right. It's a part of his design that's usually a hit or miss, so the fact that they pulled it off so well with this sculpt, in like a $20 prize figure.. it's extremely admirable.


Another detail often messed up on prize figures are the hands. Once more, they didn't mess up! Each finger is distinctly separated and individually sculpted, I really like how they're curled up into his palms like he's clenching something! It makes him feel more rigid and tense, adding to his rock-hard quirk. His sleeves have nice creasing, also very rigid-feeling. I really like how they did the cogs on his shoulders, they feel more pronounced and less like some cheap plastic compared to Banpresto's figure which I didn't even realize until comparing both of them directly.

Now for the more fan service part of the figure. I'm not afraid to admit it, his abs look gorgeous. The physique of a character doesn't really hold much interest for me personally, but wow. This sculpt went all out on defining Kirishima's abs and it's all the better for it. There's so many highlight parts that catch my attention with this figure but it's extremely hard to ignore just how great his torso looks. Along with that, the strange strip of fabric.. thingy.. across his chest isn't too obtrusive and doesn't take away from his torso. It's kind of a strange part of his design admittedly though.

Moving down, the giant "R" medallion on in the center of his waistcoat looks perfect.


..and moving further down, I get to glorify all of the fantastic creasing and such on both his waistcoat and pants, just like I did with Banpresto's figure! Dare I say this figure did it better once more? It just looks so good! I love all of the frayed edgings on his waistcoat so much, it really looks raggedy and torn up.. making for such a cool touch! The baggy creasing of his pants adds to that, as I'm sure you can attest with your own eyes. Finishing everything off with the foundation of his powerful, heroic stance, some really smooth, hefty looking burgundy boots!

I'm very in love with this figure, I have been since I first saw it as I mentioned! The only reason it took me so long to buy him was that I am honestly running out of room to display many more figures. I'm not properly displaying him right now, but I couldn't live without him any longer. If you're a fan of Kirishima, do yourself a favor and buy this figure!

DLT Fantasy AU - Denki Kaminari

I totally forgot this guy last haul so I apologize greatly for that! I actually bought him during one of Aitai☆Kuji's sales and he's technically the last character I needed to complete my set of DLT Fantasy AU figures. Technically. I still need human Kirishima, but I have dragon Kirishima's figure.. so, I sort of have everyone now!

I like him quite a bit, the lightning bolts in his hands are really nice looking and I like that they took his fantasy design and sort of put their own ideas into it. Now he's kind of like a crossbow archer but with lightning I guess? ..Or maybe those are just meant to be daggers or something?.. The interpretation is up to you! Either way, very cool!

Now some tiny keychain figures!
Colorfull Collection - My Hero Academia Vol. 3

I literally just showed off the same Uraraka keychain figure last haul, but I think that I mentioned I got a set for cheap after buying hers. I got these four for ¥800. I was surprised and happy to see Todoroki's included in this set, primarily I bought it for Kirishima's but both Iida, Todoroki, and an extra Uraraka for that price is an absolute steal!

They're all very adorable, maybe I'll track down Bakugo and Midoriya's eventually to complete this set but I have a hunch they're either very hard to find for a reasonable price. Just a hunch. Anyhow, love these! I'd love new set of these Movic, please!

Deforme Mini Vol. 2 - Izuku Midoriya

Our final "figure" in this haul. I probably could have slipped this into the last photo but I liked those four on their own. This is the last version of Deku that I needed in these gacha figure sets, all I need now are Todoroki and Aizawa both of which are from this set as well, then Shigaraki from the third set and I've completed this little collection! He's a pretty angry-looking Deku, huh?
A few plushies next!

I got a great deal on all of my plushies this haul, but this Todoroki cost me half his standard price and was brand-new in his bag! I was pretty amazed by that since Todoroki merch is generally on the more expensive side. I really like these sitting plushies, they're awfully cute. I just wish I had known they'd get different variants in their Hero outfits instead of their school uniforms when I originally bought Uraraka's since I prefer the Hero outfits a bit more and they're a tad bit expensive to buy two variants of one character. So for now I'll just enjoy hers, Midoriya's and this cute Todoroki!

Somehow I managed to win a bid on this set of six plushies for just ¥1200. Unfortunately, I already had Uraraka's and even got Kirishima individually this same haul, so I have two of both now which I'll have to sell. I decided not to include both Kirishima's since it felt unnecessary.

Other than my two favorites in the middle, I don't know which ones I like the best? I sort of like all of them equally, except Bakugo's got some weird different skin tones between his arms and his torso which really makes me not like his plush. They're a cute bunch though, I like that all of them have individually colored straps attached to their heads!

