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Now before we begin I want to clarify that this is my first custom and the final result is not what I wanted. That being said it is as simple as taking some acetone and beginning again. The experience however taught me a lot so I fully believe my next attempt will be better!!
Now for some pictures. This is a doodle of my oldest OC Miyu and this is who we are making!! https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2021/01/14/2606374.jpeg
I started with a blank face template and some hair pieces from another nendo.
I stuck them up with pencil crayons and sprayed them with msc and waited 24hrs for them to cure.
Once cured I airbrushed the hair with some acrylic paint and started sketching out the face. Which was a nightmare and took many.. many attempts..
Eventually I found an eye shape I liked and went with it!!
After this I started to build up colours, spraying another layer of msc once my pencil crayons no longer gripped the surface.
Then using some soft pastels I added some blushing as well as some more depth to the eyes!
Now this is where things went downhill. I believe I was a little a lot too zealous with eyelashes and highlights and it just got out of control lol
Although I did too much I still had fun!!
I’m hoping to get some new clothes (the Alice dress was all I had) although I’m not really sure where to purchase them? Perhaps I will have to just make some lol
Well thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed me rambling about my first custom!!!!
See you again!!
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This is really cool, well done!!! It's just 100% perfect (the line work is a bit wonky, but that's to be expected from a beginner + I imagine painting on a nendo face would be extremely difficult in the first place anyway) but overall the style brings it to life!!!

I love her lips and the way you decorated her eyes makes her look very cute. You said you might consider re-doing it? I think that could be an interesting experience - see how much you improve 2nd time round. And you could use it as practice. PS - Have you ever looked into doll (face-ups and such) customization? I think that could be something you might be interested in.
2 päivää sitten
Cute OC and good job with the face
4 päivää sitten
Wow, this is so good! I recently bought ITEM #689355 for his cigarette faceplate for a custom, but man, I'm scared of messing it up!
4 päivää sitten
I actually love the way you did the highlights, they're unique and look really nice with your art style! You did a great job and the final result is adorable. The dog is cute too haha

If you're interested GSC made a Nendoroid Doll clothing pattern book- I believe it's all written in Japanese, but it might be of some use if you're able to find a copy!
5 päivää sitten
I think she looks great, the eyes are very pretty and unique! Also not totally sure but I have seen Nendoroid Doll clothes for sale on etsy, perhaps there is something that fits for you!
5 päivää sitten
shes so pretty! her face looks so cute and i really like the way you drew it. honestly reading this gave me the courage i finally needed to make my own custom nendoroid, ive been wanting to for months now ive just always had this fear that i might mess it up (
5 päivää sitten
lesser-robot-cat5 päivää sitten#90035896She's absolutely darling! Don't be so hard on yourself - my first custom wasn't even that good (and I'm still lousy at faces). Faces are the hardest part, honestly, but you made such tiny, perfect details. She's something to be proud of!
Thank you so much! Faces are so tough honestly but that’s most likely because they’re always the focal point lol
I’m eager to do some more practice!
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LaraNgwin5 päivää sitten#90036173WAHHH it looks beautiful ur oc and ur art style are so *chefs kiss T^T
I've always wanted to look into customs cuz i have some ocs i'd like to see in 3D but that'll be a later issue lol. BUT I JUST WANNA SAY AGAIN WOW i love the faceplate u made it's really well centered and colours are so nice too~

Honestly I was really nervous to try it but I really recommend it! You can just wipe it off if you don’t like it. It’s a very consequence free thing and even if it’s frustrating it can be very fun too!
5 päivää sitten
culturedtrash5 päivää sitten#90036314For your first custom, she looks great!! Can I ask what kind of airbrush and paint you used with it? I’ve been thinking about getting an airbrush to improve a few of my own customs.
I have a master craft compressor (it was on sale at Canadian tire and came with an airbrush) but I’m not really sold on the gun. I have a Sparmax SP 35c from work and that’s honestly my go to!
As for paint I just watered down some acrylic so that it wouldn’t clog the gun and it worked out well.
5 päivää sitten
Mimzey5 päivää sitten#90091297She's so, so gorgeous, amazing job!! ♥Chuckyfreak5 päivää sitten#90043316She looks really good! You did a great job!urbestwaifu5 päivää sitten#90036910Absolutely beautiful, honestly!~ I adore the outcome so much.
Thank you so much for the nice comments!! I really appreciate it!!
5 päivää sitten
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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