July Mini Loot: Yoko FREEing Bunny, Monogatari, and Spice & WolfJuly Mini Loot: Yoko FREEing Bunny, Monogatari, and Spice & WolfLoot

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July Mini Loot: Yoko FREEing Bunny, Monogatari, and Spice & Wolf


Hello everyone, and welcome to my first ever loot post.

It's a great day on my end; while I was asleep yesterday, my parents had to go out for some shopping. They picked up ingredients for pizza, and brought home donuts, fresh and delicious. And recently, I've been reading up on kanji and working out a study system to pair with my copy of Heisig's. I finally have my groove and motivation back, enough so to focus on my Japanese. Feeling good today.

Anyways, my birthday was on the 22nd (coincidentally, the date One Piece began to be serialized), and as cliche and cheesy, but haunting as it is, the phrase "one year closer to death" popped into my head. Burry yourself in anime figures and light novels, though, and you'll be feeling fine, guaranteed. Plastic and paper reassurance in the face of the passage of time! (Sarcasm.) And why not write about your worldly weeb possessions in an MFC article?

So, all jokes aside, onto the items!


Oyasumi Punpun; the series' reflections on death, love, and family, as well as the presentation of the main character as a stick figure, reminds me of It's Such a Beautiful Day (I have yet to watch that movie in full, asides from the first part, but I remember my mom watching it on Netflix years ago.)

I'm enjoying Punpun so much, up to this third volume. It's such a masterwork so far, through the many tricks it has up its sleeve for the tone, the emotive, spellbinding art, and an unsaid mantra of "life is unfair." One could go on for days addressing really any aspect of the story, so I'm just going to stop there. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Dear God, dear God, tinkle, tinkle hoy. Return EMS shipping to us!



It's been...who knows how long since I've last been able to buy any Spice & Wolf light novels. So, with these two, my true journey into the plot past season 2 begins.

Mystical harvest diety Holo is my No. 1 waifu, with her wolfish, wisecracking, and intelligent ways. A small, dripping pool of water in the heroine's hand, the cover characterizes Holo rather well, who is illustrated as if being view from a low angle. One can imagine she's planning to throw the handful of water at Lawrence, or is simply admiring the coolness and calm of it, still and tranquil in her palm.

I'm excited to break into these bad boys! The paragon of light novels, S&W is a breathtaking gem.



Koyomimonogatari was bought for me by my sister. :D By a strange coincidence, every time I saw these books in my Barnes and Noble, they had some sort of major flaw. Was I going to buy them like that? Personally, no. My copies from Amazon, however, did not come in the best condition either. *Shakes fist.* Nevertheless, the writing within is sure to make up for that. Packed with twelve short stories between the two novels, I'm excited about the narrative unique to these. Slow-burn, the pacing of Monogatari is a bit uncommon in the world of LNs. However, with smaller tales to spin, the endgame of each in terms of theme and characters will come quickly. Plus, the plot of ordinary nature acting as pseudo-oddities and apparitions sounds great.

Shinobu's golden hair blends almost perfectly into the lighting on the ground, an ironic symbolism of her as one with the sun, in spite or her vampirism. Asides from that, lots of shadows and darkness, though. The artwork is as mysterious as can be, but not without a delicate, airy ambience.



Owarimonogatari, the next set of books in the series, have cover illustrations I wouldn't hesitate to call perfect. Vofan is always delivering in bringing to life sensational, pastel pieces of art. With these two, I'm finally up-to-date on owning all of the published Vertical translations. All that are left to be released are Owari part three and Zoku. Let's raise a glass to the Off Season and Monster Season novels being translated! Should they end up untranslated, then that's what tear ducts are for.

Ougi looks mischievous and eerie on the first volume (ready to shit-talk Araragi, per usual.) Black feathers twirling around her and Sodachi make for a bit of uncanniness. The duo's ballet-like poses lend a jaunty and beautiful look to the cover, though.

As for the second volume, if only Shinobu wasn't looking away, it would be complete. With a strong mint blue backdrop, and the dramatic pink lighting on 'Nobu and Gaen's hair, it is a bright and light-hearted cover.


Here are all of the books stacked, and they are looking fairly nice all together.

Cue some heralding trumpets. The crème de la crème of my entire collection, FREEing's Yoko bunny version!


When I actually saw her IRL, I couldn't believe her size.

My reaction: https://thumbs.gfycat.com/NippyFondClumber-max-1mb.gif

Then my dad saw it in the box and asked "Is it sexual?"

My answer: https://i.imgflip.com/mfodc.jpg
(Please, someone get the reference.)

In the end though, he was completely fine with it and just said "you can't spend money like that on more." He overestimates my cash reserves.

Gurren Lagann is my second favorite anime of all time, and yet for around two years I figured it was to be a formulaic, uninterestingly-bombastic and run-of-the-mill show. Shrugging my shoulders as I learned spoilers, because hey, I wouldn't be watching the show, no loss, I could not forsee how much I would be kicking myself for it in the future.

No spoilers could prepare me though for the size of Yoko's br...ahem...brave...soul.


She's too beautiful. Too, too beautiful. She came without any flaws, her quality is great, and her features seamlessly come together for a cheerful, adorable Yoko.

Currently in the works is a review of her, and so be on the lookout for it if it interests you.

So, that's a wrap. Any feedback is appreciated. While this wasn't the largest loot, compared to others on here, it's amazing by my standards, and I'm beyond happy with this. As always, thank you for reading, and have a good one!
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Lol your answer to your dad: "Noooooooo maybe someday...."
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Weird I got the set of monogatari books on amazon and they came in perfect condition guess I was just lucky
1 kuukautta sitten
Stopped by for Nisi O isiN
Also, you might want to check out the 戯れ言 novels as well
1 kuukautta sitten
Great haul! Those books have such great art, Haha, the magic conch says no!
1 kuukautta sitten
Awesome haul! I too have Yoko’s Bunny Version and I absolutely love her!
1 kuukautta sitten
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