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☺ Hello! ☺
Welcome to my March/April 2021 loot haul!
This was going to be everything I received the last two months in one haul, but I'm cutting it into two parts again for hopefully the last time because of one package in particular I was expecting to receive in May but came a bit early! But, if everything turns, out part two of this haul next month will be slightly different from what I've done in the past and include a little surprise which I'm excited for!

As usual, a majority of this merchandise was purchased on Yahoo! Auctions Japan or Otamart using FromJapan as my proxy! I have a few items purchased from Tokyo Otaku Mode, Aitai☆Kuji, and a Nendoroid from Good Smiles JP Online Shop. The only item I didn't purchase in this haul is the prize figure, which was a birthday gift!

Clicking "Previous Loot!" as you'd expect will bring you to part two of my last haul. Conversely, clicking "Next Loot!" brings you to the second part of this haul when it's been posted at the beginning of June!

Text & Photo Heavy!
View spoilerHide spoilerMy hauls tend to be quite a long read since I usually have a bunch to show off. I've tried to condense many items into as little photos as possible, but I do like to showcase certain things I have an interesting story/background information for or just individual items I like that I think deserve the spotlight! Keep in mind that the captions are just for flavor, feel free to simply scroll through the images if you like!

Not too many figures in this first part, but let's start out as we always do with Nendoroids!

☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆Previous loot! ↩ ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧Next loot! ☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆
Nendoroid - Altria Pendragon (Alter) | Rider

This girl goes by a lot of names! Altria Alter, Saber Alter, or the nickname coined by fans (which is how I'll be referring to her from here on out) S'Alter! Fate has plenty of popular girls but I think it's safe to say that S'Alter is by far one of the most beloved! While still not super familiar with her, since playing through Shinjuku in FGO months back, I've grown into a pretty big fan of both her personality and design recently too! She's a bit of an apathetic girl with a somewhat cliche soft, kinder side that rears its head every now and then.

This Summer / Rider Nendoroid version of her was originally a Wonder Festival 2019 exclusive but just recently there was an online restock exclusive to Good Smile JP (which until purchasing her I didn't aware had different available stock from their global online shop). I wasn't able to ship her directly to me so I had to purchase her through a proxy but I'm still happy with the price that I got her for, even though I don't think she's too expensive of an exclusive.


S'Alter has traded up her signature sword "Excalibur Morgan" to instead wield a few firearms.. which are apparently just waterguns despite how realistic they look. Both scoped weapons, a sniper and a pistol bare the same insignia as her sword which is pretty neat! She also comes with a wet mop and a delicious-looking blue popsicle with a nibble taken out of it!

She's got a varied selection of three faceplates in total. First, her neutral smile which is my favorite! Second, I'm sure there's a Japanese term to describe it I'm not aware of so it's just kind of a pouty, embarrassed.. (ᄑ△ᄑ) face! Her final face comes with an alternate front hair piece as well, recreating the April Fool's official artwork of S'Alter which you can see here -> View spoilerHide spoiler

She's got lot's of different arms and hands to hold her different accessories, even some doughy blob hands that don't have defined digits which are meant to be used in conjunction with her April Fool's faceplate and hair for the full effect which I thought was neat! She also comes with a pair of bent legs instead of just the usual one, which adds a bit more optional variety!


All in all, she's not one of my absolute favorite Nendoroids but I do like her! The only gripes I have with Summer S'Alter is how awkward it is to pose the huge sniper in her hands, her support arm was finicky and wouldn't stay firmly in her back, and the way that her torso is sculpted is a bit weird. Her jacket flows near the bottom while staying tucked in near her chest, but naturally, her chest also pushes outward and it leaves this odd patch of skin between her bikini top and jacket which blends into her underarm area in an unnatural-looking way. I know this is based entirely on the in-game illustration of her which has that area of skin exposed too, but for whatever reason, it just looks strange to me and that part of her design didn't translate too well in my opinion. I wish GS had taken some small liberties with that part of her design and either opened the jacket a bit more to let her chest be free and have a more natural shape or let the jacket hang over those areas so they're less exposed which would probably alleviate the issue a bit better? Odd nitpick but find it strangely distracting at certain angles.