Acrylic stands!

These tea-time acrylics are so precious and I patiently waited for months till they finally arrived. I love how these three look displayed together, it seriously looks like they were all meant for each other and this is my first Nejire acrylic! As you will see, I've already expanded from just this one.. All of their outfits are so cute and comfy too, this is actually one of my favorite outfits for Uraraka across all the artwork I've seen of her. Yellow just looks really good on her!

I waited even longer for these acrylics! I think I ordered these two along with the other three way back in December or something? The old Tokyo Hands collab merch used to be some of my favorite art for Uraraka (ITEM #615182), but they never sold any acrylics of it and just small cardboard standee's which are extremely hard to find and expensive! I knew these acrylics would be impossible to find after a certain amount of time, so I quickly snagged up my favorites but sadly decided against picking up Kirishima too..

One small bit of interesting but strange consistency I noticed is that Uraraka is knitting a pink sweater which she's seemingly wearing in this -> View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/03/02/2398731.png acrylic which I showed off a few hauls ago! That acrylic is from another limited-time collab that happened like a month after this one? The Namco Namjatown collab. It's just kinda strange like both collabs have no affiliation but it's rather cute and cool to see them crossover a bit.


You'll see later on but I got a huge deal on more of these big acrylics of the 1-A & 1-B students. I bought them just to add characters I don't have to my collection, but I got so many excess for dirt cheap. From left to right we have Sato, Rin, Kodai, Bondo, and Shishida.

My favorites are Kodai and Bondo. But speaking of Bondo, I actually had an incident with him. I was having a tough time fitting these acrylics into their stands for whatever reason I got a little rough with his and smacked the top to try and pop him in. I applied too much force and completely snapped his base in half View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://pbs.twimg.com/media/EasmoBEXQAEa1VT.jpg. I honestly felt so bad about it since I've never broken any of my merch like that. Luckily I had a spare of him in the huge amount of bulk I got, but I found it sort of ironic that Bondo's quirk is glue given how out of everyone.. I broke his.


Some other smaller acrylics. Nejire's is so darn precious. The other two use art from the Heroes Rising key visual and I had been searching for these acrylics for a while, finally obtained them!
..and a cup!..

This was also an item released alongside Heroes Rising. Such a colorful design wrapped around the exterior with cool little icons or emblems for each character and a sound-effect to coincide with them! This thing is made out of plastic but it's extremely solid and has a lot of weight to it!
Moving onto some general merch stuff!

I'm not 100% certain on this thing because I could hardly find pictures or mention of it online, but I found this Heroes Rising gold medallion on Yahoo! Auctions one night for ¥830 and thought it was way too cool to pass up! I thought this might have been given to people who won the advanced screening tickets and saw the movie early in Japan, but I think it was just something they sold at select theatres around the release of the movie for a limited time? Still, very, very, very cool!

Some beautiful glittery can badges! The Jiro one is from a Namco pop-up shop collab, and the other two are prize can badges. I would really like more of these prize can badges, but they're difficult to find cheap. I got these two together for like ¥1000 which wasn't bad though.

Something to note as well, they're both labeled with the "SMASH RISING" logo, which was a Japanese exclusive mobile game that I've talked about a few times before in my hauls since they've done many merchandise collabs to promote it. At the beginning of June however, they announced the app would be shutting down July 13th. I finally downloaded it to try the game once before it was gone, since I was holding out for an English release which for a long time had been clear it wasn't happening. The game was okay, but it's obvious why it failed especially to people who know a bit about the game.

Anyways, I think this set of prize can badges were the last bits of merchandise for the game, it's sort of cool owning them and knowing the history of that SMASH RISING logo, sort of like all the merchandise that has SMASH TAP on it before they changed the name.


A bunch more older SEGA prize can badges. These are pretty hard to come by too and the more popular characters sell for a ridiculous amount, but I got one of the Tokoyami's plus all of the other characters for pretty cheap! Aside from three of the Tokoyami's on top, these are all 2016 releases which from what I can tell have a very subtle color difference and are worth a bit more! You can tell if you compare the leftmost Tokoyami's to the 2017 re-release one's on the right. The left are a bit lighter while the right are darker.

An absolutely crazy amount of Tokoyami stuff. I was shocked that I managed to purchase this set on Otamart. Usually I can snipe some nice stuff on Yahoo! Auctions, but when I try to buy rare stuff on Otamart I'm almost always beat out by someone else since my proxy has to contact me, then they contact the seller which can take hours sometimes. But I managed to score all of this stuff for ¥2222 which blows my mind.

