Have you ever started running out of room?Have you ever started running out of room?Ask MFC

skinsuitskinsuit3 päivää sitten
I've been collecting for a few years, but because i'm jobless (due to health issues) I never buy too many figures at once, but now my whole shelf is cramped up and i'll be needing a whole new shelf soon. The main issue is figures bases being GINORAMOUS.

Should I continue with shelves? Or should I try to get the glass cases? I know the glass cases don't hold a ton and are expensive.....I just want to display them all in a good way. OR is there a way I can figure out a new way to display them on the shelf I own?
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I kind of have a big bedroom so I'm lucky enough to be able to fit over 300 figures in it at the moment but I've realized that the inevitable and unanticipated moment when I finally run out of space is soon approaching :'l I've actually made plans to start moving some of my collection out into the hallway because I know I won't be able to fit all my pre-orders in my room as well.

For your other question, I'd say it's really up to you and what you can afford/what you think looks good. A lot of people get glass cases for their scales since they offer more protection and look nicer as well, fitting to scales. There are some glass cases that can hold a lot but they're pricey.

I'd say to think about how committed you are to the hobby and how much you want to spend on it. If you only want a few more figures, go with a shelf (you can go with a case but it'll probably be more expensive). If you want a lot more figures (especially scales) and know you'll be into the hobby for a long time then maybe a glass case. I think both cases and shelves can look nice (especially depending on how you arrange them) so to me at that point it would just be a matter of your commitment to the hobby and what you're willing to spend.
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skylinedo3 päivää sitten#96329732When you see otaku rooms in anime, pay extra attention to their storage/display solutions
oh god you're so right, now I have to rewatch some animes to take notes
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skylinedo BANNED
When you see otaku rooms in anime, pay extra attention to their storage/display solutions
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Angel_Vivaldi Metal is life
currently in a house with roommates and I'm in one of the smallest rooms so yeah, never any room. For all the figure boxes I just store them in my closet and also in their shipping boxes in the basement since it's pretty spacious down there and nobody really uses it. But for displaying figures I'm fucked till I move to another location which is already in the works ha. Waiting on getting a 3rd detolf till I move actually cause these just look like an absolute pain to move more so than the figures themselves.
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honeymelon Prillya Loli Hunter
i have 121 figures in my bed room alone .... so ya. i have to be creative & rearrange my space in a different way every month when PO's come in lol
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I live in a trailer and room is always a problem, but I've found that creative arrangement and putting bases on bases where possible is a good strategy.
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I did start running out of space recently which kinda sucks but it also makes me buy less figures and saves me more money in the end which is nice tbh
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FIGCOLLECTOR3 päivää sitten#96292659
PD: Picture is when I had 10 of them.

holy cannoli!! Nice. I would like to see how your dusting day looks like
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Displaying in glass cases is best in my opinion. You don't have to buy them all in one go, you can always add more cabinets just pick ones that you like and work for your room. I personally started with a single Detolf, then elevated it on a Besta, then repeat.
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The current setup will do for a while but after it's full I'll have to get creative
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I have already 13 detolfs...and still thinking to buy one more... I am trying to buy less figures (ten in a year). Having the figures out of a detolf means more dust, and more frecuently cleaning the figures...and if you ve hundreds of them...well that is a big problem to me. https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/07/01/2011092.jpeg
PD: Picture is when I had 10 of them.

jesus christ, i bow down to your commitment and wallet! I've around 30ish figures, only have one scale and its a preorder, might have to look into the detolf's when i have some extra cash
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