Amakuni P5R Okumura Haru 1/7 Review (No Forehead Jokes Allowed)Amakuni P5R Okumura Haru 1/7 Review (No Forehead Jokes Allowed)Review

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Hello my friends (collection), I have just gone and picked up my parcel on Friday, and Haru has arrived in my collection finally! Also from Persona 5, I have previously obtained Takemi Tae also manufactured by Amakuni in my cabinet, and I have high hopes in how Haru has turned out in this figure.


Haru was released on the 16th of March this year, I received her in my post box on Friday the 21st of May.

Haru ended up costing me A$299 (~US$231, ~25,000JPY) shipping and taxes included from Akimomo in Australia. The price is a fair bit lower than (by ~A$20-30) had I gotten her shipped by AmiAmi via DHL, so I was happy to have gotten this deal in the end.

As most of you guys would know, Amakuni has generally been known as a good quality company with good sculpts (they really know how to sculpt long shapely legs), I however own only one other Amakuni figure that being (ITEM #645867), and I've been quite happy with how Tae turned out. With ATLUS being quite involved (or so I've heard) with the production process, I have no reason to believe this figure will turn out bad at all.

Anyway enough talk, but before I show yall the photos, I will not be allowing any talk or jokes of her forehead, Haru is perfect as she is damn it!!!!

Her box was surprisingly compact, owing to how thin it was. The design of the box itself is very much akin to Tae's box, being styled in Persona 5's phantom thief theme. The cardboard used was kinda flimsy but it's not the worst. I'd have appreciated a window to inspect her before I unseal the box but that's just nitpicking from me.
Also I apologize in advance for the quality of some of my photos, I've recently got a new camera and I'm still getting used to it.

Here is Haru's figure opened up. The parts coming with her are her axe, a stand for her axe, Haru's second face plate, her tea set, Noir hat, and the table as shown on her All-out attack artwork.

Closeups of the face plate and Haru before I open them up.

I first got her table out, I don't actually plan on displaying her with the table because I don't have a lot of space but on inspection, there doesn't seem to be much issue with the table itself. It is surprisingly light, and the etching on the table is well-made, I have noticed no issues.

Here is the manual, the illustrations are straight forward enough that you won't need to understand Japanese to get her set up.

Similar to Takemi Tae, Haru's chair is imprinted and she simply sits on top of it. In fact there isn't really any pegs outside of her faceplate on the entire figure.

Haru's face plate and the phantom thief mask is held together by her hair, the hair removes quite easily and there is a small magnet on top of her head. The magnet seems to be used for holding her hat only.
You can display her however you'd like, with either face plates, and both will fit the phantom thief mask fine. I personally prefer her alternate face plate without the mask.
Sorry for the quality of the latter two images, I opted to take those with my phone and didn't notice my phone camera was dirty...
Again, be reminded that forehead jokes will not be permitted ok?

Here is Haru after finishing up the assembly, before I put her hat on. She sits snugly into her chair, if you have gotten her on correctly, she won't move much at all.

Her tea cup fits into her grip tightly, but the plate is held on very weakly. Similarly with Tae's clipboard that I'm sure many users have noticed, with any sort of vibration or movement, the plate will fall off her hand.

The axe is very well sculpted and fits onto the stand nice and snugly. The edge is actually quite sharp and the points, especially the one that fits into the stand is really pointy, so beware when you get her and try not to (or try, I won't judge what you want to do) stab or cut yourself with her axe.

Here is her hat fitted on. I presume there is another magnet in her hat, there is actually a correct angle on her head for the hat, while it will also sit fine at the wrong angle; once you get it in place - the hat will not move unless you specifically take it off.

Here is if you were wondering how she looks with the table in place. Sorry for how pink the picture is, I don't know what went wrong with my camera for this one picture, but I guess it was kind of aesthetic in a way.

Other than what I've already described, I did not notice any issues with her quality or sculpt. She turned out very cute! Here is something of a 360 degrees of her.

Let me know what you guys think of her! Have you received your preorder yet? Is there a Persona figure that you are excited about coming in the future?

My next review/s will likely be Apex's Arknights Blaze, GSC's Hololive Shirakami Fubuki, or the very much anticipated Myethos Shaohua Chinese dress Hatsune Miku, whichever makes their way to me first.

I will see you all next time!

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