kommenttia July 2020: Do you find any good figure deals locally?

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  • I frequent Kinokuniya a lot, they have some anime stuff and manga. Figures I only get online. They are so expensive in the brick and mortar stores near me.
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    Not much in the city I'm from, but then again I don't go out of my way to search for anime goods in-person when it's much easier to do so online.

    There is one store though that I know off the top of my head, but they hike the prices up so high any informed collector would never buy from them. One extreme example being Love Live EXQ figures selling for roughly the equivalent of ~5000-7000 JPY (or more, can't remember as I haven't been back to the store since), when you can just get the same thing at AmiAmi for <1000 JPY, not including shipping of course.

    I mean, I understand the need to have profit when selling these things overseas, but come on.

    Other than that store, I don't know of any that doesn't require me to travel 30-60 min downtown to find, so I would say there aren't any good local deals for me. Prices at individual booths at the occasional local convention are also absurd.
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    We don't have as much as Houston, but the good news is that there's been Asian chains moving into the Austin area over the past couple of years.

    Besides the usual choices like Gamestop and Target, there's a Kinokuniya north of downtown and also a local shop called Anime Pop near the same area.

    I remember the Kinokuniya had a "Stars Bless You" Cardcaptor Sakura figure for sale. That box was HUGE.
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    No - there aren't any stores that sell anime figures nearby. I'm pretty much stuck with online options only.
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    I have a cool video game store around here. Once covid dies down some more, I'd like to get back there soon. There used to be this awesome hobby shop where I bought yugioh cards as a kid. It was literally within walking distance of my school. It's still around, but it moved to a new location that's not easy to get to by public transit and since I don't have a car I can't go there anymore. Other than that, there's Barnes and Noble for manga and that's pretty much it around here. There are some gamestops around, but they don't have a good game selection and sell pretty much no merch. The other local video game store is a lot better although they also don't sell merch.

    Though for games, the best deals I've ever gotten were at a pawn shop near my college. I have a friend who still goes to grad school up there, so sometimes when I visit him I pay a visit to that pawn shop. I guess I was there so often during my college years, they still remember me even years later lol.
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    My particular area sucks for being an anime fan. There is a store in the mall Or was, IDK if it is still there) that sells anime goods/figures, but it's all bootlegs, aside from some GE plushies.
    They may as well not be there, as who the hell wants bootlegs? :/. Unfortunately, that's the only local 'nerd' store aside from a TCG store, and every other anime fan here is satisfied with it (as they don't know better), so logically, that's all we'll ever have.
    We also have a Books-A-Million, but it's a tiny one that only has two half shelves (half meaning half the size of the ones in a REAL BAM) of manga, and even then they only carry ONE copy of the newest volume. It's sadly mostly POP figures or blind bags. The regular books only get one shelf each. :/. No one here reads, so I guess it makes sense (the library only gets new movies and maybe bestsellers, that's how bad it is), but it SUCKS. :|. And sadly, Borders and Suncoast obviously aren't a thing anymore, and those were the only places that sold legit anime merch around here, so it's literally only a handful of blind boxes from Books a Million or nothing.

    And it it counts, there is a Hot Topic. But they don't carry much here, because again it's a small one. Of course. :|. The last time I went, they had a full shelf with Yuri on Ice merch, but only a door with other anime merch on it other than that. And they don't carry sizes beyond girls large in the anime shirts. Which I can't fit, OFC. :/ (I can't wear a girls Large, as they're more like a medium or small. While I'm technically a large or 1x in their unisex)

    Sadly, the only other book stores are a Barnes and Noble (which has more books, but it's like 20 miles away), and a Half-Price Books, which has all old stuff.

    There IS actually an anime store in my state, but it's like 65 miles away. And everything is full price, so it doesn't make sense to drive there. :/.

    It doesn't make a lot of sense they're so rare around here, as I live close enough to major cities, but none of those large cities oddly have anime stores for some reason. But it's always been that way, so I'm used to having to go online only.

    Those of you that DO have local anime stores or larger BAM that at least sell a handful of nendos are lucky.
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    my city has around 50000 ppl and at this time the only thing close to the definition of "nerd" is a tcg store with ppl who usually play magic (at least they did till covid19)

    some years ago there were some vg stores and a couple of places where you could play role playing games

    I once saw a tekken bishoujo in a local store during some kind of festival, it was like Malena in the homonym movie
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    You can find a small section with mangas at almost every book store here. Some of them only stock products of a certain publisher, like Kaze Manga (the biggest german publisher for animes & mangas) for example. A lot of train stations here have smaller stores with magazines, comics and mangas. The range isn't great, but if you're looking for well known, recently released titles, you'll probably find it there. The next big city in my area is Frankfurt. The book stores there will have a way bigger variety. You can also find some Comic & Manga Shops there. The biggest one is called T3, which has 2 floors dedicated to comics and one for manga & anime. This may sound like a lot, but the store itself is really small. There's room for like 5 people on every floor, probably less in the first 2. They have a good selection of german comics, mangas, anime & lower priced figures. Books have the same prices everywhere in Germany, but the figures are usually more expensive than online. I haven't been there for a while, since I mostly read english comics and the ride to get there is pretty expensive, but I liked the atmosphere. I think there are 2 or 3 more comic stores in Frankfurt, but that's the only one I've been to. There's also a store called JK Entertainment, which specialized in Magic & Yugioh trading cards. You can also find some figures at Gamestop, but usually just the "basic stuff".
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    I once got a perfect condition Nendoroid for like $10 from a facebook marketplace type of site, but other than that all the brick and mortar stores around here charge 2 to 3 times more for figures than the popular online sellers. I think they mostly rip off anime fans who aren't really figure collector hobbyists and who dont really know the value of things :(
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    I bought this one locally for like $25. Unopened! (from a private seller)
    ITEM #73323

    You must really look carefully around local auction/selling sites, since many pepole sell bootlegs.
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