Otherwise, I really like the frilled detailing on her apron and skirt, the variety of accessories she comes with.. even if I really wish they included the inflatable Excalibur Morgan from her stage one in-game artwork.. and I really like her faceplates! If you have S'Alter's Shinjuku Nendoroid (ITEM #850267 or ITEM #846012) I think this version is really worth it for the faceplates alone honestly! Mostly just because I like seeing her smile! I definitely plan on picking up her Shinjuku DX Nendoroid at some point in the future, so I can't wait to compare the two whenever I do eventually nab her!

Nendoroid - Akaza Akari | \Akari~n/ ver.

Somehow it completely escaped my mind to check out YuruYuri, so I'm going to be completely in the dark when talking about Akari! Apologies for that, this Nendoroid really comes with hardly anything too so I guess this is going to be a shorter one!

Really my only familiarity with YuruYuri is having heard a few of the OP's & ED's from the anime and occasionally seeing one of the girls floating around as a meme or reaction image. It definitely seems like a series I would enjoy, but I guess the reason I didn't think to check it out is that I bought this Nendoroid differently from many of the others I have been buying recently. This wasn't just a random cheap buy on Yahoo! Auctions, I've actually been really interested in picking up this Nendoroid for close to a year now? I've just been casually looking for it and a few months back found a completely sealed one at a price I was happy with so I finally jumped on it!


Photos of her against a white backdrop proved to be a little tough and turned out way darker than how she appears in-person, I promise she looks super neat in sunlight and this photo op doesn't do her justice! In terms of accessories.. Akari comes with nothing! Faceplates? Just the one you're seeing! Swappable parts? Yep, she's got a few of those at least. She comes with one bent left leg, two bent arms, a pair of hands with fingers pointed towards her, and one right hand with an outward extended finger! That really is everything, if you don't include the non-Nendoroid stuff she's bundled with but we'll get to that once we're done with her!

So yeah, her main gimmick is that she's semi-translucent and that's all you really get. If this was a standard released Nendoroid I'd certainly complain about her but as a CD bundle tie-in.. Akari is okay, I think she's cool! She's unique at the very least, the only other Nendoroid I can think of that's similar is Stealth Camouflage Solid Snake (ITEM #433053). I like Akari's standard Nendoroid (ITEM #94603) too and have almost bought her a few times before actually, so.. in the future once I've checked out the series maybe we can return to her!


I can't fully recommend this Nendoroid unless you're a big fan of YuruYuri or Akari, in which case of course pick her up!- But I could say the same about really any Nendoroid of a character you really enjoy or a series you really enjoy.. so on her merits as a Nendoroid alone, can I recommend her? Sure, why not? She's not crazy expensive, I got this one on Yahoo! Auctions brand-new for ¥3,000. That amount is substantial enough to be put towards a more worthwhile Nendoroid, yeah! But if you aren't too enthusiastic about the whole customizing and posing aspect of a Nendoroid and want something to display that stands out and isn't too common in others collections, I think that Akari is perfect and relatively cheap!

One last thing I do want to mention about mine, even though it was completely sealed, somehow she arrived with a broken neck joint when I unboxed her.. which really, honestly, truly sucks. I've never had that happen to any of my Nendoroids until now, I think it was a more common occurrence with older Nendoroids which would explain why? Nendoroids seemingly always include at least one spare neck joint now as a standard.. but this one didn't! Which I wouldn't be too upset about since I have such a surplus of them, but in case you've forgotten.. this Nendoroid is the only one in this semi-translucent color so if I want another I have to either find parts or buy a completely new one which I probably won't do either.. sorry Akari! (;⌣̀_⌣́)


Here's the case for the CDs that were included with Akari, along with the booklet insert which has lots of cute artwork throughout it. Just thought I'd show off the middle spread though!


..and here are the CDs! I really like the half-clear one partly because it reminds me of the mini discs that Gamecube games had but also because there's an illustration that I didn't show on the inside of the case that isn't entirely obscured by the disk because half of its transparency.

