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Mandarake Umeda Beach Queens Kanade Yuuki Wave 1/10 scale figure REVIEW
Hello my fellow artifact scavengers of culture. It is I, the man who already lost count of the amount of things he collects, coming to you all today with another Mandarake figure review.

In today's review, we're going to look at the Beach Queens 1/10 scale figure of Kanade Yuuki, made by Wave.

Before we begin however, let us have some background information about the character and details of the manda listing:

Information is taken from the Fortune Arterial wiki

Kanade Yuuki Is one of the main female heroines of the visual novel "Fortune Arterial", which then was adapted into anime and manga.
She's Kohei's childhood friend, and is the older sister of Haruna. She is constantly in high spirits, and likes to do things at her own pace. She loves her younger sister so much, that she says that if she had been born a man from another family, she would have definitely married Haruna eventually. She often calls her sister "Hina". She is the resident adviser in the Academy dormitory.

As for the mandarake listing, The figure was described condition-wise as unoped with a heavily damaged box. It cost me just 1,500JPY while the DHL shipping was 1,760JPY (which for DHL from japan to my country, it's a pretty damn low price) which puts us in a grant total of just 3,260JPY.



The box is your usual standard beach queens box, it comes with a big window on the front that spreads out a little to the left and the right side of the box, at the lower end of the front of the box you see a small picture of the figure on the bottom right and the character's name on the bottom left, on the top right we see the logo of fortune arterial and top left it's the logo of the company Wave.

Looking at the left side of the box we see another picture of the figure from the front and her name written in large on the right side while on the right side of the box we see the name on the left side and the figure facing backwards.

The back of the box shows us also the name of the character but also a full frontal picture of the figure and another small picture of the figure slightly from above on the left.
We also see again the logo of fortune arterial, of the Beach Queens figure lineup and the logo of the company Wave. Not to mention an information about the H neckjoint this figure and every other beach queens figure has.

The top has a small window at the middle with the logo of fortune arterial at the top and the logo of the beach queens lineup at the bottom.

And lastly, the bottom got some warnings in japanese which i cannot read, short description of the materials the figure is made out of and the logo of the company Wave.

Now for some box pics:








blister front

blister back


The figure was released sometime on October 2011 according to it's MFC page ITEM #64024, She's 16cm tall with her base, was sculpted by the madlad himself ENTRY #8314 and manufactured by ENTRY #7670.
Now for the more in detail review:

Sculpting: 8/10, As with most of my beach queens figures, their sculpt quality is usually surprisingly good for such a small figure, and once again Ogawa doesn't fail to deliver that!

Her hair sculpt is full of detail, he really captured Bekkankou's artstyle down to the smallest detail in his sculpt, which is one of the reasons why i like Ogawa's work on AUGUST characters.

Her body is also well sculpted, the shape of her legs is very well done and i also like the small wrinkles that were done on her swimsuit, and also the lines she has next to her lowe half swimsuit and the sculpt of her stomach, generally there's a very close attention to detail with her.

An issue i have with the sculpt (and why i give it only 8/10) is that there are some parts, mainly around her hair that look a bit rough but considering that it's just a 1/10 scale figure and it isn't that bad i can let it pass, but not enough to give it a full 10/10.

Also another thing i want to talk about before i move to the next part is the sculpt of the beach ball. I especially love it that Ogawa used transparent plastic in order to make it because it makes it a whole lot realistic, since in some beach balls they are sometimes semi/fully see-through, and i like it that it was also possible with this one.


Paint job: 9/10, I love it almost as much as i loved the paint job around ITEM #244261. I like the mixture of the light and slightly darker shade of of the yellow-orange color they used for the hair with this very light stroke of white in the mix.
I also like the typical AUGUST blush they added, very important detail and the eye prints are also very high quality, basically a perfect job on the iconic loveable AUGUST face.

For the body, i like how they included some pink shading all over the body like behind her knees, next to her shoulders and elbows, very little on her wrists, some on what sign of cleavage she's showing and a bit on the lines on her lower half.

As for the paint job on the swimsuit, while it's not shaded and only got a matte finish, the paint is very accurate and does not get outside of the lines even for a bit, it's also properly applied so there isn't any sort of paint bleeding from the color below or anything like that.
Also love the small detail in the upper middle of her upper half of that fish that they painted there.

The paint on the beach ball is also properly applied, however because of the paint, only the blue parts are semi see-through while the white paint made those areas completely solid, which is a bummer since i'd rather the whole beach ball would be semi see-through like Kanasuke's swim ring ITEM #183875.

Pose: 10/10, Perfect capture of Kanade's extroverted&hyper personality in one pose, i just love it, it works wonders on a figure.

Now for some figure pics:

Kanade front

Kanade left

Kanade back

Kanade right


For the base i'd have to give it a 6/10, reason it that it came a little damaged around the peg and there are some minor marks on it's surface. Nothing TOO critical i mean the peg is kinda hidden under Kanade's leg and it holds her just fine so that isn't too bad but the marks on the surface can be a bit of a nuisance. But if you look at her from an arm's length it isn't that bad but still not what i expected from the condition i got her in, but it was just 30ish bucks in total so i'm not upset, i've seen worse things as a collector.


This is yet another wonderful AUGUST character figure from Ogawa Youzou that i'm very happy with and also a wonderful birthday gift i got for myself with the money i got (with several other figures on the way too) so i'm very pleased with it, also considering the aftermarket prices on her. If you happen to find this figure in a good deal, in my opinion i think that it should be worth it for you then, it's a very small yet detailed figure so not only it's not gonna catch a lot of space, it's gonna look good too.

And that was it for this review! look out for may where i'm gonna put out reviews on ITEM #72489 and ITEM #1074884 (hopefully) and yea! stay safe, stay awesome and i'll see all of you in the next one! adios!
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