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I often get told by my wife that I look at the tracking of my figures way too often which might be true but also ... I NEED TO KNOW WHEN MY BABIES ARRIVE.

Aside from that, it's also a question of knowing when to have money at hand since I have to pay custom taxes and our postmen- and women can only take it in cash.

Anyway, my question is: how closely to you keep track of your figure shipments? How often a day or week do you check on them? Or do you not keep track at all to make the surprise bigger when the doorbell rings?
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Multiple times a day lol. They each have an open tab on my phone so I flip thru all of them each time I check
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Mostly only the period between paying import duties and them actually going to be presented to customs, because that seems to be the period Belgian post screws up mostly. Once cleared, I just know they will be at the door within a week anyways.
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Once a day if I know something will arrive soon. Also I have a whole tab saved with 17track, that loads up all my pacakges to check their status xD
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I used to check two or three times a week but since last month, I check once per day as now, in Europe, with the new law, all packages are now hit by customs (at least, that's what happened to me) and I need to pay customs taxes online to avoid paying additional and useless fees to the mailman when receiving my packages at home.
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i only check for updates if i feel like i've been waiting long tbh
i'm patient when it comes to shipping or to releases lmao, delays don't bother me at all
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I check tracking very closely. Several times a day I check tracking when I have a package (or multiple...) on the way. I set the browser on my phone so that any sites I need to track on are always opened when I open the browser if I'm tracking anything. Usually that means I always have a USPS tab opened, but sometimes other carriers.

It's important for me to check tracking often because our dog absolutely loses her shit and screams and barks at the top of her lungs when any mail carriers walk up to the door. So my parents appreciate knowing when she may do that lmao. That's one of the reasons why I always avoid untracked shipping methods and just bite the bullet with paying more for shipping.
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I keep an eye out on tracking plus sign up for tracking notification in text and email when it let's me. I have to especially keep a really close eye on my things being shipped cuz sometimes I'm at work and hope to Beerus someone is at home to receive it for me. I had to do that when I won Newegg Shuffle for an RTX 3060 that was a combo with an x570 Mobo, both are from Aorus and with the chip shortage and having a hard time finding a GPU at or close to MSRP i was not gonna lose that package. I've had a couple of packages lost and they were from Amazon, both were Switch games. TL;DR: it's fine to keep an eye out on tracking, i would check less often but do check at least once or twice daily.
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sykiolvr oikawa's #1 defender
i love tracking my figures, it brings me so much reassurance !

i've been using this app called aftership on ios and it is so handy !! you can input your tracking number and it will literally give you updates about the order every step of the way. the instant phone notifications that my package has been picked up, is in transit, has arrived at the distribution center, is out for delivery, etc. is sooo nice. dhl offers something like this too with text message but aftership is a place where you can track al your order and it's super easy to find !

i track everything just because it gives me a serotonin boost haha. ALSO MY FEAR OF LOSING A PACKAGE OR IT GETTING STOLEN OFF MY FRONT DOOR IS SO INTENSE that i have to try and grab it as soon as it's delivered to my house !
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Julia125 Kyojuro Rengoku's Wife
I have so many things (pre)ordered at once that I don't bother, mainly because they're all still so delayed that tracking isn't even updated for months and the extended wait for everything would kill me if I were paying that close attention. The tracking is always updated a little late too and by the time I get notified that my stuff even arrived in the US it's usually at my doorstep within a day or two anyway. If I'm really anxious for something then I'll check the tracking on it every few days, I'm not too into tracking it honestly unless I feel something has gone wrong.
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jumpluff Pegasus Knight
KnightAdlington1 vuotta sitten#102402546*laughs in seamail and unregistered air*
In all seriousness though it's not something i've had to worry about because auspost is good in my area and hasn't lost a delivery ever. I just hope that the luck holds.

Same, my postie in particular is great and very respectful of my packages, even before considering getting to where I live on this property is legitimately annoying and I would understand if it was too much work on the route. One time, at the beginning of COVID (so very diff circumstances for AusPost), an order I made from a user on here got rerouted and returned to sender, but when I contacted AusPost it was sorted out, the user re-sent it, and it got here fine. So I definitely have that sense of trust, it's just fun to see it get out of Chullora LOL

Never had a bad experience with parcels or surface mail, I truly feel blessed, both for the savings on shipping and just the general intact parcels. I hope this blessing remains for you too!
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