Not quite done with figures but let's move onto some Nendoroid accessories first!

Like the Dioramansion's I got in the last haul, I picked up all of this from Tokyo Otaku Mode's Black Friday sale for suuuper cheap. Unfortunately the solid-color versions of these weren't available so I had to settle for translucent instead which is sort of fitting with Akari, but I still would have preferred the alternative! They aren't specifically for Nendoroids, but obviously the scale fits them well! Two boxes of stage trusses and five boxes of red and blue stage spotlights! These are both made by PLUM and aren't my favorite thing in the world for a variety of reasons but I can't complain too much for the price I paid, they were still neat to mess around with!

Each box of stage trusses comes with six long pillars, six medium-sized ones, and four short ones along with a bunch of clips to connect the parts together however you see fit! You have to put together each pillar since they're separated into two halves, it's super easy to do with extremely tiny pegs that plug into holes on the opposite half. I would maybe recommend gluing these together? It's not necessary and I didn't, but they are prone to split apart quite easily when you apply the slightest bit of pressure so it just seems smarter to make them permanently attached. Assembly isn't bad on these they can just be finicky!

As for the stage spotlights, each box includes two and they're all functional with actual LED lights, batteries included. While neat, these are more of a headache than they're worth since you have to put them together too. They have joints that allow you to position where the light is directed but are separated into a shell piece which the batteries are supposed to be slotted into the back of, then an outer casing which the LED sits in. The LED is literally just an LED so you need to have the metal parts of it connect to the positive and negative ends of each battery, which might sound easy enough but it a huge headache because the batteries can easily slip out of the cheap plastic casing. The outer LED casing would often get stuck or separated from the LED as well, forcing me to pry it out, fearful of breaking the cheap plastic.. and there's no on/off switch, you just have to remove the outer casing anytime you don't want the lights to be on, which only perpetuates the issues it has tenfold and makes it not worth setting up more than once!


As I've already said, I'm not a huge fan of the clear translucent plastic but if I had been able to get the grey plastic or decided to maybe paint these a solid color myself, they would make for some really cool miniature display accessories! I don't mind the trusses, but I definitely wouldn't suggest the spotlights if you're hoping to actually get some functionality out of them. If you took the time to modify them yourself to not make them so frustrating I'm sure they'd be very cool to have.. but I definitely don't have the skills to do that and I think the vast majority wouldn't bother taking on such a task unless you like that sort of challenge to begin with!


I did fiddle with the spotlights enough to get them all on for this one shot of Akari though. I didn't plan to have her Nendoroid arrive when I purchased this stuff but I'm happy that the coincidence happened that way!


One of the Dioramansion sets which didn't arrive in time to show off with the others in my last haul, this is the Good Smile Racing Miku 2018 Pit E (ITEM #726961). The chibi illustration of her on the back wall is super cute and think Miku looks great displayed in front of it, even if my Miku Nendoroid doesn't exactly match.. I will just envision her as a car dealer.


On the other two walls, there's a whole bunch of Good Smile Racing affiliate sponsors logos on one, along with a big Good Smile Racing logo on the mostly barren wall. This set actually really encourages me to pick up one of the Racing Miku Nendoroids so I can display her inside with a racecar.


Here's a better look at the affiliate sponsors wall!


Along with that set, I picked up a bunch of these Racing Miku plates which you could swap out with any of the walls in that Dioramansion set or just display with the acrylic display stands that are included. Both of these illustrations I think were also available as separate variants of that same Dioramansion set, replacing the chibi Miku.


I think these two are a bit more interesting than the last two. I really like the one on the right! It's super simple but clean and grabs my attention!


These two are my favorites, but I really adore the one on the right again. The colors are just beautiful on it, I love how they blend together and the overall illustration is so cute! Very happy with these and they only cost me about $2 each since they were on sale!