Four of those SEGA prize can badges were also included in this set of stuff. Those prize can badges alone are worth quite a bit, but added to that the J-World can badge at the bottom right which sells for a fair bit too AND the small rectangular can badge just above it.. I've seen some of these go for ludicrous prices on Yahoo! Auctions, like $130 for one. Tokoyami isn't the most popular character, but I'd still wager his is worth quite a bit. Given how I only paid like $30 for all of it, it's seriously unreal. The only things which weren't part of the set are the two Tsuyu keychain figures in the bottom left which I only added cause I wasn't sure where else to put them in this haul! They came with Deku's from earlier, but I already have one of hers so I didn't want to open them.


Some other extreme bulk I got this haul! While this isn't the end of it, this is most of it. Adding the ones I displayed earlier and the Bondo I mentioned breaking, I got all of these for just ¥1000. They were two different sets for ¥500. Crazy. I know the majority of people don't even know the names to most 1-B students, despite that getting these many acrylics for so cheap feels like theft.

Here's some bulk, not much of note except the two Iida items are relatively old, rare, and worth a bit. I'm happy about the Bakugo can badge because I really don't have much general merch of him.

Here's a few more bits of bulk, the two top leftmost can badges of Uraraka I like a lot. Nejire's acrylic keychain is very cool as well. I also got this nice little charm of Midoriya which was a purchase bonus after you spent ¥2500 at the 2020 Jump Shop Anniversary Fair. There's one of Bakugo too which I'm sort of looking for, cause I like whenever they put the manga art on merch.

Some rubber straps from the One's Justice kuji. The layout and design of these are really nice, I got the set for like ¥300 mostly for Uraraka and Kirishima, but I'm happy to have the other two as well!

A majority of the new Pita! Training set of acrylic charms. The backdrop color is so vivid in these which I think is fantastic and I wish more of the Pita's were this bright. As always, Pita! charms are beautiful and welcome additions to my collection!

These are a bit strange. Bigger blocky, stick acrylics? I like that they have golden ballchains which is different! They have an interesting design overall, I'm sort of drawn to any merch that highlights details about the character like their birthday or something. In the back of my mind I'm genuinely just thinking of how they could be incorporated into a shine.

I hadn't seen these prior to purchasing them on Otamart, but later found them on AmiAmi (Here) and other sites except with Dabi & Toga's official birthday's filled in, instead of written as "????". It makes sense if these were being produced before their official birthdays were revealed, but I still find it strange that they were advertised with their birthdays filled in.. making me think there were two separate product runs and releases of these, but I can only find the ones with their birthday's filled in online. Very strange.


I don't have much to comment on for either of these items. Todoroki's was an older crane game prize and Yaoyorozu's pouch was originally sold at JF2020, then re-released I think? The art of her is very cute, from the fourth-anniversary artwork. The only notable thing about Todoroki is that he's in his old icy outfit.


A bunch more crane game prizes, this time rubber straps. I got quite a few Todoroki things overall this time I guess, surprisingly a few duplicates of him. Unfortunately, some of these had ruined outer packaging which I had to remove.

..aaandd some more crane game prizes! Fleece tissue pouches? These are a bit strange but both the designs and colors are pretty cool. I like them more than I probably should. I also got a cool selection of characters in this batch! All of this crane game prize stuff, along with a few other items I haven't shown only costed me.. ¥100. I don't know why Yahoo! Auctions sellers just sell so much bulk for so cheap sometimes, but it's pretty awesome when I stumble across it.
A very small 365 Days sticker segment!

Unfortunately this is all I have to show for the 365 Days stuff this time around. Jump Shop halted the distribution of these sometime in May because of COVID-19 and just recently resumed it and are going to give out the stickers they missed in the last few months I think? But I'm not sure how that's going to work.
A fair bit of paper stuff, then media!

I got this fan for like ¥100, I like these but I was scared I'd ruin it if I stored it somewhere and didn't know where to display it. I recently put up a metal rack to hang some of my merch from like my Nitotan's and Pita! charms. So I ended up hanging it on there where it looks pretty good, so I might get more of these to decorate it with.

This is just a bunch of bromides and such. I did get another BNHA themed T-point card which was released to promote Heroes Rising. Like a year and a half ago I got one of these for the first movie, so it's cool to have both. I also got another Bakugo TCG starter box which came with all of the crane game prize stuff.

