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I'm curious to know what figures some of you have ordered?

I saw this pop up on AmiAmi and fell in love: www.amiami.com/... I ordered her immediately! (curious to how that fat mushroom umbrella isn't falling backwards lol) I also have www.amiami.com/... and www.amiami.com/...

With the influx of Chinese figures recently, I really wish they were allowed but this has already been debated numerous times so let's not here :P
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I have this Stardust on pre-order www.amiami.com/...
she keeps getting delayed ;u;
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I am getting tea time cat and mushroom girl
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Julia125 Kyojuro Rengoku's Wife
Data2 kuukautta sitten#103969206I have one Chinese figure on order right now:
Hobby Max's Belfast from Azur Lane. AmiAmi Link: www.amiami.com/...

Also have this one pre-ordered!
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I have one Chinese figure on order right now:
Hobby Max's Belfast from Azur Lane. AmiAmi Link: www.amiami.com/...
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I was looking everywhere for the cute lil mushroom ever since seeing her on myanimeshelf and she has been on TOM before, but they do not ship to my country, was resigned to not own her ever and now she´s miraculously appeared on amiami, long story short, immediate PO :D

other chinese figures on preorder (that are not allowed on MFC):
sleeping beauty by myethos
chibi cthulhu chan dx by fengrong

AFK arena shemira by myethos

tamamo no mae onmyoji by netease

onmyoji shiranui by netease

kaibutsu shoujo pelecanus by luminous box

and i already own the onmyoji zashikiwarashi by netease, she´s absolutely beautiful and worth the price

gotta say, among my preorders, the chinese figures are the ones i am most looking forward to
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OK... hold my beer...
Cabbage doggo
MFC link: ITEM #1375712
Cute... how could I resist? Didn't realise this was based on a Japanese property, so didn't add it to MFC until I found others and did research.

Hpoi link: www.hpoi.net/ho...
Cute and Cthulhu all at once... How can anyone resist?

Cthulhu DX base
Hpoi link: www.hpoi.net/ho...
I ordered from China, where the base was a separate order. Supposed to be out now, but... ehhh... Fengrong's keeping us waiting again!

Hpoi link: www.hpoi.net/ho...
One of the lovely-looking Onmyoji boys. Nice-looking figures, with overly heavy boxes! I don't play Onmyoji... just love the male character designs.

Ayanami Rei
Not a licensed figure... but I spend too much on Eva merch as it is XD. By the wonderfully-named ASS Studio.

Queen Ysmir
Hpoi link: www.hpoi.net/ho...
ODD's second figure in their series. Here we have a captured elf queen.

Octopus girl
Hpoi link: www.hpoi.net/ho...
A figure I couldn't resist... The octopus themeing is right up my alley.

Bika Niang Succubus
Hpoi link: www.hpoi.net/ho...
Cute li'l succubus. Bit on the expensive side, but I thought I'd go for it anyway.

Suzuki Tsubaki
Hpoi link: www.hpoi.net/ho...
Yep, the weird one with the squeezable boobs. I prefer the aesthetics of this one vs the other, so plumped for this one. Manufacturer is apparently a branch of Fengrong, but not yet seen any concrete evidence to that being true. Maybe one day I'll find out.

Aaand that's the lot... for now!
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I will probably get at least one Apex figure from Girls' Frontline. Myethos has my attention with the fairy tale line for the American in me. I haven't went all in with Chinese statue companies yet though.

Edit - I forget is Animester Chinese too? I have 1 of those on my wishlist. The only problem is though she is wearing a cross on her bikini. I try to avoid phallic symbols in my collection. :)
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i have APEX's 1/7 Ahri preordered www.amiami.com/... off of solaris cause it was my first figure order ever ^^'

even though i haven't played league for over a year, ahri was my main for a good 5 years so i was super hype to see this. APEX have done some really sick Arknights figures so i'm optimistic
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I have Netease's Susabi and Royal Gold Ootengu currently PO'ed. :D

And though she isn't a PO, I recently bought Myethos's Cheshire Cat for a little bit under $170 off Mercari.jp and she's currently on her way to me via seamail. ^^
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I preordered Hobby Max's AK12 www.amiami.com/...
and Medium5's Stardust www.amiami.com/... ,
although I might cancel her since I found my holy grail Myethos Stardust!
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