I really like this Dioramansion set so I ended up purchasing two of them just so I could combine them into one sugary sweets room. At first I wasn't sure if I had any Nendoroids that really fit to display inside these but then I remembered Beam Kirby who has been sitting on my shelf forever now, way in the back! So it was nice to dust him off and sit him down for this photo, I love how he looks inside!


Then I remembered Sumomo too who fit just as well! Except I ACCIDENTALLY.. snapped her neck joint while she was sleeping. So that's the second broken neck joint in this haul. I swear I've never had it happen before. I definitely did it to her this time since I was applying pressure to her head, body, and legs trying to keep her legs from being so loose and falling out.. it sucks but she's pretty impossible to stand up as is and if I need to I have close enough pigmented neck joints to replace it. I always have her laying down though so I don't really feel a need to replace it. Still, sorry Sumomo!


This was also included as a promotional bonus item with S'Alter's Nendoroid. Just a blank Nendoroid head with a double-sided sheet giving instructions on how to customize it to resemble the Nendoroid face style! The sheet has both a boy and girl side. I'm really not that great artistically so I don't have much confidence in doing this sort of thing, maybe one day I'll try to make my own custom Nendoroid since that sort of thing definitely intrigues me but for now I'm leaving it blank until I'm inspired enough to do so!


Last on the list of little Nendoroid accessories are these box train cutouts and stamps I found for a dollar on Yahoo! Auctions. They're just cardboard sleeves you're meant to cut out, glue together then attach strings to so they can hang around the Nendoroids shoulders and waist. Once again, I'm skittish about this sort of thing, too afraid I might ruin it so I didn't cut them out and put them together but I have duplicates of both so maybe I'll give it a shot one day. For a dollar, I didn't want to pass them up though!

The Nendoroids each of these came with are displayed on the cardboard, but the top one with the blue border came with Minami Kurihashi (ITEM #187223), the bottom one with the green border came with Miyuki Takano (ITEM #144358) and the purple bordered stamps at the bottom came with Miyabi Kinugawa (ITEM #216502) all from Tetsudou Musume!

Back to a few more figures!
Banpresto EXQ - Chika Takami | 2nd ver.

Another EXQ Chika figure! I got her swimsuit EXQ figure as a gift for Christmas last year so it's only been a few months since I showed that one off. This one was a gift for my birthday! I think her casual wear on this figure is super cute, there are a few things that I prefer with her swimsuit EXQ figure but more or less I like her just about the same, all for the same reasons, so I'll keep it a bit shorter for those who've already read that previous haul.

Her expression and pose are very sweet, it gives off a carefree, easygoing, "out for an evening stroll" vibe which is definitely fitting for Chika! The colors feel a bit more muted overall when compared to her swimsuit figure which seems like a deliberate choice to make this figure look a bit more graceful I suppose? I honestly prefer how the colors pop on her swimsuit figure and slightly prefer that one's expression as well.


Here is a full-body shot of Chika! The colors of her outfit tie together really nicely and compliment each other. Her shoes match the bow in her hair, socks match her top & coat, and her skirt matches her eyes!

The flowing creases on her skirt aren't anything amazing but look fine! Her coat also has a bit of added texture which I'm not fully convinced that I like, though it does add a bit of interesting texture to the figure overall and gives it a bit more of a premium look.


Here's a better shot of her shoes and the base! Aside from the addition of "Aqours" the base is identical to her swimsuit figure so the same complaint applies, I think the base could be shrunk down and takes up an unnecessary amount of space. Usually I'm not one to complain about that sort of thing but it does bother me a bit with these EXQ figures. At the very least they use some of that space to add something with this figure by having the group name written out on it.

Overall, I really like her and definitely think she's worth her price! These EXQ figures are cheap but don't feel or look cheap, a great alternative to purchasing a scale if you can't or don't want to put the money towards one!

WCF - My Hero Academia WSJ 2021
Endeavor & Hawks


As of now, the last BNHA World Collectable Figure set announced and released. For a while, these were getting either announced or released every month or two but ever since this set there's been nothing! So I'm really hoping they didn't give up on the BNHA portion of this line since they've still been releasing other sets for different franchises.. I really like these still and I want more! I'm hoping Season 5 pushes them to release some sets of the 1B students, but I still really want Gentle Criminal & La Brava WCF figures, which looks super unlikely now.