The two cards at on the bottom right are both illustrations done by the BNHA spinoff managaka's. Iida's is done by Betten Court (the Vigilante's mangaka) Midoriya's is by Yoco Akiyama (the Team-Up Mission mangaka (I love their artwork!)). In the middle is an illustration also done by both the two spinoff mangaka's as well as Horikoshi himself, the main series mangaka! On the left is Akiyama's artwork, the right is Courts', and the middle is Horikoshi's. This was released exclusively as a purchase benefit for only like a day I believe if you picked up both the main series manga release, along with the Team-Up Mission manga (or Vigilante's, I can't remember which) since they released on the same day! Also, the Ganriki Neko sweatshirt Aizawa is wearing as a kid is a reference to the same clothing he tried to gift Eri in an omake page. It's also referenced in the anime briefly.


A few older coasters from two different collabs with Animate Cafe. Most of these are fairly cute or cool, but once again I'm happy to have Bakugo's. The Animate Cafe collab can badges from earlier along with these were also included in the bulk of crane game prizes.

Still not done with all of the bulk! ¥700 for the entire set of these coasters with plenty of multiples. This isn't all of the coasters that were available, but they were from a collab with Karaoke Manekineko. These are all apparently promoting the Two Heroes movie, but they use stills from the anime's third season which is weird. Only the bottom right one actually uses a still from the movie, clearly since it's Melissa. But I'm pretty sure that one is from a collab that happened a fair bit later than this one?

This is a card game exclusive to JF2020 and I don't believe it was ever sold anywhere after that event ended? It's a BNHA themed version of the card game "Werewolf" which some of you might be familiar with? It comes with an instruction manual which is useless to me, since I can't read Japanese! But I'm sure I could look up the rules online. I don't think this game has any different rules to it, it's literally just the Werewolf game as far as I know.

Speaking of the instruction manual however, it has a few cute illustrations ripped straight out of the BNHA manga and littered throughout it. Here are just a few pictures if you're interested! View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://pbs.twimg.com/media/EbzsNqXU8AI72qz.jpg




Here is a good look at all of the cards as well!


Some media, then a special surprise!

This was the last thing included in that huge stash of crane game prizes and other stuff and the main thing that caught my attention. There wasn't very clear pictures on any of these items, but I'd never seen this BNHA manga variant before and I've stumbled across some other strange releases in the past so I thought this was one as well.

Just like the SP variant I've shown before, this is just a promotional version of the manga that showcases the first chapter of BNHA, and on the reverse side, halfway through it after the first chapter ends is another manga by the name of Twin Star Exorcists which was serialized on Shonen Jump Square, their monthly manga magazine.


I'm very sorry about the lighting in this photo! I almost completely forgot about including these and took a photo extremely last second before getting to work on writing up this haul! But for the last items in this haul, I got a few Blu-rays from Sentaifilmworks since they had a pretty substantial sale about a month or so back.

Two series I haven't really talked about in my hauls that I'm pretty big into are Bang Dream and K-On!. With Bang Dream, I haven't actually seen the anime yet so I felt like this was a good opportunity to do so. K-On! I've watched through several times and is an extremely comforting series to me and does really fill me with positive energy whenever I watch parts of it! I wanted to finally own the series so I could feel free to watch it any time, and for half the price normal price I jumped on it!

Other than that I got The Garden of Words which is anime film that makes me feel very melancholy, but in a good way. I haven't rewatched it in a long while and it was very cheap so I threw it in my cart as well. Lastly, Girls und Panzer. I've had a friend recommend this one to me, I'm not entirely convinced I'll like it honestly but it was cheap as well and I had no clue where else to watch it so I just decided to buy this Blu-ray. I haven't watched any of it yet, but there is one other reason I purchased it which will probably be clear in one of my next hauls.

But we aren't done yet!

Finally, all of this stuff should have originally been included in this haul! I ended up purchasing a few Nendoroid's and Nendoroid accessories that I didn't plan on purchasing when Good Smile had their "Stay Home" sale like a month ago. I knew that including all of this would have been a bit too much. But I still had the choice of either including everything, covering it all very briefly or do something like another mini-haul after this one to properly give the spotlight to all of these items!

Coupled with the lighting issues I was already having this haul, I decided the latter made much more sense and wouldn't be an overwhelming amount of work for me undertake.

But I'd like some opinions on how I go about this!

I'm going to use this as an opportunity to sort of branch away from doing loot hauls exclusively on this site, that doesn't mean I'll quit them at all, but I'd like to try out something new, dip my toes in the water so to speak! I'd like to experiment a bit, which may change how these loot hauls are laid out somewhat, but shouldn't affect it too much. If anything I'd just be making more frequent posts on the site, it might also alleviate some of the work that goes into these loot hauls!

