Do you buy figures of characters you don't know?Do you buy figures of characters you don't know?Ask MFC

njdrawscomicsnjdrawscomics8 päivää sitten
I was curious how often people buy figures of characters they do not know, not just in the case of Original Character figurines but established media characters you don't have a interest in the source material in but you just love the character design so much you need them anyway? How important is the emotional connection to the character to you in buying figures?

I rarely buy figures I don't know/don't consume media for, both design and emotional connection are important to me but there have been exceptions (and there have been times in the past I sought out source material just cause I liked a figure).

At the moment I only own ITEM #435 and ITEM #292247 as far as figures I know little to nothing about the source material for. I also bought ITEM #148279 before playing the game a while, since have stopped but still like the figure. Similar situation for ITEM #744042 which I used to be a fan of but lost interest in the series but still liked the character enough to keep.

A few figures I don't follow the source material for but am interested in collecting are:

ITEM #972
ITEM #3833
ITEM #1128615
ITEM #932045

How about everyone else?
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No, unless it's being used for a custom piece I always keep the collection relegated to anime/movies/games I enjoyed.
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Sometimes yes. I buy a lot less figures now than I used to, and if I have the budget for a figure that fits an aesthetic I like or a different collection of mine, then I might buy it. I bought ITEM #301595 purely because I like the character's design and it remains one of my favourites even years later. (Scale figures are pretty much all I buy now, though, so I'm looking for one of the same character to buy at some point.)

In my current collection, ITEM #550056 fits this pretty well. The space/star-themed outfit and the colours made her hard to resist.

Two figures in my ordered list fit this description. ITEM #179391 I ordered because it reminds me of the "organic body horror" aesthetic I like, similar to ITEM #305342 that I own - creepy/unsettling figures with a non-human aspect to them. I like the crab Calne more so than the robotic/mechanical ones because, as cool as they are, mechanical body parts don't really catch my attention in the same way. I ordered Idol Cthulhu-chan (not on MFC; this one) for similar reasons, and because it fits my music collection as well.

As for why I ordered ITEM #800666... it's the face. I can't resist a face full of sass like that lol. It was what drew me to ITEM #363046 too, and she's been a favourite of mine since I got her (although at least I'd played Mega Man before so the character wasn't unknown to me).

It used to be something I did more often, but those figures didn't survive my purges because I bought them during my "ooh pretty, I want" phase when I started collecting lol.
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njdrawscomics7 päivää sitten#92755570Ooh never seen that one before, as a digital artist it speaks to me lol. I might keep an eye on that one.

That is exactly why I bought her. There is a coulour variant too where here coloura are CMYK, but I prefer this one
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
I used to, but i end up selling those. So now i just stick to i need to be attached to the character rule. Exception would be gyaru gals, since thats a weak spot and same for fox girls :)
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Yes but rarely
I usually buy figures which I know and like the source of. However if the figure is absolutely stunning to me then I will get it. Even now I have figure on my Wishlist that I don't know the source of. Tho I try not to get every figure that appeals to me due to limited space and money.
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95% of the time I only buy figures of characters that I’m familiar with but there was one exception last year of a badass looking dude (from a Chinese series I think?) that was too cool to pass up so I got him. He still hasn’t arrived thanks to whatever mess the mailing system is right now tho :’)

There was also another figure by Myethos from the Honor of Kings series that was just gorgeous and I saw her slowly going out of stock but had to let her pass because I didn’t have enough money for her. I don’t have any rules for myself other than to stick to what I can afford so I’ve had to let a few pass that I probably would’ve gotten, even though I don’t know the character.
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njdrawscomics Webcomic Artist
Akiza7 päivää sitten#92755562ITEM #37784

Ooh never seen that one before, as a digital artist it speaks to me lol. I might keep an eye on that one.
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I try to buy characters that I know, and at this point in my collection I have 4 that I didn't know the source material of. Myethos Zhang(not on MFC), Petits Palette, Geniewiz nendo, and an OC Bunny from freeing.

I used to occasionally buy from. Series I didn't know but they never make it through my purges. So I have slowly learned a lesson.

ITEM #851345
ITEM #37784
ITEM #676240
7 päivää sitten
7 päivää sitten
Yes and that's why I'm running out of space.
Some (in)famous examples (infamous cuz my wallet is crying) include figures from FGO (I know FSN and FZ but not FGO), Azur Lane, NGNL... Also I'm pretty sure all except for one of the adult figures I bought are characters I don't know :_)
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