As for this set of two, it's really great, as expected since it was one of the more premium-priced sets you could only purchase through WSJ. This is WCF's second rendition of Endeavor, now in his updated suit design and he looks so darn cool! I really loved how the flames on his first WCF figure glowed orange and this figure is just more of that! Hawks looks fantastic too! His wings are pliable so you can bend them how you like, but mine at least tended to revert back to just sticking out of his back instead of being spread out which is a bit unfortunate, but I imagine maybe bending them into place then carefully heating him with a hairdryer might fix that issue? The feathers in his hands also came in their own packaging so you can remove them if you'd prefer but given the pose, I don't see why you would. I'm not completely thrilled with how close the one near his head tucks in towards his body but it could just be the angle I have him holding mine at. I didn't want to mess around with them too much after slipping them into his hands since I was fearful of breaking them!

Honestly a great set, WCF tends to impress me more often than not now even if they do have an occasional ugly figure! Really, really hoping they didn't give up on these, I'm fearful that they might have underperformed due to how many were pumped out in such a short amount of time and/or opinions of them generally not being too positive. I want more!

That's all for figures, look at this plush!

I purchased her forever ago from Aitai☆Kuji. I have like, two dozen different plushies of Uraraka in my collection now but I'm always happy to get a new one! This is one of my absolute favorites and is one of the most unique too since it's a vibrating plush. Her little dango treat has a string attached to a motor inside of her that you can pull and then release to have her vibrate. Initially when purchasing her I was like "ehh, that's a cool addition I guess" but when she arrived it was surprisingly entertaining to play with! I love the tag and chain on this plush too!

BNHA Acrylics!

These were also ordered way back from Aitai☆Kuji with that plush! Acrylic stands of Uraraka and Hagakure from the 2020 HERO FES. I had ordered Nejire too but unfortunately, after months and months of waiting, I emailed Aitai☆Kuji's support team and they told me that they had been waiting on their supplier to receive stock of her but since these were exclusive items and they hadn't still hadn't gotten any, they refunded me for Nejire and shipped out the remaining items. Kind of a bummer since I really doubt I'll ever find that Nejire acrylic in the aftermarket but I'm very, very happy with owning these two!

Two BNHA birthday acrylics! I'm not the biggest fan of Uraraka's unfortunately just because I already have a smaller acrylic with the exact same illustration, but I always like the little manga panel part of these! Dabi's is so much cooler! I really love how the characters in the background around him are monochrome and the absolutely psychotic expression in that manga panel.. so much of the artwork Horikoshi has done of Dabi in the BNHA manga within the last year I just really love, but that panel especially is one of my favorites!
General merch!

Here are the birthday can badges I also got for those two, my preference is the complete opposite here! Not a huge fan of Dabi's but I love this art of Uraraka so I'm very happy with hers.
The final 365 Days stickers!

Matching her birthday can badge, Uraraka had the second last BNHA 365 Days sticker for 2020.. and just in general since they've now officially stopped making these. Hawks just barely stole that from her with his birthday sticker, though I didn't pick up his birthday can badge or acrylic. But, presented here are the remaining 2020 stickers I needed to complete my BNHA set for the year, along with a bunch of older ones mostly from 2017-2018 which I quickly found and bought up after the announcement of these stickers being discontinued!

As sort of a tribute to collecting these for nearly three years, I took several photos of my entire BNHA 365 Days sticker collection since I doubt I'll be getting very many in the future if any at all. I have only bought one more since this last batch and its one that I already have in my collection, just it was cheap and looks to be in better condition than the sticker I have. I may occasionally still try to find older ones I'm missing, just won't be searching them out as diligently. It was super fun collecting these while I was able to, even if extremely stressful at times. I'll definitely miss it a lot!