So I'm going to leave a few options in the poll this time that I'd love to have people vote on so I can see what others would like to see! I already sort of have an idea on how I want to go about showing this stuff off, so I'm taking everyone's input as suggestions and not a definitive choice on how I'll end up doing it! But if the poll is overwhelmingly supportive of one idea over the rest, it will really help me form an opinion on what I should do! Also feel free to leave a comment as well if you feel inclined to!

I really appreciate everyone who decided to check out this loot haul once again! Even if you read the first paragraph, then checked out and scrolled to the bottom, just came to look at the pictures, or read every word! Everyone is always extremely positive and you all bring me a lot of smiles so I'd like to do the same and create more for you all!

One very last thing I'd like to show!

As I mentioned briefly a few loot hauls ago, I'd love to start making content on YouTube! So I recently commissioned a very talented artist on twitter (@akkitsune89) for some artwork that I could use on my channel! I made sure to let them know what I would/could be using it for and that they'd always be credited! They were extremely kind and totally comfortable with it!


After they sent me the transparent file, I spent about 4-5 hours making this channel banner in Photoshop. I'm EXTREMELY happy with how it turned out! While I'm still not ready to start my channel just yet, I wanted to show some of the progress I've been making towards doing so! As I also mentioned at the beginning of this haul, I just purchased a few softbox lights along with a tripod! So I plan to start making some videos pretty soon, just not yet!

For now, that's all I have to show you! Once more, thank you all so very much for the continued support and kind words! Remember to vote on the poll!

☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆Previous loot! ↩ ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧Next loot! ☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆

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How should showcase the extra loot from this haul?

93%Mini-loot haul; showcasing every Nendo/accessories in one article together.
7%Individual; showcasing each Nendo separately, multiple posts +accessories would be grouped.
0%Divided; two separate posts. 2 Nendo's + 1 accessory / 1 Nendo + remaining accessories.
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Seiki6 kuukautta sitten#79902188Nice haul as always :) I really like those Werewolf cards! It's really cool that the students all use their Fantasy art. I really love those designs for them
Just wondering, but why did Smash Rising fail? I've seen the logo a lot and understand it was a mobile game, but don't know any of the history with it

Thank you! I really like the Werewolf cards as well, not only are they nicely designed like you mentioned but they actually have a pretty thick, solid card stock to them. They're smooth too so they don't feel cheap at all, really high quality.

To give a somewhat concise summary of why the game failed, from what I understand and have heard from the community around it for a few years now, it boils down to three primary things. The first reason and probably biggest was that when they switched from Smash Tap to Smash Rising, they changed the gameplay and made it much less interactive. Essentially you could set the game to auto and just let it play for you.. which obviously doesn't make for a fun mobile game. The other two reasons I've heard is that they barely ever updated it and for a gacha game, the gacha was terrible. Other than boring events that only rewarded you with items to level up or tickets to use in the gacha, the game barely, if ever received new characters, outfits, really anything to keep you wanting to play a game like that.

On top of that, the gacha was pretty unfair and you'd barely ever get the rarer characters. Even if you did, there wasn't any incentive really to get the cards aside from having a more powerful team. Overall I think the general consensus was just "why should I bother?" It wasn't fun, they barely updated it, and the content in the game wasn't worth the time invested to get it. There's a lot of videos on YouTube talking about the game and discussions about Smash Tap compared to it. I don't remember much about Smash Tap, but everyone seems to agree the game was at least more fun to play. The only reason they changed the name and gameplay was because it wasn't making them enough money to begin with.. but that just ended up turning off more people from it, without new players coming into the game.

BlazeDazzleDusk6 kuukautta sitten#79902342Great loot as always! :) Those plushies are really cute as well as the teatime acrylic stands. I’m glad you were able to find another stand for the other stand that broke, it’s always nerve wracking when these things break.
The channel art you got commissioned is really cute!

Yeah! I just couldn't believe that I had been rough enough to snap it like that. I'm usually very patient and careful with my merch so it was upsetting when I decided maybe I just needed to be more forceful to get it to pop in.. then it completely snapped! I think it was just more upsetting to think that I was that careless with something in my collection.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the haul and that you like the artwork I commissioned!
6 kuukautta sitten
Rimurushion Slime Demon Lord
Great loot as always! :) Those plushies are really cute as well as the teatime acrylic stands. I’m glad you were able to find another stand for the other stand that broke, it’s always nerve wracking when these things break.

The channel art you got commissioned is really cute!
6 kuukautta sitten
Nice haul as always :) I really like those Werewolf cards! It's really cool that the students all use their Fantasy art. I really love those designs for them

Just wondering, but why did Smash Rising fail? I've seen the logo a lot and understand it was a mobile game, but don't know any of the history with it
6 kuukautta sitten
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