Lets Crack Some Crime :) -Celia Hasselberg Romando Figure ReviewLets Crack Some Crime :) -Celia Hasselberg Romando Figure ReviewReview

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against all odds i am back with another rebiew, this time it is time for Celia Hassleberg from Crime Crackers, the seocnd one. ITEM #1130475 ENTRY #68696

i am confident when i say i know not one single one of you reading this knows what crime crackers is because neither do i, and yet i still own this fisher price anime figure from it


hello there celia how are you today


greaT! me too.


celia chan here comes in the worst box ever. i dont mean the epic cardboard pieces on the inside i mean the terrible awful piss yellow brittle plastic.


this is atrocious material and i never want to see it again


paper is stronger than this

well anyways, this is my favourite part infact i enjoy it more than celia herself sorry celia


the cardboard inserts, gods gift to this world


"WakuWaku Celia Chan"



lovely font, looks like fridge magnet letters from the dollar store


i would assume thes is the crime crackers crew, i would assume they crack crime


this part has lots of words if you want to know what they say i stared at them for 7 hours so you dont have to heres what it says vvv


"How to Play"
"Attach the parts as shown here"


"Red Shoes Club goods on sale now!"
"Mug Cup and Spoon Set, Dish and Fork Set"

"For product inquiries, please contact the Mysterious Romando" (romando is manufact)

this part contains the mysterious doll and plate set of the best crime cracker characterm , wendy, the highlight of my life

if anyone of you little rascals has ever seen these items before please i am begging you on my hands and knees send me the links i need to know more about wendy merch pleas

i want to eat my last meal off that plate


this part is just warning text stuff like dont set it on fire, dont swallow it, dont stab yourself with it, dont glue your hands together, dont eat the small bags, dont cut your hands on the terrilbe plastic box, and also its 15 and up. sorry guys this is for big kids only

and theres this cute little sugoi little part she stands on



enough of that.

celia chan comes with some things and stuff here it is


first thing-


pieces of plastic! my favouirte!!!
celia chan is trying to impress you by being a garage kit
these pieces are meant to be sanded down and glued to her head as shown here in this epic diagram



plastic and metal!!! oh joy

that hunk of metal is a gun, celia chan has the right to bare arms


the blue thing and this small metal choking hazard are meant to be some accessory on her waist but it took me 3 days to figure that out, it might be some magic amulet idk celia chans got quite the arsenal


if you were to obey the law as the cardboard insert asks you to, these things would be glued to her person but i dont care about anything so im not going to do that

lastly and not least in the slightest, monkey


this is my new best friend


tail rotation


also his head how kawaii


he is meant to sit on celias arm and assist her in her distortion of the law


i love him i love him i love him i love him oooooohoohohooo

also this card i like it too




ok ok ok its celia time now

hello celia


her face looks like those anime girl kigurumi masks but thats ok

she feels like she was made for a 3 year old to handle, if i dropped her on pavement she would survive. versatile and ready for anything, shes hired.

i would like to demonstraight how tall she is, bring out the lab rat


helo miku dayo



she is very truely strange, some parts are that hollow, hard but not rigid toddler toy type plastic thats meant to be completely abused by children, some parts are just flimsy rubbber, truely a mixed media art piece.



so weird

her arms move in two ways, those giant snow balls on her shoulders can spin 360 degres on the z axis and the bare skin part of her arms can also spin 360 degrees in the same way, surprisingly articulate
edit: ive owned celia for about 4 months now and only just now as im writing this review i realised the bare skin part of her arms actually move, this is because they got stuck in place because she had been untouched for thousands of years so yeah dont be awfraid shes just old
edit part 2: this gal is full of surprises, her gun holding hand also spins all the way around too but not the other one for some wakcy reason


you can break her spine and spin her 180 degrees just like some g i joe super man action hero toy also her head moves but only a little due to her thick french fry hair


her legs and shoes and everyting else is fixed in place

time for spinny





here is celia mostly assembled with her epic ribbon thing, assault rifle and monkey friend


shes ready to commit manslaughter


Took me a million years to figure out how shes suppose to hold that gun but i based it off of this gk of celia, im like 90 percent sure this figure is based on this garage kit ITEM #234188


The bottom of her shoes have words on them it says

Foot 1- Celia

Foot 2- Kokomai Red Shoes Club

i dont know how to end this thanks for watching goodnight i love you

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Loved the review
11/10 would read again
3 päivää sitten
If someone could survive so much as this plastic did, he will be yellowish and fragile too..))
5 päivää sitten
very cool thank
6 päivää sitten
celia chan and all her official art are very adorable, i wish her all the best in her crime cracking ventures :)
6 päivää sitten
Lil mama straight lookin like Princess Peach in Trunks cosplay.
6 päivää sitten
Broserpina The magi-cooliest✧
m o n k e
6 päivää sitten
very good review
monkey really stole the show for me
6 päivää sitten
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