2016 - late 2018


late 2018 - early/middle 2019


late 2019 - early/late 2020


middle/late 2020
I messed up here a bit due to how these were organized in my binder. COVID caused the announced 365 Days stickers which were meant to be released between April and June to release at a later date between October and December instead. How I laid them out here is the true schedule of when they were released but not the actual order of the dates printed on them. Didn't realize until after I took photos of these and it took so long to set up that I didn't want to redo it, sorry!

In total I have 143 stickers, not including a few duplicates I have 135 in my collection!
I have full sets for both 2019 & 2020, with roughly a halfway complete or more set for 2018.

Super proud of what I was able to accomplish with these!


These are the binders I keep them safe in, specifically made for 365 Days stickers. One of these is brand-new, I still had a bit of space in my second binder but just in case I ever hunt every single BNHA sticker or maybe picked up a few from other series and ran out of space, I wanted to make sure I had at least one more binder before I couldn't find them anymore since these were always a pain to track down! Wish they had different designs for these but there was only ever the one!

Back to general merch!..

I found this huuuge lot of different Love Live / Aqours collectible pins from different lives around Japan. I didn't know these existed but they're super neat! I'm a huge fan of the "Wonderful Stories" trio at the top along with the "Unit Live Adventure" / Subunit ones. I also really like both the Tokyo 4th Live "Sailing to the Sunshine" one since it's from one of my favorite lives and the "Next Sparkling" one as well!


From the same lot, I got the entire set of 2018 Aqours Live & Fan Meeting pins and a Saint Snow "Hakodate Unit Carnival" pin! The designs of these are cool but having so many makes them not stand out as much obviously so I much prefer the others. All of these only cost me ¥3,500 and while the cases are a bit banged up and scratched, they were completely sealed and I only removed the packaging to take photos.


Another huge lot of Love Live / Aqours stuff that I got for extremely cheap. I only included one of each girl in this photo since there were just too many duplicates but I ended up getting a set of 38 rubber straps for just ¥511. They're all in their original packaging too, just a crazy lucky find!

A superb felt keychain of Uraraka!

Some blocky acrylic keychains! Minimalist silhouette designs and solid colors that correspond to the accompanying character.. both weaknesses of mine when it comes to merch.

I thought these were just normal cards when I picked them up but I wish I'd known that they weren't because they're super neat little acrylic blocks.


I love the backs of them too, using artwork from the manga and the "STATUS" list is just a pleasing design!


Last little bunch of general merchandise. When this set of items came out it used to sell for such a high price in the aftermarket, but I found this bundle for dirt cheap. I think the only thing it was missing is the tote bag. All of this is pretty cool, the pillow is pretty basic and I already have the keychain.. so the can badges are probably my favorite.

This clear file was also included. I decided not to show the back for once since it's just a flat maroon red color with the basic yellow "My Hero Academia" logo plastered in the center.
Final items, some cards!


Found a few sets from the same seller on Otamart for relatively cheap with some rarer cards I've been looking for which was great! Both the Halloween Uraraka card on the top row and the Kendo with a soda™ card are my favorites in this photo!


Some others that didn't fit in that photo. Mirio, Nejire, and two of the same The Big 3(!) card. I had no clue Nejire even got a Valentine's Day card like the other girls since she was a new addition to the game close to before it was shut down, so I'm glad I was able to find her, I'd assume it's rarer but I've never seen any others to compare it's price to. I guess it's priceless!

Also a few cards of Todoroki & Uraraka. I can't remember where exactly these are from, something Jump Shop related and I'm thinking perhaps a Valentine's Day Fair promotional item given out with certain purchases? Whatever the case, they used to be worth an insane price, somewhere between $50-$100 depending on the character. Todoroki was definitely on the high end of that price point too since he's so popular. Shockingly I got both of them for like ¥500 each I believe?


The artwork on the front is nice but once again the main highlight for me is the manga illustrations on the back. Both are so gorgeous! Didn't think I'd ever own any of these cards considering how high their price is for such a basic card, I never would have paid that much but either these ones just went unnoticed or the value dropped significantly for whatever reason.

That's all I've got!
Thank you so very much for checking out my haul! Hopefully it was enjoyable for you to read or just look through!

