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OtakuWaifu2005OtakuWaifu20059 päivää sitten
For anyone that has a life-size oppai mousepad, is it really comfortable? and if you were in Japan where did you found one? I'm just curious and want to have one for my self lol.
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When I saw the oppai mousepad for the first time I was like this: come to mama!!!
2 päivää sitten
Mine just ripped off
2 päivää sitten
Regular sized boobie mousepad is comfy as well
2 päivää sitten
Comfort goes up, respectability goes down
7 päivää sitten
skylinedo BANNED
I've got ITEM #575554 and it feels exactly like I'm copping a handful minus the warmth/skin well worth it
8 päivää sitten
Whatever u do dont buy bootleg lol!

Ive seen in mandarake for pretty cheap like 1000 yen sigho. Mine isnt bad but could be better in terms of picture quality

Mercari has some too but be sure to do ur research! Usually bootleg will have coloring missing in certain areas or white spots
8 päivää sitten
I have bought several (5 to be exact) but I keep selling them before I open them because the aftermarket prices are too tempting to cash out.
8 päivää sitten
beargolfer9 päivää sitten#92614444Never seen them myself, but I found a website that sells them from a quick google search. They're quite expensive though.

Woah, never knew these existed! The sheer size and realism intrigues me but that price...but since its all handmade and with the best quality raw materials I guess its justified. Just a shame that they only have female characters though :/
9 päivää sitten
PanchitoMatte Emilia-tan Maji Tenshi!
At first, I thought why would anyone want one of these? Then, I scrolled down their product list and found one with this descriptionClick to hideThe mousepad is truly an achievement in otaku ero culture, a giant full-sized mousepad that provides excellent wrist support we all need. But instead of just serving as a normal mousepad, you can pull down both her tights and her panties any time you like, exposing her ass.. Awesome.
9 päivää sitten
Life sized seems and sounds like an ergonomically bad idea, but the smaller ones should be pretty good, and I have only heard good things about them. Then again I don't have first hand experience.
9 päivää sitten
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