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Hey hey people

So I just wanted to see if anyone else thought like me or if I'm just being a psycho.

Do you guys try and collect figures/stuff for series you like even if you don't REALLY like the particular character you get?

Like, say you're fond of a particular series but they don't have figures for your favorite character from said series? Or maybe the figures of your faves aren't that good.

Do you still collect SOMETHING from that series?

I like to collect figures of stuff I really like but if they don't have the character I want I end up getting stuff for others that act as "representatives" for the series in my collection.

I can't really describe my thoughts on this much better so I hope someone understands what I'm saying lol

Reading this back to myself i sound like a fool haha but whatever I figured I'd shoot my shot with this article.
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No, I would just wait for a decent figure to appear or, just give up, as I am not that into other merchandises much. Maybe I will try to grab a physical copy of the original game or etc., but that is not very easy in this world when most of the content is distributed digitally.
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Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Nah if I like the serie but there isn't a fig of the character I love then I just get the manga or bluray but not a figure of the character from said serie idc much for... I can't get happiness from that.
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SebastianLover2 kuukautta sitten#96214425Oh my god I feel this so hard. This is literally the shining example of a 2000s anime only getting merch/figures of the lead females and not the actual protagonist. Why no Kazuma?T^T But still a damn good anime. I think if it came out 10 years later, we'd have a better selection of merch/figures.omg I think you might be the first person I've ever met that even knows of Yakitate Japan, let alone enjoys it! I'd love a figure of Kazuma and Kanmuri, they were such fun characters u_u

It's nice to see that the figure market evolved as the companies eventually realized male characters also have big fanbases that are willing to throw a lot of money at them lmao
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I would say I'm super into Fate, but I really dislike Nero. Nevertheless, I bought her figma, because I'm very much of a "Gotta Catch 'Em All" kind of mindset...
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I get it and I do it as well. Most of the series I collect from have figures of the characters I like the most but there have been a few instances where I buy the figure for representation of the series because I liked the series even if the character/figure isn't my favorite. Or maybe I'll have bought it to go with the other figures from that series that I already own. It's kind of like collecting sets and such sometimes, which I like doing.
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I understand the mentality, but I don't personally do it. If my favorite character from a series doesn't have merch/a figure I feel cheated if I get something else. Say if only Ciel from Kuroshitsuji got a figure but Sebastian didn't, it'd feel like a total slap in the face to me. I will settle for merch instead of a figure just to have something of that character, but I won't settle for a different character's merch/figure even if I like the character. This made the 2000s really hard as usually I'd like the male protagonist/male cast but mostly only the girls got figures back then.

AlienEmoji2 kuukautta sitten#96175895No, if a series doesn't have a figure of my preferred character, I generally skip merch and have the show live on in my heart. u_u
A big example for me is Yakitate!! Japan ENTRY #345
While I REALLY enjoyed the show and it's very special to me as an obscure hidden gem I found in by a weird coincidence, if the only figures I get to choose from are 2 eyecandy figures of a female side character I didn't particularly care about, I'd rather not own anything.

Oh my god I feel this so hard. This is literally the shining example of a 2000s anime only getting merch/figures of the lead females and not the actual protagonist. Why no Kazuma?T^T But still a damn good anime. I think if it came out 10 years later, we'd have a better selection of merch/figures.
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Broserpina The magi-cooliest✧
Being uncompromising on the characters I buy is how I curb my spending. :'3
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Oh i used to do this all the time! Back when I first started collecting I didn't have a lot of money, and not many figures were made of characters I liked, so I had a "take what i could get" attitude. (then again my budget really only allowed for blind-boxed trading figures at cons, so it wasn't like I could pick the figure I wanted to begin with...)

Some of my first figures were ITEM #16461 and ITEM #4347; though I like the characters, they weren't necessarily my favorites. I was happy to have them all the same, though! And in Gurren Lagann's case I wouldn't be able to add my faves to my collection until I saw them for sale unboxed and secondhand some time later...

Nowadays I don't do this as much, though - I'm more selective about the figures I buy, and the (male) characters I like have a higher chance of getting the figure treatment. How times have changed :3
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Since I started collecting by buying prize figures at a local con as a teen, the selection was really limited and my budget even more so, so yeah, the first couple of figures I got were 'representatives' of series. The first figures I ever got were ITEM #262436 and ITEM #199507 because my favourite character had become so wanted and rare his price shot up way above my budget. Luckily since then I've found him (ITEM #217608) on here for a good price thanks to a little damage. I also made do with keychains and straps, since most series I liked were just out of the zeitgeist, the prize figures were already gone and the scales too expensive.

Another couple that acts as 'representatives' are my JJBA prize figures, I have one of each part that I've watched to represent the entire part. Oh and since there is only one single nedoroid of one of my all-time favourite characters from DMMD, plus he's a fan favourite, his price has also skyrocketed waaay beyond what I can justify paying. So I just got the main character, who's really the only one that gets figures.

So many series I love do not have any figures though (or are insanely priced on the aftermarket), so I'll probably get straps and keychains to fill the void eventually.
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I only collect figures of characters I really love/enjoy or if the figure is based off of an illustration I really like.

I can understand why people want to collect characters they don’t really like especially if it is in regard to a figure set and they want to compete it
Other than that, I do not quite understand why someone should collect a character they do not like. However to each their own.
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