For what will be included in part two, you can expect lots of Fate and Hololive related merchandise along with a few other smaller things from different series sprinkled in. I know a few of the figures that will be included.. but some of them I'm still completely in the dark about, so perhaps a small hint towards that package I mentioned at the beginning of this haul which made me decide to split this into two parts again!

I've still got lots of work that I need to do in order for that the next part to turn out how I'm envisioning it though!

Regardless, I hope you'll check out part two in June as well! ( ・ᴗ・)

☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆Previous loot! ↩ ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧Next loot! ☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆

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Unrelated to the haul, but which recently announced Nendoroid re-release is better?

29%Levi (Attack on Titan)
26%Zero Two (DARLING in the FRANXX)
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I only bought one figure which was the expensive ITEM #871530

But damn maybe I should start being thirfty like you people on here ): I’ll need to since it seems like everything will get worse after or if the pandemic ever stops
But nice loot not my thing I’m into expensive stuff but that’s why I only get few things cause they’re expensive (it’s always been that way even for Christmas presents with me) ah well fewer is nicer to have
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setokaibaswife5 päivää sitten#96215131Very cool loot as always!! About the transparent nendoroid, sadly I think the reason the neck joint broke is because it was transparent, transparent materials are known for becoming brittle and breaking over time. Car dealer Miku definitely made me laugh, she really does look like that. The Uraraka plush with dango is so adorable. I'm so happy you showed your sticker collection, I really wanted to see it and it's so impressive!!! Congrats on getting all the ones you needed, although it's really sad that they discontinued it. I love seeing all your finds, you always have some cool ones.
Thank you for that info! I didn't think of that at all, but I vaguely remember reading about transparent figures having that issue. That makes a ton of sense, I'm assuming a fair amount of these Nendoroids have the same problem then, that's too bad since she's very neat! Car dealer Miku is one of my favorite photos I've taken, it's the same pose I used when showing her off for the first time and something about the energy she exudes.. too strong, makes me smile! (˘◡˘) I appreciate you giving me the idea to share my full sticker collection, I wouldn't have thought to do that but it just seems right considering they've been included in almost every single haul I've done and but sadly no longer will be! Thank you for the kind words as well, glad you enjoyed!
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LemonMIntCat5 päivää sitten#96214780Congrats on the nice birthday month haul! I think the orange-y casual wear Ochaco standee is super cute! Sorry about Nejire, I hope she pops up sometime!
Thank you! I think Ochaco looks really great in orange, I love whenever they experiment with colors like that in merch, they easily could have given her the standard pink that always accompanies her and while it would have still been cute, I like the bit of variation! Fingers crossed for Nejire one day!

Rimurushion5 päivää sitten#96214884Lovely loot post as always! All of those Love Luve enamel ins are so cute, the Uraraka felt keychain is adorable and so are the acrylic stands!
Glad you enjoyed it and thank you! That felt keychain I almost forgot to include in this haul but when I was uploading photos I kept thinking "somethings missing..", it's one of my favorites in this haul I think too! Kinda tempted to collect more of the Love Live pins now that I got a large batch of them, but I'm not sure yet. I've always liked enamel pins, I have a small collection from Disneyland that I got as a kid.
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setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
Very cool loot as always!! About the transparent nendoroid, sadly I think the reason the neck joint broke is because it was transparent, transparent materials are known for becoming brittle and breaking over time. Car dealer Miku definitely made me laugh, she really does look like that. The Uraraka plush with dango is so adorable. I'm so happy you showed your sticker collection, I really wanted to see it and it's so impressive!!! Congrats on getting all the ones you needed, although it's really sad that they discontinued it. I love seeing all your finds, you always have some cool ones.
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Rimurushion Slime Demon Lord
Lovely loot post as always! All of those Love Luve enamel ins are so cute, the Uraraka felt keychain is adorable and so are the acrylic stands!
5 päivää sitten
Congrats on the nice birthday month haul! I think the orange-y casual wear Ochaco standee is super cute! Sorry about Nejire, I hope she pops up sometime!
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Import from Japan

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