Dante - DMC5 Ver. - Nendoroid - Devil May Cry - Good SmileDante - DMC5 Ver. - Nendoroid - Devil May Cry - Good SmileReview

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Hey guys, I'm back with some SFW stuff cuz some readers said they don't go NSFW. I'm actually driving towards the bright side. With Dante. ITEM #871160

This is going to be a short review with some posing and caption.
Light content. Enjoy.


Dante, the legendary demon hunter, is a human-demon hybrid, the son of Sparta demon lord. Thus, he inherits kinda immortality and insane strength, not just superhuman, but on a demigod level.

Devil May Cry is more than flashy sword playing and cool guys kicking asses.
It's about what defines humanity, what makes some one purely good/evil?

But Dante screws this, he cares more about style!!

Let's appreciate Dante in his 4 fighting styles~



Mobility is pretty good as you can expend the arms quite wide, 90 degrees, no problem.
My favorite weapon: The signature twin pistols Ivory and Ebony. Delicately made.




Ultimate: Fireworks

-Royal Guard-


The most challenging fighting style but quite OP. It's basically timely counterattack.
Always making references to Bruce Lee in some way.

-Sword Master -


Should be the most used style since gunfire doesn't hurt for game balancing sake.
Rebellion, Dante's trademark magic sword. I spent most of my time with sword across all instalments. His movesets are flashy but not very unique.



Trickster is all about speed. Demon rider!
Cavaliere is quite detailed and fits Dante quite well. But paint job is plain.
Rider with a sword? looks familiar!

That's all for posing. Let's wrap this up real quick.


Sculpting 9/10 Haircut is awesome

Painting 8/10 Color scheme fits Dante in-game style perfectly

Posing 8/10 Mobility is great on arms
and the coat hems could be adjust with ball joints. That makes poses look quite dynamic.

Base 7/10

Packaging 7/10

Enjoyment 9/10 I love this uncle Dante more than edgy style in DMC 3.
This is CGI David Beckham and he is still smart,sexy and playful.


Whom is this figure for?

Overall, quality is great. DMC fans should not miss it.
It comes with plenty of accessories so regular collectors could swap them for other Nendoroids as well. A pretty good purchase imo.

And it doesn't have standard/deluxe variants shit. That's why I love it!

I hope you enjoy your time with Dante.
Feel free to leave me comments and share your thoughts.
Maybe check out my profile for more quality (NSFW) content.
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Yup! That's how we should play Dante.
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ChocolateSpider1 kuukautta sitten#80032766Cute review. I'm still waiting for mine to ship out from Hobby Search. :3

Thanks, Chocolate Spider. I'm looking forward to your creative shots.
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gundamuk1 kuukautta sitten#80032523Fun Nendo review.
And I hope you keep doing your NSFW reviews too if you like doing them.

Thank you! I'll keep doing NSFW reviews. Don't worry.
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Cute review. I'm still waiting for mine to ship out from Hobby Search. :3
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gundamuk Lewd, but never uncouth...
Fun Nendo review.
And I hope you keep doing your NSFW reviews too if you like doing them.
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