Figurines holding red bull or various energydrinks?Figurines holding red bull or various energydrinks?Ask MFC

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icedancericedancer1 kuukautta sitten
HI !!! the title says it all, im just a redbull obsessed fan and am wanting to start a collection.. bonus points if they r cute =D
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ITEM #321897 is the figure that got me interested in collecting recently, and I imagine it would be your grail. That is definitiely a Red Bull the 5 pound weight is delivering her.
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I have this racing miku ITEM #321897 who looks like she's holding a red-bull can. There are no labels or anything on the can, just a similar colour palette.
*just saw shes already been posted oops*
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keter Anomalous Precure!
its not an energy drink, but the first thing that came to mind was this figure (its not in the database but...)
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How about Lysol? :P
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SebastianLover1 kuukautta sitten#81111430Don't forget lab member 004's Dr Pepper variant:
ITEM #160995
I swear, Steins Gate is the best drink advertisement known to man
Yeah, the drink was so shamelessly shown in the anime I was sure Dr Pepper is a made-up brand :)
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ITEM #321897

Not sure if it's already been posted, but she's cute :)
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Pick one ENTRY #86486

I don't have any redbulls but this 250ml can was a perfect fit.
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icedancer1 kuukautta sitten#81111377no

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ITEM #270139, ITEM #270123, and ITEM #270147 all have energy drinks as pre-order bonuses.
ITEM #321502 comes with an energy drink as well.

misato katsuragi has a few figures holding beer cans. examples would be ITEM #3993, ITEM #344934, ITEM #1000389, & ITEM #20066.

other can figures mentions ITEM #740212 & ITEM #428394

and many, many figures of evangelion characters holding coffee cans ITEM #932746, ITEM #33413, ITEM #33414, ITEM #33415, ITEM #89934, ITEM #89935, ITEM #89936, ITEM #111328, ITEM #122609, ITEM #111321, ITEM #111327, ITEM #111322, ITEM #111326
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plasticizer very mild
That's quite a niche thing you're looking for.

As far as I know, Red Bull and Monster are rather new additions to the Japanese market. The homestay energy drinks there include stuff like Lipovitan D, Alinamin V, and Oronamin C so I'd imagine there's not much made with them as references.
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The world's finest hobby kits and toys, direct from Japan.

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